10 Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

10 Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

Naturally, in order to create a perfect bedroom for your kid you have to follow his interest and role models. In case your boy is obsessed with Luke Skywalker, chewbaka he talk like Yoda and salute you with the reference ” May the force stay with you”, then you are a lucky parent, because let’s face it Star Wars are an awesome show, you as an adult know it. Therefore, it will be really awesome to support your kid in his obsession with Star Wars and it will be more awesome if you manage to create a room with a Star Wars theme. We are going to present you a showcase of 10 Star Wars Bedroom Ideas in order to help you and inspire you. Take a look at the showcase below, and may the force stay with you.

Amazing Star Wars Bedroom

Image Source: Key Hug

This is a really autenthic and creative Star Wars bedroom idea. The authentic mural of the galaxy is providing the bedroom with cool and imaginative accent and is a really dramatic element of the place.

Boy’s Star War Bedroom with bunk bed

Image Source: WizCom

This is a really cool star wars bedroom idea for twin boys. The bunk bed fits perfect in this cool and imaginative star wars bedroom design.

Cool Star Wars Bedroom

Image Source: quoeteko

The cool star wars bedding in combination with the Wall mural provides this Star Wars bedroom with cool and unique ambiance.

Small Star Wars Bedroom

Image Source: Fresh Furniture Show

The Star Wars inspired artworks on the wall ads a really cool and imaginative element in this super creative and fun star wars inspired bedroom.

Star Wars Bedroom in the attic

Image Source: Croked Brains

The attic is a great place for creating a star wars inspired bedroom. This bedroom is decorated in a really cool and authentic way.

Star Wars Bedroom with oversized bed

Image Source: Design Dazzle

This is a really cool and impressive star war bedroom idea. The over sized bed provides this kid’s bedroom with cool and dramatic ambiance. The wall mural just adds to the ambiance of this cool bedroom.

Star Wars Bedroom

Image Source: Hong Kiat

The star wars inspired wall mural adds a really cool and dramatic ambiance in this star wars inspired bedroom. The blue bed just adds to the beauty of this cool and authentic Star Wars bedroom.


Image Source: Appartment Therapy

This star wars inspired bedroom is simple and yet creative and beautiful. Your kid will surely love to sleep in a room with star wars decoration.

Ultimate Star Wars Bedroom with Accent Bed

Image Source: Giz Mod

This is a really cool and unique star wars inspired bedroom. Your little Darth Weather will be thrilled to sleep in a bed like this one.

Creative Star Wars Bedroom

Image Source: Sarah’s Sweets

The framed artwork that says ‘ May the force stay with you, ” adds a creative and artistic ambiance in this cool Star Wars inspired bedroom.