15 Sweet Colored Teen’s Bedroom

15 Sweet Colored Teen’s Bedroom

Wonderful colors make a difference in a place. It determines whether the room will look warm or cool, interesting or boring. There are numerous ways that you can design your kid’s bedroom. When you are designing for a kid’s bedroom, it is easier compared to designing a teen’s. If you have toddlers, you can simply identify their favorite cartoon or animation character and make that as a source of inspiration for designing his or her room. When your child becomes a teenager, you know that this means you also have to change the design of his or her bedroom. Don’t worry, because here at Rilane, we will provide you with plenty of ideas to design your teen’s bedroom. One way to do that is to mix light colors. Light colors are safe and they make the room look cool. There are many different colors that you can play with both for girls and boys and you can even choose the lightness or darkness of the shade. Here are some ideas that you can explore with.

Inspiring Peach Green Gray Girls Bedroom Ideas With Round Rug

 Image source: I am sent me

This Peach Green Grey inspired bedroom looks inspiring and vibrant for a teenage girl. We love the use of peach sheets and the contrasting red and white pillows. The yellow green elements are also eye-catching.

Fabulous Boys Bedroom Furniture Inspiration Made of Wood with Nice Peach Curtain

 Image source: Home Modish

This Fabulous Boys Bedroom with wooden furniture gives the room an adventurous feeling. There even is a wooden storage bin which looks like a pirate’s treasure chest.

Exclusive Peach Bedroom Interior Design

 Image source: Home Modish

We love the interior design of this peach bedroom. The big windows contribute to the absolutely perfect lighting of the room and aside from the many storage cabinets, there is still enough storage room under the bed.

Cozy and Elegant Light Blue Teen’s Bedroom

 Image source: Iidudu

Isn’t this blue room just cozy and comfortable? Your teen will love this comfortable queen sized bed. Go ahead and spoil him with a wonderful bedroom and a gigantic bed.

Beautiful Purple and Peach Twin Teen’s Bedroom

 Image source: Loop Climb

If you have twin girls, this bedroom design in peach, pink and purple would definitely inspire them in their teenage years. We love this peach wall paper with floral details.

Amazing Girls Bedroom Theme Ideas with Cute Colorful Quilt as Covering Bedding Sheet

 Image source: Guu Media

What do you think makes this bedroom look interesting? Of course, it is the use of different colors on the quilt. This room has baby blue colored walls which is appropriate for both boys and girls.

Adorable Peach Teen’s Bedroom

 Image source: Petagazine

Your teenager isn’t completely grown up yet so she would still appreciate some fun stuff in her bedroom such as a few toys, a room in peach color and she would definitely love her own study area with a mini bookshelf.

Sweet Vintage Teenage Girl Bedroom Decoration with Light Brown Wood Bed Frame

 Image source: Orlili

If your teenager loves vintage designs and is fund of those mustache necklaces, then definitely, she would love you for a vintage design bedroom. Notice that the furniture are made of the same material and even the lamps and curtains match the color of the furniture.

Teenage Bedroom Decorating With Light Blue Polkadot Bedding

 Image source: Job Cogs

Most guys love dogs and the color blue. This bedroom design will be perfect for your teenage boy because of the blue colors, plus a wonderful area rug and a spacious study area.

Sweet Baby Pink Teen’s Bedroom

 Image source: Guatacrazynight

If blue is for boys then pink is certainly for teenage girls. You can never go wrong with an all pink bedroom for your teenage daughter, and don’t forget to add an area rug so she can also sit on the floor while reading.

Snazzy Colorful Teenage Bedroom Design

 Image source: Home Plus Decor

This Snazzy Colorful Teenage Bedroom is the correct spelling of COLOR! The sheets look very interesting and we can see the dominance of pink in this bedroom. Remember to check out our other decorating ideas for your bedroom walls.

Romantic Pink and Peach Themed Bedroom

 Image source: Tazatek

This Romantic Pink and Peach bedroom has a very girly design. The sheets also match the print on the walls and the use of colorful prints is very consistent up to the lamp design.

Luxury Purple Peach Themed Bedroom

 Image source: Home Plus Decor

This bedroom looks like a delicious cake. It uses lavender and yellow, and has full-sized windows which provides much light to the room. Your teen would love to stay in an airy space like this.

Peach Pink Bedroom Color

 Image source: Home in Tradition

This Peach Pink bedroom spells vibrance and energy. We love the color of the sheets and the pillows. It gives life to the white base color of the room and the painting adds more interesting colors to it.