10 Lovely Inspiration Board Ideas for Home Offices

10 Lovely Inspiration Board Ideas for Home Offices

Newsflash! For everybody who works in their home office, do not forget that you are very lucky to have the freedom and possibility to decorate and style your working spot the exact way that you want it to be. If we consider the fact that working in the same office every day, even at home, can get a little bit dull and boring, this explains why we are in constant need of inspiration and creative motivation in order to finish our job smoothly and with pleasure. But there is no need to worry, because there are some tips and tricks that can make your home office working more enjoyable and productive, for example, you can complement the space with an inspiration board. The inspiration board is placed in front of , or close to your desk, and serves as a creative vision that is made to inspire you, to organize your thoughts and to make you remember certain stuff you want to be remembered while working. This is the spot of your office that is supposed to be vibrant, dynamic and practical at the same time,and to have a positive effect on your mood. It can be made in various different ways and in most cases, you can make yourself a custom made version at home. We have collected a really inspiring showcase of 10 very creative inspiration boards, so do not hesitate to read on, get inspired and make yourself one for a lot more enjoyable and organized working day. Read on!

Vintage Frame & Wire Inspiration Board

Image Source: Go Pix Pic

This very distinctive vintage home office is complemented with some inspiration board that is made of an old classic golden picture frame and wire inside, to keep your daily motivation hanging on clips. This board looks really unique and also fits the office look just perfect.

Metallic Net Inspiration Board

Image Source: Little Things & Co

You can make yourself an inspiration board by hanging an old metallic net in front of your desk and using some clips to place the wanted stuff on it. Add some character and charm by embellishing the net with some vibrant lights on it.

Cork Wall Inspiration Board

Image Source: PaperBlog

Why limit your inspiration with frames? You can transform the whole accent wall into an inspiration board by simply placing cork on it and painting it in a color you like. Then you can pin stuff to it wherever you want and however you want.

Shabby Chic Cork Frame Inspiration Board

Image Source: Prologue

This shabby chic inspiration board is made out of old shabby picture frame and cork inside it. This is a very simple way of making a creative and unique mood board that fits your style and office as well.

Double Inspiration Board

Image Source: Mimpi Murni

What’s better than one big inspiration board? Why two inspiration boards of course! If your thoughts, work and inspiration can not be collected into one board than double it, and you’ll also double the pleasure and the creative imagination into your home office.

Fancy Inspiration Board

Image Source: Cloud Brain

Such a chic and fancy working spot, embellished with a metallic frame and sophisticated dark blue material above the cork, and can you imagine, a unique decorative element with a mirror in the middle of it. This is too fabulous, alluring and really fancy.

Old Palette DIY Inspiration Board

Image Source: The Lovely Side

Get yourself a wooden palette, hang it above your desc, place some wires on it and start clipping the stuff that serves you as an inspiration. Really easy to make, looks pretty alluring and is super-creative.

Striped Fabric Inspiration Board

Image Source: Bright Bazaar Blog

For an extra dynamic and vibrancy in your working spot, make yourself an inspiration board made out of striped fabric and than glue stuff on it. This looks really funky, lively and inspiring.

Lace Inspiration Board

Image Source: Feng Shui Trend

For an ultimate chic and unique inspiration, get yourself a lace inspiration board. Check out how awesome does this board looks, and how its delicacy radiates in this industrial home office, creating balance the space and making it eclectically gorgeous.

Neutral Solid Cloth Inspiration Board

Image Source: Topit

If you don’t want an accent board in your white home office, get yourself a neutral board from solid cloth and fulfill it with creative thoughts and inspiration. That way you’ll have a positive mood booster, without shaking the serene appeal of your office.