15 French Inspired Bedrooms for Girls

15 French Inspired Bedrooms for Girls

What is that enchanting charm that France and the French decor has that leaves us all in awe and hypnotized, well we surely don’t know but what we know is that we are genuinely in love with the French Charm of decorating, and we are pretty sure that your are too. Some of you may say, how you can know for sure that some interior is decorated under the French Inspiration and influence, well it’s easy, if some bedroom is decorated with French charm you can easily recognize the nonchalant vibe mixed with a pulsating mod ambiance. If your girl is a little Ms. Fancy Pants and she is all into the ” Oh La La – French Style,” then you don’t have to think twice for the theme of her bedroom. French Inspired Bedroom for Girls are utterly adorable, decorated with distinctive charm and aesthetically they look très chic. We collected a showcase of 15 très magnified French Inspired bedroom for girls which could be a source of inspiration. Voilà!

Adorable French Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Hgtv

At first glance of this stylish girly bedroom you can notice the perky and light vibe that comes from the combination of white walls and Barbie pink comforters. The mural of a headboard on the both beds add an interesting appearance and yet eh dazzling mural of the Eifel Tower sets the French setting in this bedroom.

Amazing French Inspired Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: House and Garden

This bedroom is simply exquisite and adorable pulsating French Royalty ambiance. The valued canopy bed with vintage and splendid nature is setting the bold theme in the bedroom and the blend of glamorous decorative accessories such as the chandelier add the French glamour in the room.

Bold French Princess Bedroom

Image Source: Shelterness

The hot pink walls matched with oversize bed with silky champaigne bedding surely sets up the French theme in this bedroom along with the golden framed memory wall which creates a really girly and yet classy ambiance in this bedroom. The velvet carpet creates a soft texture in the bedroom.

Charming French Inspired Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: We Heart It

This French bedroom is lovely, decorated with charming white color schemes with slightly punch of pinks and blues all in pastel shades and incorporated with floral pattern. The rustic and vintage texture of the furniture complement the French theme of this bedroom and creates a romantic French Cottage Inspired Bedroom.

Classy French Inspired Bedroom

Image Source: Theme rooms

The sticker quote Paris above the bed, obviously sets the French theme in this super girly bedroom. The pink vertical stripes sets a stylish effect in this bedroom and provide the place with perky and girly vibe, while the black floral print on the bedding strikes on the pink shade of the wall and creates chic ambiance.

Colorful French Inspired Bedroom

Image Source: Hgtv

The burst of perky and vibrant colors matched with classy furniture such as the antique armchair with royalty accent and golden frame which totally stands out in this French Inspired bedroom. This perky bedroom is the perfect archetype of a French Inspired Bedroom for girls.

Cute French Inspired Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: freshome

This French Inspired bedroom is truly lovely. The window mural with a cat above it sets a cute and interesting appearance of the walls, while the canopy bed stands out in this neutral color bedroom and add a soft and girly character to the overall outlook of the place.

Fancy French Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Modern Kids Bedroom

French Divine! The accented armchair in a pastel pink and white is surely the main charmer in this bedroom and totally stands out in the place. The combination of pastel blue walls and pastel pinks is a great color scheme for a French Themed bedroom.

Fashionable French Inspired Bedroom for Girl

Image Source: squido

This is Girly Teen Bedroom is super stylish and perky. The Efiel Tower murals create a lively, ecstatic and stylish appearance of this bedroom and in combination with hot pink and white this French Inspired bedroom has attained the super mod and magnificent overall appearance.

French Cottage Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Cottage Market

This an authentic French Cottage inspired bedroom with a distinctive colors scheme. The iron bed sets the vintage and charming mood in the bedroom, and the pink flokati rug prevent the room of being too serious and formal and add soft and perky feel to this adorable and charming place.

Paris Inspired Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Paris Decor

How adorable is this charming Paris themed bedroom for girls? Everything about this bedroom makes you feel like you are somewhere near Champs Elysées, Mural of Paris applied on a cozy yellow wall, the wrought iron bed placed in the corner, everything is so French and So charming.

Pastel Pink French Inspired Bedroom

Image Source: Poshtots

This shared bedroom with incredible soft appearance is decorated in a really profound and sophisticated taste, so you can either notice classy and royalty ambiance but also the sweet girly feel is captured on a genius way. The pink monochrome scheme has created the soft and beautiful appearance of this bedroom.

Royalty French Inspired Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Project Nursery 

Here is another royalty French bedroom, decorated with a pastel color scheme and a lot of a silky and class materials and texture. This French Bedroom reflects sweet girly elegance.

Striped French Inspired Bedroom

Image Source: Decoist

Oh la La! So fancy and So French, is this bedroom with striped pink walls decorated with adorable portraits of French Poodle, so adorable, right?

Stylish French Bedroom

Image Source: Hgtv

Here is a perfect example of Mod French Bedroom where you can sense the nonchalant and breezy ambiance just looking at the picture. The white iron bed, the baby pink wall and the French posters create a super charming and stylish French inspiration in this bedroom.