10 Fancy and Interesting Memo Boards for Home Office

10 Fancy and Interesting Memo Boards for Home Office

Did you remember to give your dog a walk today? Were you able to pick up your laundry from the laundry shop? Have you forgotten to do something today? Well if you did, it is high time for you to do something about it. Whether you’re at home, in your office or in your home office, never forget to do something important with your memo boards. Aside from your personal organizers or tablets where you jot down or type in important “to-do” things, it is always useful to see the things that you have to accomplish for that day. If you see a list of the things that you have to do, it gives you a visual and hopefully, you would be able to remember those things throughout the day. If you are planning to get a memo board, don’t think twice about doing so. You won’t even have to need any handy planners, organizers or tablets. With memo boards, you simply jot down the things that you have to do as you remember them. Just give your memo board a glance and you’re good to go. We have gathered some fancy and interesting memo boards that you can even create by yourself and you can place them in your home office. Make these designs as your inspiration before you take a seat to work.

Ball Games Magnetic Memo Board

 Image source: My Site

This Ball Games Magnetic Memo Board comes with ball magnets that you can use to stick your notes or even pictures of the place you have to go to for a meeting, or the restaurant where you will be having a date. That’s an interesting reminder, isn’t it?

Black and White Magnetic Memo Board

 Image source: Love and Lace

This Black and White Magnetic Memo Board from love and lace has a unisex design. You can change the elements such as the memo magnets to suit your personality. Pink memo magnets are used in this memo board but you can do mix n’ match depending on your style.

Button-ish Magnetic Memo Boards

Image source: Road Kill Rescue

This Memo Board is actually made of recycled metal lids, would you believe that? You can actually search around your stuff and find things that can be recycled into something useful. You can cover a metal lid with a fabric of your choice and use magnets to put stuff into place like memos.

Colorful Four Fabric Design Corkboard Memo Board

 Image source: Diybydesign

You can check the website on how a mom came up with this DIY memo board. But shall we say, this corkboard has a really nice square design. It looks like an art piece and a memo board in one. It would look nice in your home office or next to the fridge.

Cookie Sheet Memo Board

 Image source: Pinterest

This cookie sheet memo board looks delicious. It is like a chocolate chip cookie. If it doesn’t look to appropriate for your home office, then it might look good in your kitchen. But you know, you could always add something in your home office to make it look delicious and interesting.

Corkboard with Criss Cross lines Memo Board

 Image source: Diy180site

This memo board design is good for those people who are always in a hurry. Since this memo board design has some tight criss-cross cords, you don’t need to use a push pin with it. You can simply insert your notes and calling cards in there just like in the picture.

Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Erase Board and French Memo Board Organizer

 Image source: Etsy

This memo board can be used for multiple purposes. You can use a magnet or push pins to put important cards and reminders in there although the space is a bit limited.

Pantone Paint Chip Memo Board

 Image source: Burlap

Remind yourself in different colors with this pantone chip memo board. Using the panels of paint descriptions, you can actually write down something on it and just erase them when it’s done.

Pink Corkboard Fabric Covered Memo Board

 Image source: Twotwentyone

This memo board from twotwentyone looks simple compared to the other memo boards but it’s advantage is that it is spacious so you don’t have to worry about clearing up the board everyday.

The Paperline Memo Board

 Image source: Tobystailsblog

This Paperline Memo Board also has a unique design. Well, we can sometimes see this design in cafes. Like a clothesline, you can hang your notes and papers or even pictures for your viewing.