20 Adorable Country Bedroom Ideas For Girls

20 Adorable Country Bedroom Ideas For Girls

The girl’s bedroom decor is beyond any decorative scheme and rule in the entire house, because girls and their being is so specific and special that is always a pleasure to write about girl’s bedroom. Anyhow, decorating the girl’s bedroom should consist some specific structure and particular style, and regarding to the fact that girls love adorable and cute things that have utterly romantic and charming nature we come to idea that the Country style with all its preferences is perfect for girls bedroom. Country Bedroom for girl feature a soft and creamy color scheme followed by a lot of pink as an essential color for every girls room and natural wooden materials. The great thing about decorating Country bedroom for girl’s is the fact that this style emerges various styles such as Vintage, Cottage Inspired and French Inspired and it is always reflecting charming and romantic ambiance. Therefore if you still have set your mind on a specific style for you girl’s bedroom, check out the below showcase of 20 Adorable Country Bedroom Ideas for Girls and get inspired.

Vintage Country Bedroom for Girl

Image Source: Baby Center

This girl’s bedroom is really awesome and authentic decorated with a nostalgic Vintage touch with a really perky color scheme and whimsical decorative palette. The vintage poster is setting up a vintage ambiance as a focal point on the wall and striking to the pastel green country bed decorated with vintage, lively quilts. The handmade colorful area rug adds more charm to this beautiful and girly country bedroom.

Vibrant Country Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Harleuquin

We totally adore everything about this chic country bedroom with vibrant and lively colors. The country wallpaper striking the vibrant pink wall creates a nice visual effect of the place, matching the two white iron beds and polka dotted colorful area rug. The whimsical print curtain add an ecstatic ambiance in the place and provide it with playful and modern ambiance.

Spring Country Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

This country bedroom is beautiful and gentle with natural wooden materials and pastel creamy colors. The pastel floral quilt adds a soft and lively note and open ups the room. The cherry tree art in combination with the round lanterns breaks through the plain appearance and adds an adorable feel to the place.

Soft White Country Girl’s Bedroom

Image Source: Top Home Designz

This country room for girl is extremely gentle and soft, decorated with distinctive sense of taste and style. The white wooden paneled walls set up the Country ambiance in the room followed by soft pink details such as the gentle pink curtains and baby pink sleigh bed is creating a really adorable and soft country ambiance in this girly bedroom.

Romantic Country Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Eye for Design

The white wooden paneling of the room in combination with the floral charming curtains creates a really beautiful Country ambiance in this perky bedroom for girls. The minimal amount of decorative elements and a soft color scheme this bedroom has attained a perfect appearance with charming and romantic feel.

Pretty Pink Country Girl’s Bedroom

Image Source: Chanel4

The statement white iron bed with an amazing design sets up the country setting of this amazing bedroom. In addition the floral canopy in combination with the country floral wallpaper provide the room with an adorable feel and soft touch. The pink quilt adds a perky and girly charm in the place and sublime the overall beautiful appearance of the place.

Pink Country Bedroom with Tent

Image Source: Hgtv

You can feel the playful and perky ambiance in this bedroom just by looking at the photo. The girly pink tent adds a great statement and provides this girly country bedroom with an amazing and adorable charm. The pastel pinks and blues that are fantastically arranged in this bedroom create a girly and country ambiance.

Pastel Pink Country Girl’s Bedroom

Image Source: Season for all at home

The handmade colorful quilt is surely the main source of beauty and imaginative sparks in this beautiful country bedroom for girls. The pastel pink walls work as a great backdrop of the lively and whimsical decorative palette in this beautiful bedroom for girls. The artwork may not match the concept of the room but they add a nice visual effect to the place.

Pastel Country Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Homedit

This is a really extra ordinary shared bedroom decorated with pastel spectrum of beautiful colors, soft fabrics and perky textures. The pastel green which dominates with the place creates a playful and lively ambiance in the bedroom and the perky pink floral drapes set a chic and modern concept of the place.

Modern Country Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: House to Home

This bedroom may seem simple and not creative but it really is. The vintage black iron bed sets up a great Country setting of the room and along with the natural wooden wardrobe and festive decorative elements create a really beautiful and perky ambiance in the place.

Lively Country Girl’s Bedroom

Image Source: Erin Flett

This girly country bedroom is so chic and perky. The retro paper umbrellas in delicate color and patterns create an interesting decorative palette of the place and yet the variety of vibrant patterns and colors provide the place with perky and ecstatic ambiance.

Country Bedroom for Girl

Image Source: Country Living 

This bedroom is heartwarming and adorable, we love every detail of it, the red hearts on the area rug, the beautiful red floral patern on the bedding, the floral curtain, complete everything about this girly bedroom is beautiful and adorable.

Cheery Country Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: House and Garden

This is a typical country bedroom for girls decorated in a traditional country way with beautiful floral wallpaper and perky floral curtain. The attic is a perfect place for creating a country girls bedroom because of the structure of wall which adds a charming and romantic appearance to the same.

Charming Country Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Chanel4

This whimsical country bedroom has used as many patterns as possible in order to attain the lively and playful ambiance of the place. The vibrant pink wallpaper sets up a great setting along with the blue canopy of the bed creating a beautiful and ecstatic ambiance in this amazing country bedroom.

Bright Country Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Key Interiors

The yellow floral pattern in combination with the colorful striped area rug and patterned quilt creates an amazing and lively ambiance in this country bedroom for girl.

Blue Country Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Country Living

This blue country bedroom with outstanding charm is reflecting sheer beauty and cuteness. The blue floral wallpaper in combination with the colorful bedding and swing chair create and amazing appearance of this country bedroom.

Beautiful Country Bedroom for Girls

Image Source: Hgtv

This bedroom is so gentle and girly and reflect serene and charming energy. The designer of this bedroom has decided to go with two tones of decorating and choose the most appropriate tones for country bedroom and that white and pink.

Attic Country Bedroom

Image Source: Room Elegance

How cute and adorable is this pastel kingdom with country nature? The pastel yellow and green are gender neutral colors so its a great idea for creating a country bedroom with these two shades as essential. The structure of the ceiling is adding a more charm and romantic appearance to this adorable country bedroom.

Amazing Country Girl’s Bedroom

Image Source: Decoholic

This country girl’s bedroom is gorgeous and radiant. The vintage charm of the iron bed along with the various form mirror on the walls and a shag area create super fun and chic country bedroom for girls.

Adorable Country Bedroom in the Attic

Image Source: House To Home

This bedroom is reflecting pure beauty and cuteness. Decorated in a really delicate way with soft color palette and girly hats as a decorative elements and picking the attic as the place for the girls room this room has got the amazing and beautiful charm.