15 Interesting Kid’s Attic Bedroom Ideas

15 Interesting Kid’s Attic Bedroom Ideas

Utilizing your attic and transforming it into a bedroom is a great idea. It can serve as an extra bed space for your guests or a bedroom where your kids can move in when they grow up. Most attics have big windows which allow for natural lighting. You can always take advantage of that and make it a consideration when you are thinking about design. There are many ways that you can transform an attic from a dusty storage area to an airy, natural and relaxing kid’s bedroom. Make it a place that your kids won’t have to fear because they think that there are “monsters in the attic”. You can design your kid’s attic bedroom in a relaxed and laid back style, shabby chic or in vibrant colors for that added energy. Check out these 15 Interesting Kid’s Attic Bedroom that we have picked out for you to serve as inspiration for your kid’s attic bedroom design.

Awesome Girl’s Attic Bedroom

 Image source: Inter Home Designs

This Awesome White Girl’s Attic Bedroom from Inter Home Designs features a wide window with added small lights. The natural lighting makes it unnecessary for extra daylights. To not overdo all the whiteness in the room, the designer used patterned sheets and a colorful area rug for balance. Check out that awesome bookshelf too!

Cheerful Attic Pink And Purple Teenage Girls Bedroom Design With White Car Shaped Bed

Image source: cdlapa

We love everything about this attic bedroom design from cdlapa. The elements of this bedroom make up a vibrant and exciting bedroom for a girl or teenager. All of the elements in this bedroom complement each other and the natural light emphasized the colors of the room.

Colorful Narrow Kid’s Attic Bedroom Design

 Image source: Tapja

This Colorful bedroom from Tapja, although narrow, looks wide because of the use of horizontal lines going outward. There is a combination of patterns with the use of a floral wall paper but at the same time, we can still see a masculine touch to it.

Colorful Pink Patterned Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Giesen design

This Colorful Pink Patterned Kids Bedroom from Giesen Design is a fun way to design your kid’s attic bedroom. It is a combination of polka dots and stripes and a dominantly pink bedroom. We can see a lot of energy from this bedroom with the use of vibrant colors.

Cool Blue and White Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Bebacks

This design from Bebacks utilizes a little corner in the attic which has been transformed into a sleeping area. The use of baby blue and white for the walls gives it a cool and relaxing vibe. We also admire how the furniture contributes to organizing the stuff in this bedroom.

Cool Blue Kids Attic Bedroom

 Image source: Tapja

This Cool Blue Kids Attic Bedroom is a perfect sunlit bedroom. The carpet balances the color of the room laid over a wooden floor and we can also see some circular elements which sets off the edgy shape of this attic bedroom from Tapja.

Interesting Boho Girl’s Attic Bedroom

 Image source: Better Home and Garden

This Boho Girl’s Attic Bedroom is an interesting and majestic design. The natural sunlight coming from the window adds a magical glowing effect to this attic bedroom from Better Home and Garden.

Loveable Girl’s Attic Bedroom

 Image source: Groovexi

We love this awesome and clean design of a girl’s attic bedroom from Groovexi. It uses bright colors for the bed sheets and the chandelier definitely draws attention. The color of the wall combined with white borders is definitely refreshing to the eyes.

Modern Blue Kids Bedroom with Sailor Theme

 Image source: Euro

We totally love the twin beds in this Modern Blue Kids Bedroom from Euro. It features a blue painted room with a darker shade of blue for the carpeted floor. These elements complete this Sailor themed bedroom and gives it a really cool vibe.

Cool Cream and Blue Boy’s Attic Bedroom

 Image source: Fazook

The color scheme of this Cool Cream and Blue Boy’s Attic Bedroom makes it look neat and pleasing to the eyes. The rectangular shapes that we see in this room are numerous. There are rectangular windows, drawers, picture frames and mirrors as well but thanks to the curvy shape of the bed’s mattress, it saves the room from looking to edgy and sharp.

Lovely Red and White Girls Attic Bedroom

Image source: jg188

This Lovely Red and White Girl’s Attic Bedroom has a bold statement with the use of strong red colors especially for the walls. It is, however, neutralized by adding natural wooden furniture so we can see and feel warmth in this bedroom from jg188.

Sensational and Colorful Girl’s Attic Bedroom

 Image source: Music Fann

This Sensational and Colorful Girl’s Attic Bedroom offers a warm nook for you little girl. It has small drawers under the bed where she can store her books, clothes or toys. The use of white for the bunk looks great against the hot pink wall.

Soft Pink girl’s Attic Bedroom

Image source: Tapja

This chic pink attic bedroom from Tapja is a perfect place for a teenager. The blanket give a lot of depth and texture to the all white bedroom. The pastel colors also add to the relaxing and airy look of this bedroom.

Trendy Gray and White Attic Twin Boys Bedroom Decorating Ideas

 Image source: Fast Any Time Lock

Red and blue is a common combination for a boy’s bedroom. The white flooring balances the colors of the bedroom and there is a mix of circular and rectangular shapes in this bedroom from Fast Any Time Lock.

Vibrant and Spacious Girl’s Attic Bedroom

 Image source: Mareadesign

This attic bedroom design from Mareadesign is a very neat way of designing an attic bedroom. What makes this bedroom really interesting is the use of bright colors. We admire the storage space and the built in shelves in this attic bedroom.