15 Fun Space Themed Bedrooms for Boys

15 Fun Space Themed Bedrooms for Boys

Space and space science is the eternal topic that leaves in awe and a limitless source of inspiration, since space as a term has a specific exciting and mysterious nature behind. Space themed bedroom it’s a perfect way to educate your boy and create a fun and interesting setting in his bedroom. If your boy is interested in the beauty of the space and our solar system, then you can consider yourself a lucky and a good parent. Naturally, every second boy wants to be an astronaut when he grows up, and some of them really become astronauts, so who knows, maybe your little boy will someday pursue the dream of becoming an astronaut. Anyway, you as a parent ought to motivate your kid and encourage his dream by creating a setting in his bedroom that will inspire him. Space themed bedroom features space wall murals and deep blue color scheme featured with spaced inspired decorations. Below you can check a showcase of 15 Fun Space Themed Bedroom for Boys which could serve as an idea. Enjoy!

Super Cool Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: The Space Store

This small and yet beautiful bedroom with a Murphy bed has adjusted the Space Theme perfectly in the room by adding space wall mural and exposed astronauts and planet decorative figures. The space themed area rug stands out on the walnut floor and provide the room with fun note.

Beautiful Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Galaxy Home Furniture

The bright and lively character of this Space themed bedroom is vibrant and beautiful. The accent space art on the walls really enhance the Space ambiance in the bedroom and provide the place with cool and imaginative feel. The space inspired bedding adds a lively and cool note in the room.

Bold Space Themed Bedroom


mage Source: Rooms To Go Kids

The lively space wallpaper in combination with the stars print bedding create a fun and cool appearance of this bedroom. The light wooden furnishing provide the place with light and perky ambiance.

Bright Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Rosenbery Rooms

The pastel colors of this space inspired bedroom are delightful and create an ecstatic and cheery ambiance in the place. The beautiful space art on the wall in combination with the green bedding creates a great contrast and fill this bedroom with vibrant and lively feel.

Cool Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Decoist

The deep blue color scheme of this bedroom totally addapts with the whole Space theme in the bedroom and provides this place with authentic and interesting note. The space bedding is especially cool and interesting which acts as a focal point and provide this cute bedroom with fun note.

Creative Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: The Space Store

This bedroom has a really cool and inspiring appearance with cool setting and modern furnishing. The chalkboard behind the bed with solar system artwork works as a great abckdrop and focal point in the place. The small decorative rocket ship adds extra cool and fun ambiance.

Fun Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Children’s Room

The dark outer space theme of this bedroom is utterly cool and fun. The exposed planets are acting as a great focal point and create cool visual effects in the room. There is not excessive furnishing or decorative elements which is great because it draws the attention to the exposed planets on the wall.

Interesting Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Decoist

The light blue color scheme and interesting space theme in this bedroom in combination with the wooden furnishing creates a casual and yet fun ambiance in this bedroom. The moon shaped area rug works as a cute and interesting decorative element standing out on the hardwood floor.

Lively Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Hgtv

This lively and fun bedroom with space theme is really well decorated with interesting pendant planet replicas and creative wall art with Space theme motif. The space theme is adjusted on a really cool and unique way providing this bedroom with unique and interesting appearance.

Lovely Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

The sharp and clean colors are exposed in a really cool and unique way adapting the Space theme perfectly. The cool planet rug stand outs in the room along with the space inspired bedding and cool star art on the pale blue wall.

Modern Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: The Find

Here is another example of a really bold and cool bedroom which has applied the Space theme in a really cool and legit way. The half exposed planet replicas and astronaut striking on the black outer space wall are providing the bedroom with cool and fun visual effect.

Perky Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Bhg

This bedroom is decorated for boy of 5-6, therefore are the bright and lively colors in combination with a creative and fun decorative elements such as the rocket ship art on the wall.

Shared Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Rover Homes

This shared room with a space theme is super cool and fun. The name tags on the each side of the bed add a personal and fun touch in the room and go perfectly with the ecstatic and space inspired theme in the place.

Space Themed Bedroom in the Attic

Image Source: Chanel4

The attic is perfect place for creating a space theme bedroom for your boy, because of the specific architecture of the ceiling. THis space inspired bedroom is decorated in a really cool and distinctive way.

Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source: Hgtv

This modern space inspired bedroom has a really cool and bold setting with an interesting solar themed artwork behind the wall as a focal point and modern furnishing.