15 Amazing Red and White Kids Bedroom

15 Amazing Red and White Kids Bedroom

Designing your kid’s bedroom doesn’t have to be so hard. There are many ways that you can do this. You can play around with paint colors, fun and playful wall papers and you can even use your child’s own inclinations. Is he or she into sports or princesses? Does he love cars? Who is his or her favorite cartoon character? These are just some ways that you can get some ideas on how to design your kid’s bedroom. You can also come up with a theme or choose a color scheme. Today, we are featuring the Red and White color scheme for kid’s bedroom which is a great choice for design. Check out these 10 Amazing Red and White Kids Bedroom designs.

Adorable Red and White Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Petagazine

In this bedroom design from Petagazine, we can see a glossy white flooring and patterned wallpapers. There are actually three patterns used but you can see that they are in safe or neutral colors and most of the furniture are in red.

Amazing Black Red and White Sports Themed Bedroom

 Image source: Guata Crazy Night

This Amazing Black Red and White Sports Themed Bedroom has an awesome mix of black red and white. We love the bed on wheels and the red and white furniture. Plus, the cabinets in red and black. This bedroom is actually good for two people and has a great minimalist shelving.

Amusing Brilliant Red White Cars Themed Bed

 Image source: Raguke

This nice car bed with pull-out is great for your two boys. If you haven’t decided with what paint color to use but there already is that urgency, go ahead and choose a neutral color such as wood for the flooring and a neutral base color, such as the one in the picture. After which, you can just use a color scheme with the choice of your furniture.

Amusing Car Bed Idea with Luminous White Marble

 Image source: Tiger Ligan

This Amusing Car bed idea is an awesome use of red furniture. Although most of the furniture is in red, the white marble and grey wall strikes a balance in this bedroom for boys.

Brilliant Red and White Bedroom Decoration

 Image source: Decosee

This Brilliant Red and White Bedroom Decoration is a very nice and romantic design for girls. It looks like a Valentine’s Day studio, isn’t it? We totally admire this bunk bed and the study area under it. Then, there also is a vanity area for your little girl.

Comfortable Black, White and Red Bedroom

 Image source: Homes Dir

This Comfortable Black, Red and White bedroom is suited for teenagers. Naturally, as they’re growing up, we also want to accord their bedroom designs to their age. This area rug adds more comfort and styles to this already amazing and comfortable bedroom. Notice the awesome lighting as well.

Cool Red Tent Bed with Slide and White Wall Bedroom Design

 Image source: Petagazine

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a spacious bedroom such as this? Your child would be very lucky to have a spacious bedroom where he or she can play, explore and discover wonderful things about the world. This tent bed also has an area where he or she can hide or place his or her toys and play with playmates. This slide also allows him or her to get off the bed easily.

Cute White and Red Themed Teen Girl’s Bedroom

 Image source: Bj Blog

We totally admire this girly design from Bj Blog which features a pink and red bedroom with skylights. There is also a study table and a nice white bedside table.

Mesmerizing Red White and Pink Girls Bedroom Design

 Image source: Gmindy

Your little girl will live like a princess in this carpeted Pink, red and white bedroom from Gmindy. Of course, you have to be particular with the choice of furniture to match the bed in order to achieve this kind of design.

Modern Contemporary Red and White Bedroom

 Image source: Nepa Gallery

This Modern Contemporary Red and White Bedroom from Nepa Gallery has a soft touch to it. Although the area rug is in a very strong color, the base color of the walls and the furniture is in white so the bedroom, overall, doesn’t look too strong or warm.

Red Blue and White Patriotic Stripe Bedroom Decorating Idea

 Image source: Enmerit

If your son or daughter is starting to grow up realizing his love for his own country, then why not transform his bedroom into something that spells out patriotism. This is not only a great design but is also very symbolic.

Red White And Blue Racing Kids Rooms For Boys

 Image source: Larcade

This bedroom design is something that boys will totally admire. Imagine a racing platform and a bed in a shape of a car. He would totally love staying in this pit stop!

Red White and Blue Sports Themed Boys Room Design

 Image source: Inter Home Designs

When Ice hockey is your son’s interest, then this bedroom design is perfect for him. The pillows are numbered as though they are uniforms and you can tell him to start collecting his equipment so he can display them in his own room.

White and Red Color Scheme Inspiration

 Image source: Nepa Gallery

This bedroom from Nepa Gallery is a mixture of fun and play. The chair has wheels so your child can easily move around while working on his or her computer. He or she can also lay on the area rug when he or she feels like reading a book.

Modern Children’s Bedroom with Red Wood Bunk Bed and Red Cushions

 Image source: Petagazine

This Modern Children’s Bedroom has an awesome bunk bed and a sofa where he can read or do homework. We totally love that this bedroom is in red and white and not any other colors.