10 Cute and Lovely Lamps for Little Girls

10 Cute and Lovely Lamps for Little Girls

When decorating and styling a little girl’s bedroom there are many small details that you should pay attention to. One of them is of course the lightning, cause playful and pleasant lightning will bring an adorable charm to the room and will provide character and warmth. Despite the regular lightning in the space you’ll probably be needing some extra light for your little girl to use while playing on the desk, or when falling asleep. That’s when you’ll need a table lamp with cute girly design. Table lamps for children come in various different shapes, colors and characters, so the one thing you’ll have to do is consult with your girl and choose the one she likes the most. Take a look at the super-cute and girly lamps that we collected, in order to get yourself inspired and deciding for the most wonderful one for your girl. Read on and enjoy!

Super-cute Butterfly Table Lamp

Image Source: Decorstyle Net

This lovely little butterfly lamp in various violet shades decorated with flowers will definitely steal your little girl’s heart and she will instantly fall far it.

Lovely Ladybug Table Lamp


Image Source: Decor Report

This cute and happy ladybug will definitely become your little girl’s best friend as soon as she sees this adorable table lamp.

Happy Monkeys Table Lamp

Image Source: Interior Exterior Ideas

There is a whimsical monkey ladies party going on right on this table lamp. We love its lively and vivacious design and we are pretty sure your girl will love it too.

Minnie Mouse Table Lamp

Image Source: Gallery Hip

Minnie Mouse is literally every girl’s friend. This pink girly Minnie lamp with its delightful design will bring positive energy to her room.

Jungle Friends Table Lamp

Image Source: Hapi Hour

The whole jungle is here to complement this cute and happy table lamp. Simply awesome.

ABC Table Lamp

Image Source: ToysrUs

This is not just one super-cute lamp with even more cute elephant, but it’s also educational, since it has the letters A B and C written on it.

Adorable Cupcake Table Lamp

Image Source: Ceridian Index

What can get more lovely and nice than a girly pink cupcake lamp? This lamp will be a delightful accessory to her bedroom

Charming Birdcage Table Lamp

Image Source: Rosenberry Rooms

This adorable birdcage lamp imitates a nice little bird’s home. Very unique and catchy design for embellishing your girl’s room.

Stylish Girly Table Lamp

Image Source: Ceramic Table Lamps

For super-stylish and chic girls.This fancy lamp with fuchsia shade and stylish shoes base will steal your girl’s attention and heart.

Hello Kitty Table Lamp

Image Source: Kohls

The cutest little girl’s friend ever. Which girl wouldn’t love a Hello Kitty lamp in her room?