16 Adorable Baby Girl’s Nursery Ideas

16 Adorable Baby Girl’s Nursery Ideas

One of the most important and solemn moments as a parent is to build the first room of your newborn. The baby nursery is one of the most important rooms in the house. Creating a beautiful baby nursery for your girl is surely one of the most important things that your will do, since there will be your baby first room. Creating a nursery, especially nursery for girl requires a lot of tender and soft colors, soft fabric and texture and all in all adorable and sweet decorative elements. Most of all, the essential in creating a baby nursery is a good lighting solution, natural sunlight is advisable. Below, you can check out a showcase of 16 Adorable Baby Girl’s nurseries that could serve as an inspiration and provide you with some ideas. Enjoy!

Adorable Pink Nursery for Girls

Image Source: Target

This is truly adorable and sweet baby nursery for a girl. The baby pink and white color scheme is a perfect for creating a sweet and soft setting of the nursery. The nursery bed positioned right next to the window, was a smart move, because of the natural sunlight that will bright up the place.

Amazing Beige Nursery For Girl


Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

We love the beige color scheme for this natural and beautiful nursery, in combination with the rustic hardwood the nursery got a more proficient and sophisticated appearance. The cradle positioned in the center of the room sets an elegant and bold aspect of the room and the big glass door soothes the heaviness of the chandelier and provides this nursery with a perfect balance and soft appearance.

Amazing White Nursery for Girl

Image Source: Bubaraba

The snow white appearance of this baby nursery is dashing soft and tender. We love the elegant furnishing of this nursery and the cradle positioned in the center of the room, where the natural sunlight is not too bright and therefore is the perfect position of the room. The walls with a creamy shade separate from the white appearance and add a nice color scale.

Beautiful Creamy Nursery For Girl

Image Source: Baby Center

The pastel pink in combination with white make this baby nursery incredibly sweet and soft. The lighting in this nursery is providing the place with bright and serene appearance, and it illuminates the furniture elements perfectly. You can notice a specific serene ambiance in this beautiful nursery and that is due to the amazing blend of colors and soft textures.

Beautiful Girly Nursery

Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

This nursery is decorated with a distinctive and sophisticated sense of taste and style. You can notice various styles that are prevailing in this beige pink nursery, such as vintage, french inspiration and elegant feel. The iron white cradle, taking a place next to the big window with silky pink curtains, creates an outstanding center and ambiance in this amazing nursery.

Bold Nursery for Girl

Image Source: Indulgy

The mirror dresser certainly sets a modern and stylish setting in this white and beautiful nursery. The blend of the soft texture that comes from the shag area rug and clean liens that comes from the mirror dresser and plain white walls create a serene and amazing appearance of this baby nursery.

Charming Nursery for Girl

Image Source: Spear Mint Baby

This girly baby nursery, although small is decorated in a perky and beautiful way. The pink tree mural at the wall makes a statement and provides the baby nursery with soft and ecstatic ambiance. The big window at the center of the side wall provide the room with enough sunlight to create a bright and beautiful ambiance in this nursery.

Cute Nursery for Girl

Image Source: Royal Show

We love the geometric statement wall with pastel color scheme that totally brights up this nursery and makes it visually larger. The dark wood floor adds warmth in the place and sublime the overall picture of beautiful and tender girly nursery.

French Girly Nursery

Image Source: Kids Space Stuff

The creamy and pastel pink color scheme, the vintage cabinet contemplate with the glamorous chandelier, the royalty canopy curtain on a simple white wood cradle, all of this make this nursery totally amazing and dashingly beautiful.

Gorgeous Baby Girl Nursery

Image Source: Spear Mint Baby

This girly baby nursery is perky, lovely and super charming. The floral pink wallpaper takes a great place in this nursery and provides the place with charming and lovely ambiance. This baby nursery is perfectly illuminated with natural sunlight due to the perfectly positioned big window.

Magnificent Girly Nursery

Image Source: Alvede

How soft and adorable is this baby nursery, right? The entire nursery looks like one big cloud, due to the white tones and soft textures. The white shag area rug adds a tender and gentle touch and complement the elegant and soft setting of this lovely baby nursery.

Outstanding Nursery for Girl

Image Source: Bratt Decor

The pink striped walls add a charming and amazing appearance in this modern, girly nursery that is decorated with a really sophisticated decorative bland. The pink flokati rug matches the striped pink wall and contrasting the black armchair, creating a modern effect. The name tag on the wall make this nursery personalized and perky.

Pastel Pink Nursery for Girl

Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

This baby nursery looks totally adorable and natural. The usage of natural wood and pastel pink colors and a classy chandelier made this baby room totally adorable and classy.

Pretty Pink Nursery

Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

We love the baby photos on the pink wall, because they are giving a personalized and beautiful note of this baby nursery. The beautiful textures and soft fabrics, followed by the feminine, tender colors make this nursery astonishing.

Stylish Girly Nursery

Image Source: Etsy

The gallery wall decorated with cute frames and baby photos, along with the pink gray color scheme make this baby nursery beautiful, bright and charming.

Sweet Girly Nursery

Image Source: Decorpad

The floral wallpaper, the shag white area rug , the simple white cradle all sublimed with natural sunlight that comes from the big windows make this baby nursery outstanding.