15 Adorable Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas for Girls

15 Adorable Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Decorating a room for girls is usually an easy and creative process, because girls are determined in their interests and inspirations. Naturally, girls are inspired and enchanted by cute and adorable things such as princess, kitties and cute dogs along with the trademark color: pastel pink. One of the most intensive inspiration and adoration, girls show for the most popular cat in the world with the cutest face ever, if you have kids you know that we are talking about Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is a real sensation among little girls, they are enchanted by its cuteness, so if you were searching for a theme for your little girl’s bedroom, here is an idea: Hello Kitty Bedroom. Hello Kitty Bedroom is one of the most popular interior theme for a girl’s room. Hello Kitty bedroom requires simple and yet amazing decorative palette, consisting of a lot of pink color and hello kitty inspired items. Below you can check a showcase of 15 Adorable Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas for Girls which could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Amazing Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Decoist

This is a really adorable and extremely cute Hello Kitty bedroom decorated with pastel pink color scheme and an amazing round canopy bed as a focal point. The Hello Kitty print above the big round bed and the Hello Kitty shaped area rug provide cute and beatuiful ambiance to this tender and soft Hello Kitty Bedroom.

Blue Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Aeshley Furniture

This is a great example of Cute meets Modern and adapts in Hello Kitty theme room. The daring and unexpected color scheme of this bedroom is totatlly cool and unique and most of all goes perfectly with the Hello Kitty decor and adds a balanced ambiance in this gorgeous bedroom.

Chic Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Sunset

This is small and yet compact girly bedroom with outstanding decorative palette. The pink shag area rug in shape of heart brings soft and cute accent to this room, and the hello kitty beddings and stickers to the furniture create an awesome and lively ambiance in this amazing Hello Kitty bedroom.

Classy Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Ynnu

Well, Hello Kitty, or should we say Hello Classy Kitty, because this bedroom is decorated with an astonishing classy touch. The Hello Kitty headboard surely works as a focal point and a striking complement of this super chic and beautiful Hello Kitty bedroom. The chandelier brings luxurious and chic element into this oasis of cuteness.

Cute Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Decorative Bedroom

This girly bedroom, surely followed the formula of decorating a simple and yet adorable bedroom. The hello kitty headboard works as a focal point along with the cute hello kitty bedding, and the vibrant pink shag area rug provide this room with cheery and playful appereance, compeleting the overall ambiance of simply beautiful girly bedroom.

Dreamy Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Decoist

This is a really adorable and beautiful Hello Kitty bedroom, decorated in a really distinctive and delicate way. The combination of pink and white is perfect for creating a girly bedroom with Hello Kitty theme. The oversized Hello Kitty wall decal work as a great eye catcher and provides the room with cute and fun note.

Hello Kitty Bedroom in the Attic

Image Source: Wizzcom

This adorable bedroom positioned in the attic has a daring and warm appereance. The Hello Kitty headboard works as a great modern accent and provide this bedroom with cute and awesome ambiance.

Hello Kitty Nursery

Image Source: Kohls

How cute is this baby nursery in Hello Kitty theme? The decor of this baby nursery is absolutely gorgeous with delciate and cute accents such as the Hello Kitty area rug, Hello Kitty artwork on the wall along with Hello Kitty baby toys, which adds a bright and lively ambiance in this adorable nursery.

Lively Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Ebay

This is a perfect Hello Kitty bedroom idea for girl twins. The accented bed with an aditional slide and stairs is more than amazing , is astonishingly amazing, just as the overall apearance of this cute and interesting Hello Kitty bedroom.

Modern Hello Kitty Twins Bedroom

Image Source: Simple Bedroom

Here is another idea of a cool Hello Kitty bedroom idea for twins with a useful bunk bed positioned in the corner of the bedroom which is a great for the natural sunlight that comes from the windows right next to the bunk bed. The striped paterns and Hello Kitty motifs in this bedroom add lively and modern ambiance.

Pink Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: BC Danielsen

This is a really classy and luxurious Hello Kitty decorated bedroom. The chandelier sets up a really classy ambiance in this adorable and soft pink bedroom and the hello Kitty bedding balance the serious note from the chandelier and bring lively and cheerful ambiance in this really amazing bedroom.

Spacious Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Small Home Designs

This Hello Kitty bedroom is really over the top and extremely spacious and luxurious. The two master beds with Hello Kitty shaped headboard provide this super luxuruious room with creative and dramatic setting.

Striped Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Inter Decor

The pink stripes on the wall goes perfectly with the Hello Kitty theme of this amazing pink bedroom for girls. The Hello Kitt headboard is surely setting a cute and unique ambiance in this adorable girly bedroom.

Sweet Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Kohls

Here is an example of another simple and yet adorable and cute pink and white Hello Kitty bedroom. the white wooden panelling in the room ad a natural and breezy ambiance and yet the adorable Hello kitty bedding provide the bedroom with cute and sweet touch.

Adorable Hello Kitty Bedroom

Image Source: Toysrus

This perky and vibrant pink Hello Kitty bedroom is outstanding. How cool is the customized tuffted headbaord in a shape of the Hello Kitty? This bedroom can serve as an idea for creating a really authentic Hello Kitty bedroom on a really creative and fun way.