10 Glossy Tiled Kitchen Countertops

10 Glossy Tiled Kitchen Countertops

If you ask somebody to name a place in their house which they always want to remain clean, they would probably say the bathroom or the kitchen. If we take a look at the bathrooms, it is not clean all the time because sometimes, we don’t have time to really scrub the floors and the toilet but talking about the kitchen, we believe that it is important to always keep your kitchen clean. The difference between the two is that the bathroom is more on the external. We take a bath there but we don’t prepare food in there, food which enters our bodies. The kitchen, on the other hand, is where all the cooking happens. It determines the quality of the food that we prepare. Around the kitchen, there is one area that we use most of the time and that is the kitchen counter. We chop food, we prepare the plates for serving and place them on the countertops. Therefore, it is important that we keep our countertops clean. Sometimes, we encounter problems in cleaning because the countertop surface is not easy to clean. Well, we have found some solutions for you. You have to choose a countertop that is smooth and can easily be wiped off of its impurities. Tiled countertops might just be the answer. You can choose the design and texture of the tiles to match the design of your kitchen. Here are some kitchen countertop inspiration that we have gathered.

Black Granite Tiled Countertop

 Image source: Peel Room

This Black Granite Countertop matches the black tiles of this kitchen. It looks good for white counters and is easy to clean because of its smooth texture.

Glossy Brown Tiled Countertop

 Image source: Ictile

If your countertops are made of wood or your kitchen is generally made of wood just like in this picture, then a brown granite countertop would perfectly match your kitchen.

Grey U-shaped Kitchen Countertop

 Image source: Iidudu

This kitchen is in U-shaped which makes all places accessible. The grey tiles used in the countertop matches the stoned kitchen walls.

Grey with Grain Kitchen Countertop

 Image source: Tile Art Center

Since grey is a very neutral color, it can match your kitchen, whatever color it is in. Just make sure that adding grey on top of your counters won’t make it look dull.

Shades of Brown Tiled Countertop

 Image source: Interiordecodir

This countertop is made of tiles in shades of brown. It looks a bit traditional and complements the very small stones on the counter.

Smooth Grainy Tiled Countertop

 Image source: Home Decor Mags

This granite matches the color of the counter top. You can opt for a plain granite tile or patterned granite tile to match the plain cupboards.

Super Black Tile Granite Kitchen Countertop

 Image source: Pinkinki

This super black granite makes this kitchen look classy. Light and dark always go well together.

Tiled Pearl Granite Countertop

 Image source: House Arquitectura

For this kitchen, tiled pearl granite is used. If you notice, it also complements the color of the walls.

White Brick Tile Kitchen Countertop

 Image source: Peel Room

Brick tile looks best for a kitchen which has a lot of prints or different colors of tiles on the walls. The choice of colors also matches the cupboards and walls.

Cambria Kitchen Countertop

 Image source: Franco Techno Gap

This Cambria Countertop is also made of black patterned granite. It matches the light colors of the kitchen as a whole.