13 Smart Hallway Flooring Design Ideas

13 Smart Hallway Flooring Design Ideas

The hallway is the entrance of your house and a really important part of your home in terms of energy flow and making a first impression. In order to create a nice hallway with sleek and pleasant appearance you ought to start with the fundamentals such as choosing the right flooring solution. The flooring in the entrance will send the first message of your house and has a great impact on providing the hallway with a specific character and style. The floor in the hallway may determine the style and energy that will prevail in the same. We are going to present you a showcase of various hallway flooring design ideas in order to get you inspired.

Colored hallway floorboards

Image Source: Adrian Briscoe

A painted floorboards are surely a unique and unusual choice for a hallway flooring, but is definitely a bold and smart choice in order to create a vibrant and lively appearance of the hallway and create a pleasant and fresh entrance area.

Contemporary color burst

Image Source: Paul Reaside

Color the floor in the hallway with sweet and lively tones and you will get a hallway with lively, adorable and charming appearance.

Flagstone floor hallway

Image Source: Paul Massey

The raw flagstone tiles are providing an industrial and cold feel in this hallway. This flooring solution is perfect for everyone who want to attain a bold and modern appearance of their hallway.

Hallway flooring with bookshelf staircase

Image Source: Living Etc

Nothing sends more warm and earthy message in the hallway then a natural wood flooring. This dark and beautiful wooden floor gives a formal and natural touch of this hallway.

Hallway with stone floor tiles

Image Source: Chris Everard

White, plain stone floor tiles will create a sleek and open appearance in the hallway. The wide size of the floor tiles will provide the hallway with powerful visual effect and create a modern and contemporary ambiance in the entrance area.

Minimalist hall with black and white floor

Image Source: Living Etc

It is really interesting how this hallway has separate areas with different floor materials and color which adds a bold and daring note of this modern hallway. The black wooden floor adds a dramatic and sensual vibe and the white stone tiles soothe the dominance of the black and provide the hallway with balance.

Pale wood flooring

Image Source: House to Home

A natural light wooden floor will help you to open up your hallway and provide it with an airy and bright accent.

Parquet hallway flooring

Image Source: Alexander James

The parquet flooring provides this hallway with warm and Scandinavian touch. This is a really beautiful and warm appearance of a hallway.

Quirky hall with encaustic tiles

Image Source: Armelle Habib

The quirky pattern is a great choice in order to create an eclectic and beautiful hallway. The geometrical forms in combination with the dimly colors create unique and eclectic ambiance in this hallway.

Rustic stone

Image Source: Emma Lee

If you want to attain a dramatic and rustic outlook of the hallway, this is the right flooring for you. A rustic stone works for creating a super rustic and natural appearance of the hallway.

Victorian-style hallway floor tiles

Image Source: Living Etc

The beautiful pattern of this Victorian styled hallway adds cool and fresh appearance of this Victorian inspired hallway.

Vinyl floor tiles

Image Source: Chris Everad

A vinyl black and white floor tiles is an eternal choice for creating a classy and modern hallway.

Chequered tiled flooring

Image Source: House to Home

This is really beautiful and classy checkuered floor tiles which will help you to provide your hallway with modern and chic appearance.

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