15 Modern Desk Clocks for Home Office

15 Modern Desk Clocks for Home Office

When we are doing tasks in our home office, it is also important that we keep track of the time. All of us, as professionals or even as students have so many things on our plate that we can only manage to do one thing at a time. We can’t dedicate too much time on something and should move on to another more important task. That is why it is always useful to have a desk clock in your home office so that you can keep track of how much time you have already spent on a certain task. Here are some modern desk clocks that you can use for your home office.

Alessi Cronotime Table Clock

 Image source: Design55

This square and transparent design from Design55 is a classy time piece that you can put on your desk. Be sure you remember your roman numerals because although this time piece is modern in style, it comes with roman numbering.

Black Number Led Clock

 Image source: Bobby Berk Home

This design from Bobby Berk Home is a unique piece that will make your desk more interesting. It has a big time display so you can tell the time in just one glance.

Brick 24 Hour Desk Clock

 Image source: Amara

A mix of classic and modern is embodied in this design by Amara. It also offers a big display of the time.

Bulova Triumph Anniversary Clock

 Image source: Clocktiuqesrc

This Bulova Triumph Anniversary Clock has a wood case and brown satin finish. It also has raised hour markers.

Digital LED Triangle Clock

 Image source: Dotandbo

This, perhaps, is the most functional piece of wood that we have ever seen. The color of the display stands out from the color of the wood making it look very visible.

Gray Desk Clock Alarm with Large Display

 Image source: Amazon

Everyone could use a modern clock with a very big display. When your home office desk can be seen from your own bed, then there is no need to get a wall clock because this desk clock from amazon will be visible from afar.

Large LCD Digital Desk Clock With Thermometer and Alarm

Image source: Clock View

How about getting a desk clock that is complete with a thermometer, the date and the time? Well, that only means that you don’t need to check the calendar every time when you forget what day it is.

Modern Brown Clock with Floating Metal Rectangles

 Image source: Home Workshop

This modern wooden time piece might make it difficult for you to tell what the exact time is but its design i really great and artistic.

Modern Pendulum Clock

 Image source: Dotandbo

Gone are the days when we had pendulums moving from left to right. Well, some houses still have them but not on their desks. If you like that idea but would love to modernize the pendulum clock, this design from Dotandbo is perfect for you.

Retro Desk Clock

 Image source: Niell

Take a look at this modern retro clock. Is that even possible? Well, yes! Because the materials used to make this clock will surely last a life time. You can add that in your bookshelf or on your home office desk.

Barigo Desk Clock

 Image source: Peters of Kensington

How about a clock that is positioned in such a way that you can see it immediately? This desk clock from Peters of Kensington definitely has a unique design.

Three Books Desk Clock

 Image source: Amazon

This awesome Three Book Desk Clock Design will fit in along with your other books on the table but what makes it different is that although it doesn’t give you much information, it gives you the time in a book form! Cool right?

Umbra Small Time Desk Clock

 Image source: Amazon

Take a look at this awesome design. It is easier to tell the time with the big numerical design of this clock from Amazon.

Wedgwood Lifestyle Swivel Desk Clock

 Image source: WWRD

This nice metallic piece from WWRD will fit in a modern home office desk.

WWII Double Wasp Radial Engine Piston Desk Clock

 Image source: Plane Pieces

This is a World War II time piece replica. Plane pieces has a classic piece by using a design from WWII.