15 Whismiscal Kid’s Bedroom Designs with a Chalkboard Wall

15 Whismiscal Kid’s Bedroom Designs with a Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard wall has been a hot interior trend recently, and you can commonly assume the reason of the chalkboard being a huge rage in the interior, nowadays. Moreover, chalkboard wall for the kid’s room is beyond genius idea, especially if you kind off don’t have inspiration or solution with the walls in the kid’s bedroom. Chalkboard in the kid’s bedroom can be rather educational and look aesthetically beautiful and fun. One cool thing that we at Rilane, find especially amusing is the interactive nature of the wall, your kid will be able to draw over the wall and believe us they will love it. Besides, the chalkboard wall can inspire and encourage your kid to develop drawing skills, which is also awesome. So, if you are still not convinced to add super cool chalkboard wall in your kid’s bedroom, take a look at the below list of 15 Whimsical Kid’s bedrooms with a chalkboard wall, and tell us what you think. So Enjoy and get ready to Chalk it Up!

Cool Boy’s Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Homedit

From the specific way of decor, we can assume that this is a teenage bedroom, which is a great example of showing you that chalkboard is welcome in the bedroom regardless of the age of your kid. The chalkboard positioned above the bed, acts as a focal point and creates a bold and creative statement in this cool teen bedroom.

Cool Kid’s Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Decor Advisor

How cool is the chalkboard mural acting as a statement wall in this utterly gorgeous kid’s bedroom, right?- The chalkboard wall with a bold print adds a nice visual and dreamy character to the bedroom and breaks through the formal and plain appearance of the interior.

Cool Nursery with Chalkboard

Image Source: Disney Baby

Here again is a prove that chalkboard is appropriate regardless of the age, meaning that you can freely add a chalkboard into a nursery and still create a beautiful and creative appearance of the interior. A nursery with a chalkboard looks extremely cute and absolutely cool.

Creative Kid’s bedroom with chalkboard wall

Image Source: Wangluopr

We love the chalkboard wall striking through the oak wood paneled wall on the half of the wall. The chalkboard and the whimsical drawings on its surface add a playful and cheery note in what is decorated to be stylish, girly bedroom with Chevron headboard and ombre colorful quilt.

Fun Kid’s Bedroom with Chalkboard

Image Source: Hiya papaya
We absolutely love how the chalkboard acts as a striking complement to the overall dreamy and a bit of a Scandinavian inspired kid’s bedroom. The room is positioned in the attic which explains the cool structure of the walls and the exposed roof beams which give a trim and exquisite appearance to the place, the chalkboard adds a nice and cool visual in the place and the window in the middle looks just astonishing.

Girl’s Bedroom with Nice Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Home Depot
The chalkboard wall in this super funky and colorful bedroom includes the door and the built in cabinet which gives an advanced and modern architectural value to the bedroom. The chalkboard wall provide this super cute bedroom with a nice and innovative aesthetic appearance.

Girly Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Diy Network
The chalkboard is placed on what is supposed to be the girl’s wardrobe and it totally stands out in this bright and beautifully decorated girly bedroom. The undertones of the bedroom is truly broken through with the blackboard and has attained the slick and creative outlook.

Green Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Excel Homes
How cool does this chalkboard stands between the two lime green walls in this awesome teen bedroom, right? – One thing that we love is that the bedroom is merely decorated in a low keys, and yet it reflects ultra fun and modern ambiance due to the chalkboard wall placed in the middle.

Interesting Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Next
Here is another example with a chalkboard above the bed, which stands as a great statement wall and provide the interior with an amazing and cool visual. The chalkboard is additionally decorated with cool letters that brings extra cool and fun note in this interesting boy’s bedroom.

Stylish Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Shelterness
The chalkboard wall in this super stylish and modern girly bedroom acts as a cherry on the top, by subliming the cool and contemporary setting with a creative and industrial touch. The chalkboard acts as fun and whimsical backdrop in this super chic girly bedroom.

Nursery with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Babble
We love how the chalkboard in this cool nursery is filled with drawings and how it adds a nice creative mess in the place. The shag rug strikes through the excessive dark ambiance and brightens up the place a little.

Shared Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Decoist
Shared bedroom with a chalkboard wall above the bed is a great way to create an interesting and creative ambiance in a twin’s bedroom. The chalkboard will allow to the kids to mark their side of the room and that gives a personal touch and ultra creative value to the interior.

Simple Kid’s Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Homedit
We love the simplicity of this bedroom and how the chalkboard is the main decorative element in the interior. The chalkboard wall filled with funky art, breaks through the white plain wall and the simple setting of the interior and provide this bedroom with lively and modern appearance.

Fun Bedroom with Chalkboard wall

Image Source: Bhg
According to drawings at the bottom of the chalkboard, you can assume that the kids in this bedroom are having bunch of fun, which is another reason why you should choose a chalkboard wall in the kid’s bedroom.

Amazing Kid’s Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

Image Source: Brit
You can see by yourself how whimsical and playful is the overall appearance of this chalk-boarded kingdom. The designer of the room has used chalkboard for all of the walls, which is a great thing since the wall decor is the chalkboard itself, filing this lively kid’s bedroom with creative and fun ambiance and energy. The striped area rug makes a nice contrasting effect and brings additional funky and cool note to the room.