15 Inspiring and Fun Teen Boy Bedroom Design Ideas

15 Inspiring and Fun Teen Boy Bedroom Design Ideas

We assume that you think creating a perfect Teen’s bedroom is one of the hardest thing in the process of decorating the house and as well in the process of being a parent. However, the perfect teen bedroom for boys does not have to be stressful process as you might think it is, in contrary it could be fun and educational process. The essential thing that you keep in mind before creating a teen’s bedroom is to pay attention on your boys main interests and hobbies and how to adapt them in a modern bedroom interior. If you happen to know what your boy is aspiring to do in life and he has a major interest in some field, then the process will have an easy flow. Important thing is that the bedroom should have the “cool effect” since cool is the major priority in a teenage boy’s life. We’ve gathered an interesting showcase of 15 Fun And Inspiring Teen Bedroom for Boys that could provide you with fun ideas. Dig in the list below!

Artsy Bedroom for Teen Boy

Image Source: Country Living

This is a bit non conventional bedroom for teen bedroom and is totally sophisticated and distinctive. This barn inspired teen boy bedroom is also an art studio for the boy and some of the cool artworks on the wall are his masterpieces. This teen bedroom is also a shared one and its layout and overall appearance are flawless and highly inspiring.

Baseball Inspired Teen Bedroom

Image Source: Decoist

This is a cool idea for creating a baseball inspired teen bedroom in case your boy is a big fan of sports or baseball. The theme is applied in a subtle and modern way, by adding a baseball wall mural above the wall and its monochrome nature against the blue color scheme creates interesting color balance in this charming teen boy bedroom.

Beach inspired Teen Bedroom

Image Source: Home- Designing

Here is a great idea for parents which boy is sea enthusiast and loves swimming or surfing, the beach inspired bedroom will be the most appropriate theme for the boys bedroom. You can notice how this bedroom has utterly cheery and bright nature and the usage of sea inspired tones is creating a playful and ecstatic ambiance in the place.

Contemporary Teen Boy Bedroom

Image Source: Your Homes

This bedroom we actually featured in our last house tour, and since we already mentioned that is a perfect archetype for a teen boy bedroom we had to include it in a list. This bedroom has included everything that a teen boy enjoys: Music, sports, perfect spacious layout and cool blue color scheme.

Cool Napoleon Dynamite Teen’s Boy Bedroom

Image Source: Design Mom

This is pretty awesome and interesting teen bedroom inspired by the unconventional teen protagonist in the MTV production movie Napoleon Dynamite. This is a great idea to decorate a teen bedroom for a boy who is interested in the movie culture. This theme is applied in a subtle and yet cool and bold way.

Interesting Nautical Teen Boy Bedroom

Image Source: Decoist

When you have to create a bedroom not only for one but for three teens, you have to think out of the box such as the homeowner of this awesome bedroom for teen twins. The hanging bunk beds look awesome and adapts to the entire nautical theme that is successfully applied in this bedroom.

Interesting Teen Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source: Home Design Lover

Here is a great example of a traditional teen bedroom for a boy. This bedroom has that cool nonchalant and easygoing appearance that teenagers most likely seems to enjoy in it. The military comforter in combination with the graffiti print on the storage creates modern and lively ambiance in this cool teen’s bedroom.

Military Man Teen Boy Bedroom

Image Source: Freshome

Your boy dreams of being a military solider, how about encouraging his dream and creating a cool military inspired bedroom? This teen boy bedroom looks utterly cool and modern. We also love the neutral color scheme that is applied in this super cool teen’s bedroom.

Modern Teen Bedroom

Image Source:Mutni

Here is a perfect theme for you teen surfer, super cool surf inspired bedroom like this one. The surf board above the bed provides the cool statement and adapts in the overall vibrant and playful appearance of this cool teen’s boy bedroom.

Mr.Serious Teen Bedroom

Image Source: Decoist

This is a truly modern and formal bedroom for a teenager. We love the sleekness and modern appearance of the bright blue and white bedroom decorated with formal and yet sophisticated taste of style.

Reggae Fan Teen Boy’s Bedroom

Image Source: Hgtv

Stir it up! Well, the designer has listen to the reggae legend Bob Marley and indeed has stir it up the decor and colors in this cool teenage bedroom. This is a cool idea to applied a music theme in your boy’s bedroom in a cool and subtle way.

Sportsy Colorful Teen Boy Bedroom

Image Source: Chanel4

We love the lively and colorful mood in this teen boy bedroom. The colorful stripes in combination with the interesting orange shelves create fun and playful ambiance in this ecstatic teen boy bedroom.

Surf Boy Teen Bedroom

Image Source: Remodelalholic

This teen boy bedroom is just amazing and so vibrant. The cool surf and music theme are applied along with the orange and blue color scheme and created a playful and cheery bedroom for teen boy.

Traditional Teen Bedroom

Image Source: Home- designing

This cool but also cute and adorable teen bedroom for boy. The overall appearance of this bedroom is bright and interesting due to the neutral color scheme and educative decorative palette such as the map set as a focal point in the place.

Whimsical Teen Boy Bedroom

Image Source: Freshome

This bedroom is a perfect example of how can you create a lively and interesting teen bedroom for boy. The interesting and lively setting of this boy bedroom in combination with the blue and green color scheme has created the perfect ecstatic and cool ambiance in this lively interior.