10 Adorable Princess Themed Girls Bedroom Ideas

10 Adorable Princess Themed Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls are obsessed with princess, that is a fact. Just as the boys relate themselves to superheroes, the girls are enchanted by the magical world of pink, crowns and canopy beds. The kid’s world is a sacred place, and you like a parent should support your kid’s imagination and contribute in building her dreams by creating an amazing princess themed bedroom. Having a princess themed bedroom is a dream to every girl, since there is no girl in the world that would not go to sleep in her amazing canopy pink bed. Check the below Princess themed girls bedroom to source some ideas and create an amazing princess themed bedroom for her little highness. Enjoy!

Amazing Baby Pink Princess Bedroom

Image Source: Inthrald

The secret of this enchanting princess themed room is the monochrome baby pastel pink. The dominance of the baby pink color is creating a dreamy and awe- inspiring appearance of the room. The sleigh bed with upholstered board is the focal point of the bedroom and is creating a nice appeal matched with the pastel pink satin canopy.

Cinderella Themed Bedroom for girls

Image Source: Inthrald

Wellcome to Cinderella’s kingdom. This princess themed bedroom is simple and yet magnificent and enchanting. The main element of this bedroom is the Cinderella Themed Wallpaper, which is basically providing the room with the Princess themed ambiance. The canopy bed is just adding to the awe- inspiring ambiance.

Cinderella Carriage Bed

Image Source:  Inthrald

This is a great example of how can you go bold and create a daring and amazing princess themed bedroom for your girl, by adding a Cinderella’s carriage themed bed in the room. The bed is surely the focal point of this room and is added to the princess themed concept. You have to admit, that you are a bit jealous now that you are too old to sleep in a bed like this. I know I am.

Disney Princess Bedroom

Image Source: Wall Mural Gallery

Girls love princesses, but more than regular princesses girls adore the Disney princess. Therefore, if your girl is one of the Dinsey’s fans all you have to do is add a Disney princess wallpaper in your girl’s bedroom.

Princess Bedroom with Canopy Bed

Image Source:  House to Home

This amazing girly bedroom is decorated with sophisticated and distinctive style. The amazing sleigh canopy bed is the focal point and the main charmer in the bedroom. The white wrought iron bed is providing this princess themed bedroom with girly touch and dreamy appearance.

Pink and Blue Princess Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Inthrald

This is a really amazing princess themed bedroom. The combination of pastel pink walls and pastel blue canopy bed is perfect for providing the room with royalty note.

Princess carriage Bed

Image Source: Inthrald

A princess carriage bed with a name tag is the right element for creating a super creative princess themed bedroom. In addition a princess themed wallpaper will just contribute to the princess ambiance in the bedroom.

Royalty bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Bhg

This is really charming and adorable princess themed bedroom. A nice wallpaper matched with an amazing, spacious canopy bed will help you to create a princess ambiance in your girls bedroom.

The Colorful Princess Bedroom

Image Source: Fairmont Homes

This princess themed bedroom radiates colorful vibes. The cheerful princess themed wallpaper is providing the bedroom with a perky and girly note.

Vintage Princess Bedroom

Image Source: House to Home

This princess themed bedroom has an adorable vintage note. A bedroom with a high valued ceiling is a perfect place for creating a princess themed bedroom.

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