19 Modern Nursery Designs To Leave You in Awe

19 Modern Nursery Designs To Leave You in Awe

The tricky part of decorating a baby nursery is attaining both cheery and aesthetic appearance of the interior, but if you take a both playful and modern approach you will be on the right path to the “It nursery.” As a parent you surely would like to avoid the “uber modern” appearance of the nursery, since it would look cold, distant and unnatural. However, the baby nursery can be decorated with a sophisticated taste and modern appearance yet still hold the cheery and playful ambiance that a baby nursery should. In order to inspire you and provide you with cool ideas we gather around a showcase of 20 Modern Nursery Designs To Leave You in Awe and help you to create superb interior for your baby. Enjoy!

Airy Modern Nursery

Image Source: Peach Punch

Clean and serene ambiance, perfect for a baby nursery. The pops of pink and the rugged texture strike through the plain white appearance and decorated this sleek interior with cheery and lively touch. We love the rattan drape and the ethnic rug, they bring exotic and breezy feel in the nursery.

Airy Scandinavian Nursery

Image Source: project Nursery

Soft and serene ambiance just radiates vibrant and clean energy. The blend of airy and rustic is perfectly arranged in order to reflect the contemporary and modern ambiance in the spacious baby nursery with big and tall windows.

Amazing Modern Nursery

Image Source:AD

Exceptionally beautiful! This chic baby nursery is decorated in a perfect and sophisticated way. The tall white wall is decorated with quirky butterfly print art and sublimed by magnificent butterfly ceiling decoration that bring the cheery and whimsical feel of the modern nursery. The shag ship toy bring fun and soft texture in the interior.

Beautiful Modern Nursery

A kingdom of patterns, texture, materials and colors, truly deceitful! gray wood crib stand out in front of a natural stone wall, acting as soothing element through the rich patterned rug, ottoman and pillow. The whimsical and colorful art prints strike with cheery and rather artistic ambiance in the modern nursery.

Bold Modern Nursery

The big window build in storage bench work as a center and focal point in the opulent and modern baby nursery. The creamy color scheme is smartly decorated with pops of gray and patterned poufs and ottomans and pink zebra print rug, providing this baby nursery with modern yet playful ambiance.

Bright Modern Nursery

Blue and white color scheme is perfect for creating a modern baby nursery. The white furniture and canopy crib have a soothing effect in the room, while the pops of blue cloud prints from the cheery wallpaper add fresh and vibrant feel in the soft and modern nursery.

Colorful Modern Nursery

This girly baby nursery is so perky and soft, right? The natural and white furniture add a serene and clean feel of the room, while the pink stripes along with a colorful wallpaper elevates the cheery and playful ambiance in the place and creates the perfect ambiance.

Cool Modern Nursery

Image Source:Wood Side Homes

We love the blend of contemporary and natural in this awesome gray nursery. The striped area rug with bold gray and white shade breaks through the plain white walls and brings bold geometric visual effect in the modern nursery. The contemporary white swing chair, wool pouf and black linen ceiling pendant strike with both soft and modern appearance.

Eclectic Modern Nursery

Image Source:Kid to Kid

It is truly unlikely and rare to see a black statement wall in a baby nursery. But against all odds, this baby nursery with black wall has attained a cheery and modern ambiance due to the combination with clean white tone and pops of colors.

Gray Modern Nursery

Image Source: babyli

The sheep skin rug really got things going in this simple yet modern baby nursery with precise and sharp ambiance. The rug brings soft texture and strikes perfectly on the dark wood floor, providing the nursery with bright and creamy feel.

Modern Nursery In The Attic

Delightful! We love the clean and radiating ambiance in this super airy and modern baby nursery, positioned in the attic. The skylight and the minimalist setting allow this nursery to breathe and ergo to have the super sleek and soft appearance.

Modern Nursery with oversize artwork

Image Source:Mother Mag

Oversize colorful painting is a bold and ingenious way to create a vibrant and colorful ambiance in the baby nursery, as well to keep the modern and sophisticated ambiance going. We love the classic wood crib and the colorful striped rug which keep the cheery, playful feel of the place.

Scandinavian Modern Nursery

Image Source:Home Deisning

you already are familiar with Scandinavian’s bold decor, by bold we mean ” adding an Andy Warhol quote print in a baby nursery bold.” Anyway, we love the daring and artistic feel of the overall clean and vibrant modern nursery.

Sleek Modern Nursery

Image Source:ynnu

We love the clean and serene ambiance in this modern baby nursery, it’s truly inspiring. The break through with pops of yellow and floral printed changing table provide the sleek and white interior with color and vivid patterns, therefore bring the lively and cheery ambiance in the place.

Soft Modern Nursery

This bright baby nursery is so sweet and modern at the same time. The monochrome childish wallpaper brings interesting pattern in the interior and works as an awesome backdrop for the cheery and girly setting of the nursery.

Sweet Modern Nursery

This nursery is utterly sweet and charming along with the adorable baby in it. The pastel color scheme has created the sweet and soft appearance of the place, while the white crib and furniture additionally soothe the place and sublime the serene ambiance.

White Modern Nursery

The simple and casual setting of this attic baby nursery is elevated by the big skylight on the leaned wall, which strikes with natural light and provide this interior with beautiful and bright ambiance.