15 Captivating Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom Ideas

15 Captivating Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom Ideas

We are sure that till now you have noticed our extremely fascination by the Scandinavian Interior Design, and we can assume that you feel as fascinated as us. Scandinavian decor is utterly inspiring because of its sharpness, precise decor line and amazing contrast that this style often reflect in the interiors. Scandinavian Decor can be applied in every interior, including the kid’s bedroom and it looks extremely modern and cute. Most often, people choose random kid’s theme for their child’s bedroom, and most of the kid’s bedroom are kind of similar and have lack of uniqueness. Anyhow, if you want to avoid that syndrome of having a regular kid’s bedroom and try a unique setting for your child’s room, why no try the Scandinavian way. Scandinavian Inspired Kid’s Bedroom will drive you to tears with cuteness, we’ve found 15 Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom Ideas, which are simply adorable. Check the showcase out below.

Adorable Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Scandinavian Designs

As typical Scandinavian as can be, right?- The ambiance in this Scandinavian kid’s bedroom is highly ecstatic and refreshing due to the white foundation of the walls and the lively decorative palette. The matching wallpaper with the drapes makes interesting symmetric visual in this dreamy interior.

Amazing Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: Sussana Vento

This girly teen bedroom is decorated with an obvious Scandinavian influence and has a nice subtle charm and modern appearance. The bedroom has the typical Scandinavian calm and sharp ambiance due to the plain white walls and striking complements such as the striped cube layered rugs, geometric pillows in a pastel colors and super contemporary Bertoia white chair.

Artistic Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: Petra Bindel

The adorable gallery wall works quite well for creating a dreamy and rather adorable appearance of this shared bedroom for kids, decorated in a modern Scandinavian style. The white sensation of the wall and the painted floor strikes with the fresh and sharp ambiance while it is smartly breaken through with polka doted quilts and cool decorative pillows with geometric prints.

Beautiful Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: Quaker Rose

This is how you decorate a beautiful Scandinavian bedroom for girl. The monochrome wallpaper breaks through the excessive whiteness and bring solid visual effect in the room, working as a great backdrop for the white iron sleigh bed with girly pink quilt.

Bold Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: Eba Bee

Even though we think that a bare concrete walls is a bit to radical and cold for kid’s bedroom we admire the boldness and the cool appearance of this kid’s bedroom. The cold appearance is prevented with the several cute boyish decorative items that bring lively ecstatic touch to the place.

Contemporary Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: Babylogy

Truly Scandinavian and Truly Adorable! It is really amazing to see how the designer of this kid’s bedroom has managed to both create a modern appearance of a kid’s bedroom and to attain the lively and ecstatic ambiance that is appropriate for a child’s interior.

Cool Scandinavian Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source: Interior Collective

Wow! This whimsical Scandinavian bedroom is truly inspiring and great example of you should create an ecstatic and modern bedroom for a boy. The pulsating colored stickers on the wall striking to the striped area rug create an eclectic aspect of this beautiful Scandinavian bedroom for kids.

Cute Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

What we love about the Scandinavian style is the sheer simplicity of the plain white walls usually decorated with breathtakingly creative artwork, as you can see from the example above. The white rattan storage boxes under the bed add the tidy and organized point of the bedroom.

Lively Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: Ferm Living

Notice the mismatch divinity in this adorable Scandinavian bedroom. The burst of subtle implied colors and patterns creates the whimsical and ecstatic ambiance. What we really love is the gallery wall above the mid century Danish cabinet, it is really fairy alike and beautiful.

Modern Scandinavian Nursery

Image Source: Apartment Therapy 

This is truly beautiful Scandinavian nursery. How often do you see a real tree as a decorative element in a traditional American nursery?- Never! For that Exact reason we admire the boldness of the Scandinavian style, everything looks effortlessly chic and on its right place, cue: the striped area rug mismatching the patchwork quilt.

Outstanding Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: Kidso Mania

Here again you can sense the Scandinavian sharpness and precise decor, it looks like the designer knew exactly what want to attain to the smallest details. The cute dog artwork on the wall is our personal favorite item, along with the pear and apple shaped pillows.

Stunning Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: Ferm Living 

The black wrought iron bed is surely the main charmer in the spacious Scandinavian bedroom. The round rug adds nice decorative touch in the place and pairs beautifully with the vintage handmade decorative pillows.

Teen Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: 1 Decor

Attic is our personal favorite place for kid’s bedroom, it has that dreamy and fairy tale alike nature due to the architecture of the walls. The rustic wood floor adds cool and fresh appearance to the utterly beautiful Scandinavian bedroom for kids.

Whimsical Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: The Boo and the boy

We love the nonchalant charm of this beautiful Scandinavian bedroom decorated with sharp and precise decorative palette and clean white color palette.

Wonderful Scandinavian Kid’s Bedroom

Image Source: Imactoy

This Scandinavian bedroom for kids has a specific vintage touch which looks truly adorable. We love the artworks on the wall and the vintage handmade rug.