10 Great and Colorful Kids Bookshelves

10 Great and Colorful Kids Bookshelves

Take a good look at your kid’s bedroom and identify what is missing. Perhaps, you have everything she needs to have fun but not everything she needs to learn. Every kid, at their early age, must also read enjoy the fun of learning and of the adventures of sitting down on a corner and reading a book. A good way to train them to read by themselves is by putting even just a small bookshelf in their bedroom with all the interesting stories that you want him or her to read. You do not have to force him or her but simply introduce to her the new furniture that she can enjoy and ultimately, when your kids are ready, they will just grab a book and read. Of course, your kid̵#8217;s bedroom has to be designed very interestingly so that he or she will also enjoy staying in his or her bedroom. Here are some great and colorful bookshelf designs that you can place in your kid’s bedroom.

Awesome and Tall Kids Bookshelf

 Image source: Earli22

This awesome bookshelf is in white and has some red lines. It even has some very fun cartoon character storage bins where you and your son or daughter can store your things after studying or playing.

Disney Princess Kids Bookshelf

 Image source: Ohua88

Do you have a baby girl who loves to watch princess animation? Well, who doesn’t? This wonderful Disney Princess Kids Bookshelf can be filled with books of Walt Disney stories so that as she watches the animation, she also understands the stories.

Girls Colorful Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Ohua88

Here is another wonderful and garden inspired bookshelf by Ohua88 has a very detailed design and a three dimensional handle of a bee and a dragonfly. This is a wonderful design to complement a pink girl’s bedroom.

Great White Bookshelf Tower

 Image source: Fast Any Time Clock

For your teenagers or toddlers who are already more serious about organizing and studying, then this Great White Bookshelf tower is perfect for him or her.

Kid’s Sling Bookshelf with Storage Bins

 Image source: Stat Furniture

Give your child a bookshelf that is very much accessible for him so that he can start practicing how to organize his things and books and get him ready for school. This Kid’s Sling Bookshelf with Storage Bins is a wonderful way to assist him or her to organizing and studying.

Pink Princess Kid’s Bookshelf

 Image source: Ohua88

This Pink Princess Kid’s Bookshelf is another great addition to your girl’s bedroom. If your child loves something you’ve bought for her, she will surely use it again and again.

Red Brick Kids Bookshelf

 Image source: Decoration

We’ve seen a lot of bookshelves for girls, how about for the boys? Well, let us not leave the boys out. This awesome Red Brick Kid’s Bookshelf is actually a nice way for your boy to get organized. It would be nice to also match up the colors of his bedroom.

Three Level Bookshelf with Organizers

 Image source: Home Made by Carmona

If you want your kid’s bedroom to be simple and organized and do not want too many designs, then you’d definitely want this Simple Three Level Bookshelf with organizers.

Underwater Kids Bookshelf

 Image source: Ohua88

We’d have to say that Ohua88 really has some nice and very detailed bookshelf designs for the kids. This time, if your child loves sea creatures and sea horses most especially, then go ahead and give him this Underwater Kid’s Bookshelf that will surely make his reading adventurous.

White Wood Kids Bookshelf

 Image source: Ohua88

If you have two kids and only want one piece of furniture in their bedroom, well not to worry because this White Wood Kids Bookshelf is big enough to store his and her things. You can assign the right side to her and the left side to him and everything should be organized as planned.