15 Interesting Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas

15 Interesting Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas

Naturally, as a parent you are daily confronting challenges that may seem stressful, considering that you should always choose the best option for your children. For instance, one of the tricky parts of being a parent is creating a shared room for boy and girl, which at first instance sounds impossible, but it can be done. Regarding to the completely different nature that boy and girls have, creating a shared bedroom may seems like merging south and north pole together. Anyway, as a parent and superior you are about to find the most appropriate solution to creating a gender neutral zone. Shared bedroom can be beneficial and educative both for the boy and the girl,regarding to the fact that both can learn something about the other’s interests. In general, learning your kids to share will be great steeping stone for both of them. Well, all of this may sound easy theoretically, but in practice is a little harder than it sounds. Anyway, you can still create a perfect shared bedroom for boy and girl, without taking sides. In order to help you, we arranged a list of the most appropriate Boy and Girl Shared bedroom that could serve as an inspiration. Get Inspired!

Beach Themed Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Diply

This shared bedroom looks beautiful and gender neutral, and the beauty of the bedroom is because of the theme. The beach theme is a acceptable both for girls and boys and is totally gender neutral. Choosing a beach theme for a shared bedroom is a great idea in order to create a friendly ambiance in the shared bedroom. Anyway, the designer of this bedroom has used the bed quilts to distinguish the girl’s and boy’s side of the room, which is fairly beautiful and smart.

Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom with Bunk Beds

Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

The bunk beds with color marked quilts is also a great way to decorate a shared bedroom. The overall appearance of this bedroom is neutral, including the color and decorative scheme. This also can be a great idea to create a cozy and fun shared bedroom, by choosing a neutral zone .

Bright Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Room Zaar

We love the polka dots in this bright shared bedroom. The polka dotted wall is a great foundation for a shared boy and girl bedroom. The designer of this bedroom has created the foundation to be gender neutral, by picking a girly pattern but adding a gender neutral color of the wall. The pillows are also a great decorative element and add a nice gender mark on the both sides of the bed, along with the letter tags above the beds.

Colorful Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Decoholic

How colorful and lively is this shared bedroom, right?- By picking a lot of colors and patterns for the shared bedroom, you cannot go wrong, since the both genders love colorful and lively colors. Anyhow, the designer has separated the room and made a symmetrical and appropriate : girl’s and boy’s zone in this lovely shared bedroom.

Cool Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Real Simple

Here we can see a little of a radical but super fun and symmetrical shared bedroom. To create a two completely different parts in one room with a perfect symmetry, for sure is a visual success. We are not fans of creating a completely different zones in the room, but anyway the designer has done a marvelous job in creating literally two different rooms in one space.

Country Boy and Girls Shared Bedroom

Image Source: The Handmade Home

This is a shared bedroom that we utterly love. The country theme is kind of girly, but anyhow the designer of this room has used a lot of blues in order to create a gender balanced ambiance in the place. The letter tags are great for marking the beds, and we love how neither gender is not dominant in this room, but just a lively kid’s ambiance.

Creative Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Kid Stuff World

Here is another example of marking the girly and boyish zone of the shared room with colors. We love the neutral color pallete that works as a foundation in the room, while the pinks and blues are marking the zones in the place which works as a great visual effect.

Festive Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Disney Baby

This shared bedroom can both be shared bedroom but also a bedroom for any gender, even if the gender exclusive colors are prevailing in the place. We love the layout of the beds and the color arrangement on the both sides. The festive and lively decorative palette creates a fun and playful ambiance in the place.

Fun Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Lil Blue Boo

We love the simplicity and the gender neutral note in this beautiful shared bedroom. The creamy color scheme of the walls create a neutral and pleasant ambiance, and the creative pillows mark the girl’s and boy’s territory. We also love the white bunk bed, which is a great furniture idea for shared bedrooms.

Incredible Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Mommo Design

Even if this shared bedroom aesthetically looks a bit odd, due to the half polka dotted wall and floor it has a smart layout and nice separative note. Although, we think that the point of the shared bedroom is to get your kids to learn how to live together in one neutral zone, and not separating them, we think that this a great shared bedroom.

Lively Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Tip Junkie

You can notice how the color scheme is completely compensated in order to satisfy the both genders equally, we love that and we totally adore the color and pattern play that the designer of this bedroom has done flawlessly. The painted blue wooden panel works as a great foundation in this amazing shared bedroom.

Lovely Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Decoholic

The gender neutral color and decorative scheme in this shared bedroom is totally right and beautiful. The headboard stickers, marking the boy’s and girl’s bed are not only smart idea, but also are breaking through the plain white wall and create a lively and colorful appearance of the room.

Modern Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Decorative Bedroom

This shared bedroom with floral wallpaper and super funky, colorful beds has also employed the different zone concept, but anyway it looks super modern and colorful.

Neutral Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

We totally love this bedroom, especially the gender neutral moment that is successfully applied in this charming white bedroom. The different colored quilts are enough to mark the boy’s and girl’s side of the room and accents a nice and lively kid’s ambiance/.

Vibrant Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom

Image Source: Real Simple

This is a really bright and lively shared bedroom with really sophisticated and nice decorative palette.