15 Cozy and Vibrant Peach and Orange Teenage Bedrooms with Study Tables

15 Cozy and Vibrant Peach and Orange Teenage Bedrooms with Study Tables

Don’t you think we are very lucky to have different colors and even varieties of colors that we can use in everyday life? Each color has meaning and colors make life more interesting. It is essential to choose the right color to convey the message that we want people to perceive. Blue conveys coolness, while red is a very strong color which can mean passion. Yellow, on the other hand, conveys the message of freshness and friendliness. Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, therefore, orange doesn’t look very strong but rather warm. Most fast food chains use orange, yellow and red as the colors of their buildings because these colors increase the appetite. It excites the customer to eat their food! Orange also stimulates the brain. When you have kids or teenagers who are still in school, choosing orange as the color of their bedroom will make them more inspired to study. When used in bedrooms, it gives a warm feeling. On the other hand, peach gives a softer and more feminine touch to a room. It is more relaxed. Since studying and fun should come hand in hand with your kid’s childhood, why not add a great study desk or table in his or her own bedroom so that she will have his or her own personalized space to study? We have gathered bedrooms for teenagers in shades of orange and peach. These bedrooms also have study tables to complete your kid’s or teen’s study habits.

Charming Orange Bedroom for Teens

 Image source: Giesen Design

This Charming Orange Bedroom will totally charm adults and kids alike. The orange furniture is matched with black tiles and a glossy finish. This bed type is also known as a bunker because it uses very little space yet it is complete with a study table, closet and storage bins. This room can also accommodate two people.

Cool Ivory Orange Minimalist Girls Bedroom

 Image source: Zomdai

This room from Zomdai is a lighter kind of orange. It is not exactly orange but a bit yellow orange. It gives this room a cool minimalist feeling! Two people can fit in here.

Creamy and Orange Small Bedroom

 Image source: Home Modish

This Creamy Orange Bedroom looks very relaxing and executive. This design can be both adapted for kids and adults. You can change the computer chair to a more modern style and a more vibrant color to make it look kid friendly. The big windows of this room also makes the room look airy.

Elegant Brown Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Skroutz on Deck

Check out this elegant bunker. As we’ve mentioned before, bunkers take up small spaces and are very ideal for rooms which have small space but even if you have a spacious room but want to leave some space for the kids to play in, then a bunker is the best choice for you. We really admire that nice brown bookshelf which matches the closet. Choosing a bunker can be a bit costly but it means cutting off the budget for extra closets and bookshelves.

Excellent Peach Girl Bedroom

 Image source: Home Modish

Peach is a color which can sometimes be confused with baby pink since both colors are very soft and light. In this bedroom, we can see furniture in baby pink and an orange wall. All in all, the look of this room is really girly and soft.

Fabulous Brown and White Small Bedroom

 Image source: Home Modish

This bedroom looks shabby chic with the combination of orange and white. The bed can also be used as a sofa, just move the pillows around and you are ready to hit the sack. We really admire that ball lamp!

Handsome Orange Teenager Bedroom Design With Study Desk

 Image source: Skroutz on Deck

Vibrancy and modernity are the perfect words to describe this nice bedroom. The colors orange for the closet and the bookshelf fill this room with energy. The red chair on the carpet also looks nice to match the red elements that are put in this bedroom.

Lovely Peach Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Anni Design

This Lovely Peach Kid’s Bedroom is one of our favorites. It looks very cozy and neat. If you notice, the peach color of the cabinet adds to the calm feeling that you can see in this bedroom.

Peach Economic Desk for Office

 Image source: Arreda Click

Here is another smart way of utilizing space. This room from Arreda Click has both a desk and a reading space. The strong red orange color gives off energy to this room yet with the use of white for the desk, shelves and the closet, the room doesn’t look too strong.

Superb Boy’s Bedroom in Green and Orange

 Image source: Groovexi

You can do a mix and match of colors for the boy’s bedroom. Orange and peach aren’t exclusive for girl’s bedrooms. With the right choice of color to match up with orange, you can make your kid’s bedroom look more playful and cozy for him to play and sleep in.