15 Charming Butterfly Themed Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

15 Charming Butterfly Themed Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

You surely have noticed the strong connection and some king of natural attraction between girls and butterflies, right? – It’s hard to describe and explain why almost every second girl instinctively l is enchanted by butterflies, maybe because butterflies have similar nature with girls, who knows. However, creating a butterfly theme for your girl’s bedroom is a great idea which she will absolutely love. Butterfly themed bedrooms for girls have been a huge interior hit since forever, because the cuteness of a butterfly never goes out of fashion, that is a fact. A girl’s bedroom with butterfly motifs will surely add a feminine and adorable charm to the interior and instantly boost up the cute and cheery ambiance. But enough talk, we’ve collected a showcase of 15 Charming Butterfly Themed Girl’s Bedroom Ideas that could surely provide you with an inspiration. Dig in the list below and enoy!

Adorable Girl’s Bedroom with Butterflies

Image Source: Decodir

How adorable and cute is this beautiful and super charming girl’s bedroom right? The mini table and chairs of course are the main charmers in the place, but the butterflies on the wall screams with cuteness and super adorable appearance. the butterfly stickers are super incorporated with the charming setting of this girly bedroom interior.

Beautiful Bedroom with Colorful Butterflies

Image Source: Decodir

The bold, over sized and colorful butterflies striking on a plain wall are creating a super adorable and cute appearance of this charming girly bedroom. The big size of the butterflies stickers along with their bright and vivid colors work as a great focal point and provide the room with cute visual effect.

Bold Butterfly Theme Girls Bedroom

Image Source: Guata Crazy Night

We love this super modern and cute Teen Girl’s bedroom, decorated with such a distinctive and chic taste of style. The artistically made swarm of a colorful and bright butterflies create a truly opulent and funky ambiance in this boho chic teen girl room. The swarm of dashingly colorful butterflies work as a perfect focal point in this amazing girly bedroom.

Charming Girl’s Bedroom with Pink Butterflies


Image Source:Decodir

Pink color scheme and butterfly theme, we guess that with this combination simply is impossible to go wrong in decorating a girl’s bedroom. The butterfly shaped pillows are simply incredibly adorable and matched with the pink butterflies on the quilt enhanced by a little more butterfly artwork create a dashingly sweet and cute girly bedroom.

Cool Bedroom with Butterfly Bed

Image Source: For Keeps Sake

Wow! Look at the butterfly bed, it’s mindblowingly awesome, right?- We love how the designer has incorporated the butterfly theme with the pastel pink and white color scheme, it creates super soft and extremely adorable ambiance in this girly interior.

Elegant Butterfly Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Buy Az

We love this butterfly themed bedroom! Literally we are in love with this place, it’s so utterly sophisticated and gorgeous, it’s just unbearable. As a cherry on the top comes the chalkboard filled with super cute butterfly drawings which strikes as a focal point and creates a super adorable ambiance in the place.

Gorgeous Butterfly Themed Girl’s Bedroom

Image Source: Bedroom Wise

Hot coral and white butterflies, love it! The combination of the coral statement wall, broken through with a white print butterflies creates a super funky and refreshing ambiance in this simple but super adorable girly bedroom.

Hot Pink Butterfly Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Interior Design Blog

Why, hello there! This bedroom simply screams fun and ecstatic ambiance, it’s jsut overwhelming. The super vibrant and cool ambiance is due to the combination of the hot pink wall, decorated with over-sized colorful butterfly art that stands out just amazingly in this super funky and bright girly bedroom.

Lively Butterfly Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Fun bedroom Ideas

How charming and bright is this butterfly inspired bedroom, right? We love how the colorful butterflies are smartly arranged on the white white walls and create a super charming and vibrant ambiance in this beautiful girly bedroom.

Pastel Blue Butterfly Themed Bedroom

Image Source: House To Home

The blue pastel wallpaper with super cute butterflies creates an adorable and cute appearance of this Neo-Victorian girly bedroom. The empty frame brings a bold touch and point out the cuteness and softness of the blue butterfly wallpaper.

Pastel Pink Butterfly Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Home Modish

The colorful butterfly print on the wall ingeniously matched with a butterfly themed quilt create a super interesting visual pattern symmetry and add a lovely touch in this pastel pink girly bedroom.

Purple Butterfly Bedroom

Image Source: Best Home Design

Wow! How vibrant and funky, right? The butterfly motifs add a super feminine and girly touch to the super pretty purple interior and absolutely boosts up the cheery and ecstatic ambiance in the interior.

Retro Butterfly Themed Bedroom

Image Source: prifx

The retro setting in combination with the butterfly theme works as a charm in this beautiful girly interior. The ginat bright butterflies above the bed work as a focal point and create super ecstatic ambiance in this gorgeous girly bedroom.

Vintage Butterfly Themed Bedroom

Image Source: the merooms

We love the different shaped and colored butterflies applied on the wallpaper and the pastel pink quilt with hot pink details. This butterfly themed bedroom utterly reflects cheery and bright ambiance and provides the interior with beautiful and ecstatic ambiance.

White Butterfly Girl’s Bedroom

Image Source: Beazeley Home

The vintage setting is ingeniously applied in this gorgeous girly bedroom. The white butterfly wallpaper surely creates the funky and ecstatic ambiance in this super beautiful girly interior.