20 Cool Blue Kids Bedroom

20 Cool Blue Kids Bedroom

Blue, generally, is a color that boys love. Having a blue room conveys coolness and calmness. It is also a masculine color that is very well suited for a boy’s bedroom. We have previously featured bedrooms in green and blue, but this time, we will take a look at what colors look great for a blue bedroom. Remember that you can mix and match the colors in your bedroom. It depends on your taste. You can choose a uniform color for your furniture, then you can also use a uniform color for your sheets and curtains. It really depends on your style. Here at Rilane, we want to give you inspiration and ideas to enhance your imagination when it comes to home decor. We have compiled 20 Cool Blue Kids Bedroom for you.

Awesome Blue and White Boys Bedroom

 Image source: Terrys Fabrics

We have featured bedrooms in red and white and we’d have to say those were awesome designs! What can you say about this blue and white bedroom? We think that it is refreshing, masculine and very cool to the eyes! Of course, the skylights contribute to the room having that refreshing look.

Awesome Boys Bedroom Design with Bed Blue Car

 Image source: Yue Huacn

This Awesome Boys Bedroom design is pretty unique for the upside down car design that it has. We like this bedroom for it’s neutrality. We think that girls also like this kind of design.

Blue Boys Bedroom with Skylights

 Image source: Fridy Marconi

Don’t you just love the streaming sunlight on your face early in the morning? Well, this bedroom design is just lovely! It is in a modern design with an edgy type of furniture and has an area rug which adds texture and style to the bedroom.

Blue Modern Kids Bedroom Design

 Image source: Healthy Life Deal

This Blue Modern Kids Bedroom design is a spacious place for your teenager. There are a lot of blue elements but the flooring is in a neutral color and the sheets and closets are in white.

Blue Star Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Homesdir

This Blue Star Kids bedroom is great for your son or daughter. Baby blue is a soft, friendly color that makes a room look very cool and comfortable. Of course, the small stars also add to texture and beauty to this design.

Charming Shared Baseball Fans For Boys Bedroom Ideas

 Image source: Fast Any Time Lock

If your son is a fan of baseball, then this bedroom is very much ideal for him. It is complete with a television and enough storage for his baseball equipment and other things.

Cool Blue Bedroom with Wooden Furniture

 Image source: Riff Factory

This Cool Blue Bedroom with Wooden Furniture is a very neat design for a not so spacious bedroom but it is complete with a study table, a closet and a bed.

Creative Blue Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Archi Homes

This Creative Blue Kids Bedroom is actually very conducive for studying due to its spacious study area and colorful elements.

Delightful Open Floor Bedroom Decoration

 Image source: Q Lounge Miami

Have you appreciated the beauty of an open floor plan? It gives you a connection to the outdoors. It adds a refreshing feeling to your bedroom and looks great when your bedroom is in a light color.

Enchanting Designer Boy Bedroom Ideas With Charming Blue Fabric Platform Bed Frame

 Image source: Tikkat

This design from Tikkat is a combination of complementing colors which makes the room look cool and laid back. It also adds to the coziness and warmth of the orange color and the overall feeling of the room.

Inspiring Boys Room With Blue Fishing Boats Theme

 Image source: Petagazine

For your boys bedroom, you can always choose any theme you like. This design has a fishing boats theme bedroom which makes the bed look like a boat and the surroundings like water.

Lovable Blue Bedroom with Black Furniture

 Image source: Groovexi

This Lovely Blue Bedroom with Black Furniture is a warm and cozy bedroom which also has blue curtains and an interesting blue lamp shade.

Lovable Boys Bedroom in Sea Blue Paint Color

 Image source: Skroutz on Deck

When your son likes the sailor theme or just loves adventure, this theme is suited for him. It features a study table as well.

Magnificent Blue Colored Wall Paper Boys Bedroom

 Image source: BjlBlog

We love this Basketball themed bedroom from BjlBlog. It features basketball designs for the wall, the headboard, bed sheets and even the closet.

Magnificent Toddler’s Blue Bedroom

 Image source: Jerle

The blue area rug in this Magnificent Blue Boys bedroom is a great compliment to this blue bedroom. Using white and blue, it makes the room look cool and relaxing.

Nice Blue Kids Bedroom

 Image source: Guata Crazy Night

This Nice Blue Kids Bedroom is a colorful bedroom that kids will surely enjoy. Notice that the bed is a two level bed and they are in spider man design.

Soccer Themed Blue Boys Bedroom

 Image source: Ccrnow

This Soccer Themed Blue Boys Bedroom is just adorable. We love the modern design of the bed and of course, the matching headboard and closet design.

Sophisticated Blue Wall Paint Boys Bedroom

 Image source: Yarn Sons

The bed sheets in this bedroom design from Yarn Sons is just wonderful. It matches the blue painted wall and conveys a cool feeling to the eyes. We also admire the white bookshelf and lamp.

Splendid Ikea Bedroom Idea

 Image source: Tovtov

This Bedroom Idea from Tovtov uses a blue tinted window so that the room appears blue. We love the simple yet modern design and the modern lamps attached to the headboard.

White and Blue Boy’s Bedroom

 Image source: Platonic Dreams

This White and Blue Boys Bedroom is very interesting for because of the combined use of patterns for the wall and the sheets. Just make sure that you don’t overdo the use of the patterns.