15 Modern Study Lamps for Home Office

15 Modern Study Lamps for Home Office

When we are at home working, it is essential that we have the right kind of lighting. Whether we are reading, writing, drawing or using the computer, it is very important that we have the right amount of light so that we do not damage or strain our eyes while working. The right amount of light also encourages some energy in the room. Imagine working on your table with only a dim light or when the light is too far from you and it is casting a shadow, it truly is bothersome. Always invest on a good kind of lamp. You are guaranteed to work more progressively with the right kind of furniture and of course, the right kind of lighting. To give you more inspiration, get those desk lamps in cool designs so that you will be inspired to get working everyday.

Adjustable Black Led Battery Powered Desk Lamp

 Image source: Dotawci

Nowadays, there are so many modern lamp designs that will surely make your home office look amazing. This Black led battery powered desk lamp is perfect when you usually work at night.

Awesome Metal Desk Lamp Design

 Image source: Archi Expo

For design and class, especially when your home office is in all white such as this desk or home office design from Archi expo, this awesome metal desk lamp design is perfect for you.

Bar Solo Black Led Desk Lamp with Base Cool Light

 Image source: Interior Designable

This Bar Solo Desk lamp is sure to light up your work perfectly. Since modern lamps are usually made of led light, they are safe compared to the traditional light bulbs and do not produce heat.

Bendable All Black Desk Lamp

 Image source: Rejuvenation

Are you a doctor or lawyer or are looking for a gift for a professional friend of yours? this Bendable All Black Desk lamp will be a gift that will surely be appreciated simply because it looks professional and executive as well.

Delightful Retro Black Reading Lamp for Home Office

 Image source: Dotawci

When your home office or maybe your bedroom is in a retro design, then you definitely want to get accessories which are also in accordance with your bedroom theme. If you love retro, this all black lamp is great for you.

Fine White Energy Efficient Lamp

 Image source: Iidudu

How about a modern and totally functional lamp on your home office desk? This lamp is perfect for people who love to see their loved one’s picture in front of them for motivation.

Excellent Equo Led Desk Lamp by Koncept Technologies Cool Desk Lamp

 Image source: Iidudu

Here is another cool desk lamp with a very long neck. When you are working on a wide table and need a lot of light, then you need a desk lamp with long necks such as this design from Iidudu.

Horizontal Task Lamp by Human Scale

 Image source: Lightology

In a cool, modern metallic design is this task lamp from Lightology. You won’t have a problem lighting up your whole work table with this kind of lamp.

Iconic Anglepoise Lamp

 Image source: Unbranded Designs

Most lamps have limitations when it comes to the degree or angle of adjustment. To suite your needs, go for the lamps which are highly adjustable such as this lamp from Unbranded Designs.

Kandido Led Desk Lamp

 Image source: Lightology

When you are after style and functionality and you do not like those lamps with big and heavy bases, then go for this Kandido Led Desk Lamp from Lightology.

Meredith LED Desk Lamp Brushed Steel

 Image source: Lamps USA

This lamp from Lamps USA offers stability and adjustability. When you think the light doesn’t hit your book or papers correctly, you have to adjust them in the right angle and you can do all that with this Meredith Led Desk Lamp Brushed Steel.

Original Led Eco Acrylic Desk Lamp

 Image source: Not on the Highstreet

Simple, elegant and functional. Although this lamp has a small light , it offers just the right amount of lighting and also comes in a good design.

Oustanding Oval Bow Shape Light Desk Lamp with Blue Back Accent

 Image source: Dotawci

Match up your modern home office with this desk lamp from Dotawci which has a blue accent and a very stylish design.

Silver Adjustable Modern Study Lamp

 Image source: My Design Fix

You will never go wrong with the use of metal. Achieve a modern, classy and executive look with this Silver Adjustable Modern Lamp from My Design Fix.