15 Cool Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom Design Ideas

15 Cool Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom Design Ideas

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for the boy’s bedroom most of the people commonly, almost instinctively choose the blue as a famous trademark of the male gender. However, due to the enormously huge use of this color for the boy’s bedroom, many interior designers argue about the monotony and unification of the blue boy’s bedroom. Therefore, since it would be pretty inconvenient to choose a girly color for your boy’s bedroom such as red or pink and only blue is overused and kind of monotone why not combine this color shade with a fresh and cool complementary such as green. Green and Blue are famous partners in crime, they work miracles in the interior and together can attain both vibrant and fresh ambiance. We’ve gathered around an inspiring showcase of 15 Green and Blue Boy’s Bedroom Design Ideas in order to provide you with cool ideas and get you inspired. Check out the round up bellow and enjoy!

Adorable Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:indulgy

This adorable toddler boy’s bedroom is perfectly decorated in order to reflect lively and amusing ambiance. The color disposition is perfect, and perfectly in order with the bright and vibrant nature of blue and green shade. The dinosaurs decoration works great with this color scheme and adds to the adorable ambiance in this kid’s bedroom.

Appealing Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:Home Design Lover

We love the contemporary setting merged with super bright and vibrant colors that reflect strictly lively and ecstatic ambiance in this gorgeous boy’s bedroom. The vibrant blue dominates in the place, providing it with super fresh and vibrant ambiance while the light green tones soothes the ambiance and adds relaxing note in the interior.

Beautiful Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source: decorpad

We love the shared concept of this boy’s bedroom, but most of all we love the pastel blue and green color scheme perfectly applied in the place. The pastel green creates calm and beautiful ambiance while the navy blue tones add bold decorative visual and strike with vibrant and powerful ambiance.

Bright blue and Green Bedroom

Image Source:Home Design Lover

How lively and cheery is this boy’s bedroom, right? The win point of this interior is the white foundation which act as a balance between the vibrant navy blue and cheery green. The subtle disposition of these two colors matched with white foundation has provided this boy’s bedroom interior with perfect relaxing and fresh ambiance.

Contemporary Blue and Green Teen Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:Indulgy

We love the modern, rustic setting applied in this teen boy’s bedroom, it’s really subtle and appealing. The bright grass green wall, smartly decorated with cool artwork work as lively and representative backdrop, while the navy blue bedding strikes through and add bold and serious accent in the overly lively and fun bedroom.

Cool Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:Home Design Lover

So charming and lively! We love the layout and complete organization of this boy’s bedroom. The combination with white was a smart move in order to soothe down the excessive dynamic. The navy blue motifs add a bold and super fresh accent which totally provides the place with interesting and lively mood.

Fresh Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:Decorpad

Amazing color arrangement! We love the blue and green play in the cute whale artwork and the patterned blue and green floral bedding, it adds colorful pattern and brights up the super modern and interesting blue and green oasis. The sea blue creates a fresh and vibrant foundation and provides the interior with cool appearance.

Fun Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source: plus hemisphere

The color disposition in this super cool and modern boy’s bedroom is utterly perfect. The bright green and deep ocean blue are perfectly matched to provide this boy’s bedroom with refreshing and relaxing ambiance. The bright green adds perky and relaxing ambiance while the deep blue provide the place with freshness and cool ambiance.

Interesting Green and Blue Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:decoist

The green and navy blue striped walls make visual illusion of a wider room, so the designer has used that technique to visually enlarge this small boy’s bedroom. The green and blue are also great colors to make an optical illusion of a larger space. We love the nautical star and the overall setting of this beautiful boy’s bedroom.

Lively Blue and Green Shared Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:Swifts of Orchid

This blue and green boy’s bedroom is totally awesome and adorable. We love it The shared concept is perfectly applied and the colors are arranged in a way to create a color symmetry and provide the place with refreshing and fun ambiance.

Maps Decorated Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:Home Design Lover

We love the map wallpaper and how it creates a lively and educational appearance of this retro boy’s bedroom. The polka dotted bedding adds pattern and interesting ambiance in this beautiful bedroom. We love it!

Modern Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:trendszine

So cool and so fun! Look how the light green wardrobe cabinet strikes awesomely on the bright blue wall and creates the super interesting and fun high contrast effect in the place. The blue and green arrangement is perfectly done in order to reflect uber modern and lively ambiance through this cool teen boy’s bedroom.

Shared Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:dumble doors

This shared boy’s bedroom is simply great. Here again is used the striped wall technique to visually enlarge the small space. The green and blue stripes create a nice and lively appearance in the place and the colorful rugs and blue ottomans strike with more color and contribute to the fun and lively ambiance.

Vibrant Blue and Green Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source:ninjacam

So fresh and lively, right? The pops of blue and green create incredibly fresh and vibrant ambiance in this utterly lovely boy’s bedroom. We love the color disposition and how the designer has manage to create a super perky and modern appearance of this bedroom just by arranging these two refreshing colors in interesting order.