15 Cool and Charming Green Kid’s Bedroom

15 Cool and Charming Green Kid’s Bedroom

Green is a naturally relaxing color to the eyes. Doctors say that when your eyes are tired, you should look at something green at a distance. Green comes in different shades which also convey different meanings. Using mint green as your bedroom color makes your bedroom look cool and relaxing. If you blend it with other colors, you can transform your bedroom into a chic or a more masculine design. How about using green in your kid’s bedroom? It is also a great idea to mix neutral colors with green. You can also accentuate your bedroom using vibrant colors for specific furniture. Green is also known as the color of growth and creates equilibrium in the room. Check out these 15 Cool and Charming Green Kid’s Bedroom design.

Awesome White and Green Kids Bedroom with Red Accent

 Image source: 247Swag

This Awesome White and Green Kid’s Bedroom Design is accented with red details. The furniture is in white and only the shelves and the table stand is in red. This bedroom looks luscious with the added plant designs.

Clean Green and White Kid’s Bedroom

 Image source: Timticks

Add plenty of green to a bedroom painted in all white and you can achieve a really neat and organized look such as this kid’s bedroom design from Timticks. What makes this bedroom look really neat are the several drawers on wheels making it easier to do some re-arrangements.

Colorful Lime Green and Yellow Kids Bedroom Color Scheme

 Image source: Guata Crazy Night

Mix green with yellow and you can achieve a fun and vibrant looking bedroom for your kid. Use a safe base color for the floor and the walls and you can just throw in your hand-picked furniture and organize!

Elegant Mint Green Children’s Bedroom

 Image source: The Right at Home

This Elegant Mint Green Kid’s Bedroom is designed for teenagers. It is complete with a study lamp and bookshelves. It is gender neutral and is an airy bedroom. You can be sure your child is energized for the day.

Fabulous and Fresh Mint Green kid’s Bedroom Design

 Image source: Fanelis

This Fabulous and Fresh Mint Green Kid’s Bedroom features green stained glass doors, neutral wood for the walls and a white glossy flooring which makes the bedroom look very fresh and relaxing.

Fancy Mint Green Boys Bedroom with Wooden Furniture

 Image source: Petagazine

To add some balance to your boy’s bedroom, choose wooden furniture and add an area rug for texture. Your boy is sure to love his neutral colored bedroom.

Fantastic Stunning Green Bedroom Interior Design Idea

 Image source: Howler Band

The black elements in this bedroom add a modern touch to it. It has a minimalist design which we can see on the 4 level shelving. The lamp also has a feminine design. The area rug also gives an illusion of it occupying some space in the bedroom.

Gorgeous Light Green Bedroom Design

 Image source: Glubdub

Change the shade of green and you will also get a different feeling inside your bedroom. In this bedroom, you get a lot of energy, vibrance and happiness due to the bright yellow green color.

Green Youth Bedroom Interior Design With Pendant Lamp Shades And Laminate Wooden Floor

 Image source: Fanelis

This Green Youth Bedroom Interior Design from Fanelis features a spacious study area, a large closet and a colorful bed. The large windows also give a nice view of the outdoors adding a fresh feeling to the bedroom.

Lime Green Accented Kids Bedroom with White Wall

 Image source: Agentave

Similar to one design that we have seen in this article, this bedroom design from Agentave uses wooden furniture but has a darker base color for the floor and one side of the wall. We can see colors of the ocean in this bedroom.

Minimalist Lime Green and Grey Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Guata Crazy Night

This Minimalist Lime Green and Grey Kids Bedroom can be shared by two people for group works and the likes. It is an ideal type of design for small bedrooms or apartments.

Modern Lime Green and Brown Color Scheme Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Esivi

We love the modern touch of this bedroom from Esivi. The dominance of black gives a very modern touch to the lime green color. We also love the modern design of the lamps and the wall clock which matches the color of the bed sheets, lamp and computer chair.

Skylit Green Boys Bedroom with Cool Wooden Furniture and Shelving

 Image source: Digzine

Your kid will surely love this airy bedroom complete with a spacious bookshelf where you can store the toys and books of your kids. Using a lamp will not be necessary during the day with the great skylights.

Space Saving Lime Green Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Architecturendesign

This Space Saving Lime Green Kids Bedroom is a great arrangement for small spaced bedrooms. It is complete with a home office, big closets, a night lamp in a form of an egg and an awesome memo board. Who doesn’t want to live in this kind of bedroom?

Stylish Lime Beautiful Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Jg188

Yellow and green are two great color combinations that can make a bedroom look bright and happy. What makes this bedroom even more interesting is the view of the outdoor which even adds more life to the room.