Tinkerbell Bedroom in 15 Dreamy Designs

Tinkerbell Bedroom in 15 Dreamy Designs

If you are a blessed parent with a little girl, than you probably know that little girls grow up in their own little world, that is fulfilled with princesses, fairies and dreamy fairy tales. That’s why, when it comes to decorating little lady’s room, you should keep this in mind and to make her bedroom a dreamy spot with her favorite character to inspire her. There are a lot of beautiful girls and creatures that will make lovely friends with your girl, but the cutest one is definitely Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is a tiny flying fairy, the best friend of Peter Pan, lives in Neverland and sprinkles pixie dust with a wand in order to shower a magical feeling. She looks absolutely adorable, so no wonder little girls love her. If your little girl is into TInkerbell, than create a Tinkerbell heaven into her room and give it a fairy touch. Take a look at the ideas that we found for you, to inspire you into choosing the best Tinkerbell look for your little princess. Read on and enjoy!

Amazing Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Small Dom

There is some super-dreamy ambiance going on in this Tinkerbell themed girls bedroom. The lovely furniture is complemented with adorable walls pattern with garden fairies that provide the spot with a dreamy and fairy appeal. Tinkerbell is all over the room, flying and sprinkling pixie dust.

Violet Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Pinterest

This lovely violet girls bedroom is complemented with white furniture with Tinkerbell bedding and a couple of Tinkerbell details. What we love the most is the white decoration on the wall which creates a real dreamy and magical feeling in the room.

Vibrant Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Tabitha Morikis

This cute room is decorated with huge wall mural with Tinkerbell smiling in a flower field, but the best part must be the dreamy bed with lovely canopy and Tinkerbell bedding. This will make your girl fall asleep into her own fairy world.

Serene Tinkerbell Bedroom

This very airy and serene girl’s bedroom in soft violet and pastel green color displays lovely furniture, cute flower bedding, adorable accessories and the best part is the amazing Tinkerbell art above the bed, that leaves such a mark, making a statement and transforming this room into a fairy place. .

Impressive Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Feels Like Home Blog

Now this is something very special. This adorable room is complemented with a table and chairs in a totally dreamy ambiance for your little girl and Tinkerbell could enjoy in a tea party. Way too precious.

Adorable Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Jcress

This Tinkerbell themed room in wonderful violet, pastel green and yellow color combo looks like a Tinkerbell heaven. Two personalized bunker beds in a personalized design that looks like a fairy house and all the Tinkerbell details make this room absolutely dreamy and heavenly spot.

Enchanted Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Interior Huis

Wow! Such a dreamy ambiance, provided by the enchanted forest wallpaper, with lovely Tinkerbell smiling from it. The additional accessories in lovely color just round out the fairy-like atmosphere in this amazing little girl’s room.

Personalized Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Roomzaar

How cute can a girl’s bedroom get? We can’t get over the personalized design of this violet ans green bed, with same colored drapes that accentuate the dreamy ambiance. All the other Tinkerbell inspired accessories, like the bedding, the rug and Tinkerbell chair make this bedroom the perfect spot for all the greatest Tinkerbell fans.

Lovely Twin Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: All Star Vacation Homes

This shared room in a Tinkerbell theme looks so fresh, lovely and cute. With flower decoration on the walls, the super lively color combination and the Tinkerbell details, this girly spot is gorgeous and will be a great choice for your little princesses.

Tinkerbell and her Friends Bedroom

Image Source: Overstock

Such a dreamy room that will take your little girl on a dreamy trip with Tinkerbell and her best fairy friends. The bed is placed next to a big wall mural that displays Tinkerbell and a couple of other fairies enjoying in an enchanted forest so that your daughter can fall asleep on the wings of a fairy world.

Adorable Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Chicon

Tinkerbell lives in this amazing violet girls bedroom together with your precious one. She is there to complement every single spot in a soft and super cute way, so we are pretty sure that your daughter will love it.

Dreamy Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Faizal Paints

When your girl falls asleep in this room, Tinkerbell shows right away, and takes her with on a dreamy trip into Neverland. This amazing flying Tinkerbell above the bed and all the dreamy accessories around will be a perfect fairy spot for your little girl.

Inspirational Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Azomic

A lovely inspirational quote from Tinkerbell sprinkled with pixie dust is more than enough for a dreamy touch in your girl’s bedroom. Inspire her to fulfill her dreams on a Tinkerbell way.

Charming Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Modern Quality Homes

Such a lovely Tinkerbell inspired heaven for your little girl to enjoy to the maximum. Her stay here will fel like a real trip to Fairyland.

Dreamy Tinkerbell Bedroom

Image Source: Theme Rooms

Tinkerbell is here to wish your little girl sweet dreams and to help her fall asleep in a dreamy little world of her own.