15 Dazzling Mermaid Themed Bedroom Designs for Girls

15 Dazzling Mermaid Themed Bedroom Designs for Girls

Choosing a theme for a girl’s bedroom is always a fun and interesting thing to do, we don’t want to choose sides or anything but girls bedroom are way more inspirational and creative to decor, right? – However, the theme of the girl’s bedroom should educate, inspire and create a beautiful appearance of your baby’s interior. So, we have a really exotic and refreshing idea on mind that we decided to share with you: Mermaids! We know that the first thing that pop in your mind when you hear mermaids is Ariel but however this theme is super interesting and creative for girl’s bedroom. The mermaids as a fictional creatures will bring an amusing and exotic touch in your girl’s bedroom, besides they are feminine and gorgeous. You can apply the theme through mermaid murals, bedding or wall decoration but you can also go bold and create a super dramatic Mermaid themed bedroom. We’;ve gathered interesting and inspiring showcase of 15 Mermaid Themed Bedroom Designs for Girls. So, check the showcase below and get inspired.

Charming Mermaid Themed Bedroom for twins

Image Source: Design SHuffle

Wow! So simple and yet so modern and inspiring. We love the clean and crisp appearance of this shared bedroom that is due to the clean white color scheme decorated with just amazing mermaid wall decorations above the bed. The pink bedding with mermaid print and the pop of navy blue pillow add lively and ecstatic touch to this lovely bedroom.

Beautiful Mermaid Themed Bedroom

Image Source:Per Home Decor

We love the sweet and charming combination of the pastel blue mural with the sea and the amazing pastel pink shell shaped headboard that brings a dashingly bold and cool note into the mermaid theme bedroom. This is a perfect example of how can you stick to the theme and still make it simple and beautiful. Marvelous Job!

Bold Little Mermaid Girl

Image Source: Owner Listing 16782

The vibrant and super cool ambiance of this beautiful mermaid bedroom is due to the high contrast combination of the navy blue wall with cute mural of the little mermaid and the superbly sweet purple quilts with Ariel’s print. The shared room concept is awesomely done and we love the overall appearance of this chic interior.

Dazzling Mermaid Themed Bedroom

Image Source:diply

Well, hello there! This mermaid themed bedroom might be a little over the top, but for sure is immensely dramatic, bold and ecstatic, so if you like to be authentic this is the example to follow. The aquarium feature ceiling light add the drama and the fantastic appearance of this lively mermaid themed bedroom.

Dramatic Mermaid Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Cuckoland

This surely is mesmerizing and authentic mermaid themed bedroom. The shell shaped bed is just dashingly awesome and creates a superbly chic and amazing ambiance in the beautiful bedroom. The mermaid mural boost up the visual effect and enhance the frame of the mermaid theme in the interior.

Eclectic Mermaid Themed Bedroom

Image Source:houzz

Well there are two things that girls unconditionally love and that is: the color pink and mermaids, and the designer of this dazzling bedroom has made the perfect merger of mermaids and pink and have created an amazing girly bedroom. The mermaids mural striking on the pink wall create the ecstatic and lively ambiance of this gorgeous bedroom.

Ecstatic Mermaid Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Interior Design Blogs

So lively and interesting, right? The mermaid mural on the wall provide the bedroom with the mermaid theme and creates a really nice and creative backdrop for the overall fun and ecstatic bedroom decorated with a lot of bright colors, amusing pattern and soft texture. Just Amazing!

Fabulous Little Mermaid Girl’s Bedroom

Image Source:Per Home Decor

Wow! Little Mermaid and the all turquoise color scheme go perfectly together and create a super modern and radiating ambiance in this bold and lively bedroom. We love the matching colors of the Ariel’s hair and the classy chandelier’s pendants that strike in the interior with warm and exotic touch.

Fresh Mermaid Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Funny Pictures

The blue color scheme, the mermaid artwork and the white sleigh bed with patchwork quilt create the pleasant, refreshing and charming ambiance in this completely gorgeous mermaid themed girly bedroom.

Fun Little Mermaid Inspired Bedroom

Image Source: Family Time

Wow! So vibrant and exotic, right? The shared bedroom has applied the little mermaid theme in a really ecstatic and colorful way that is simply dashingly inspiring and lively. We love the shell shaped headboard of the bed as well as the artwork from the little mermaid on the wall.

Girly Mermaid Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Design Dazzle

This is a truly girly bedroom with really creative and fun appearance due to the interesting layout of the beds and the fun mermaid’s tails as a wall decoration. We love the fun and cheery colors such as pink and turquoise that are used in order to create a vibrant and feminine ambiance in the bedroom.

Little Mermaid Shared Girl’s Bedroom

Image Source:Per Home Decor

Wow! The designer of this shared bedroom goes into details and has applied the mermaid theme in a really neat and beautiful way. The bedding, the canopy curtain with Little mermaid’s face and everything in this bedroom is according to the theme and adds a superbly nice charm to this interior.

Little Mermaid Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Per Home Decor

We love the realistic sea wall mural and how it creates dreamy and interesting ambiance in this beautiful mermaid inspired girl’s bedroom. The white wrought iron bed just contributes to the modern and chic appearance of the interior.

Lovely Mermaid Bedroom

Image Source:Pinterest

The white color scheme adapts perfectly with the Little Mermaid theme which is by the way perfectly applied in the modern and interesting girly bedroom. The shell bed and the mermaid artworks add lovely ecstatic touch in the overall fun and cheery girl’s bedroom.

Pink Mermaid Bedroom

Image Source:Houzz

Here is another example of mermaids and pink color scheme for which we conclude that is a wining combination for the girl’s bedroom. The beautiful mermaid mural on the pink wall truly creates an inspiring and modern ambiance in the simple and yet beautiful mermaid inspired bedroom.