15 Creative Pen Holders for Home Office

15 Creative Pen Holders for Home Office

When you are a student or employee, you’d definitely want to be ready with a pen to take notes or when signing papers on the go. If you are working at home, you need those pens ready while you do your job. You don’t want to be standing every now and then just to grab a pen and paper to take note of the things that your boss wants you to do. Those pens and pencils could stack up over a period of time, not to mention those highlighters that you use for reading. If you are a writer who does his writing manually, you would probably love collecting different kinds of sign pens and ball point pens for your writing comfort. We have to admit that they can be pretty annoying if we do not organize them properly and we will also have a tendency to misplace or lose them. Thank God for Pen holders right? Well, here are some creative pen holder ideas that you can actually do by yourself which will fit right in in your home office or office desk.

Book Page Pencil Cups

 Image source: The3rsblog

Who ever thought that you could still use those extra pages. They may come from magazines or notebooks, you can always find a way to recycle everything. This pen holder was made by cutting two holes in between the pages and putting tin cans in the middle. Now, you have a really unique design for your pen holder.

Creative Bangles Design Pen Holders

 Image source: SoftyPink

Do you have those extra bangles that you think are in dull colors and it’s so hard to match them up with your outfit? Or if you simply know of a shop that sells these bangles for a really cheap price and you can even get a discount if you buy in bulk, you can actually use them to design your pen holders this way.

DIY Father’s Pen Holder

 Image source: No Clever Craft

For parents, you can actually do this pen holder with you kids and give it as a cute, small gift for their dad. You probably have recognized that those are toilet paper cartons covered in different kinds of cloth.

DIY Popsicle Sticks Pen Holder

 Image source: Wikihow

You were probably taught on how to make this in elementary school, because yes, it is pretty easy. You just need to buy those colored popsicle sticks and glue them together until you get the desired height of your pen holder.

European Garden Style Pen Holder

 Image source: Aliexpress

This Eurpoean Garden Style Pen Holder almost looks like a wedding cake. It’s design is very girly, and yes, delicious and is eye candy.

Fancy and Cute Glass Pen Holder

 Image source: Home Designs 99

You can actually make this pen holder at your home. If you have some extra bottles of jam, you can clean them and recycle. Grab your scissors, some ribbons, glue and buttons and design them as you desire. Don’t bother covering the whole bottle because the color of your pens will actually serve as a great design.

Green Guardian Hippo Pen Holder

 Image source: Zinger

We really love this green hippo from Zinger which literally almost will swallow everything. This pen holder will look interesting in your home office or in your child’s study desk.

I love School Colorful Pen Holder

 Image source: Me and My Big Ideas

This I Love School Pen Holder from Me and My Big Ideas is a nice gift for your youngster who is in school. Make him or her love school even more with this nice design.

Pastel Colors Pen Holders

 Image source: Ali Express

We totally love these Pastel Colors Pen Holder because they look like candy colors and are very refreshing to the eyes. For girls and women who love fashion, these items should definitely have a place in your home office.

Perler Beads Pen Holder

 Image source: Crooked Brains

This Perler Beads design from Crooked Brains looks pretty tedious to make. It kind of reminds you of the days when family computers still existed.

Personalized Name Pen Holder

 Image source: Not on the Highstreet

Wouldn’t it be nice if your pen holder was personalized just like this? You can have one custom made and then you can paint it yourself for a very personal touch. Not only is it personal but also functional.

Recyclable Decorated Tin Can Pen Holder

 Image source: Be Creative Lab

Remember that you can always look around you for things that you can recycle and you don’t always have to go to the store to grab something new. This design from Be Creative Lab shows us that with the right kind of materials, you can come up with something wonderful.

Unique Shaped Pink Pen Holder

 Image source: Funny Pictures

The love for pink! This pen holder from Funny Pictures will never fail to satisfy one’s love for pink items.

White Left Hand Pen Holder

 Image source: Amazon

How about having a hand literally hold your pens for you? Well, this pen holder from Amazon does that exactly.

Yellow Corner Mold Pen Holders

 Image source: Inspired by Charm

If you like the solid design of boxes and want to cut the traditional style of pen holder, then you can go for this box design by Inspired by Charm