10 Modern Kitchen Area Rugs Ideas

10 Modern Kitchen Area Rugs Ideas

The kitchen is the place the most often is associated with warm and family ambiance, therefore the decor in the place it immensely important in order to attain a lively and ecstatic appearance of the kitchen. Aside of the main elements in the kitchen which have a major role in providing the kitchen with a functional and pleasant appearance, the little details and accessories can have a major impact of providing your kitchen with a complete charming and modern appearance. The kitchen area rug is in those little details that can have a major role in providing the kitchen with modern and lively feel. The kitchen rug is a smart and creative addition to every kitchen who tend to attain lively and friendly outlook. The kitchen area rugs come with ample of various designs, size and style and each of them can act as a statement accent in the kitchen floor. Check out the showcase of 10 interesting and modern kitchen area rugs that we have gathered in order to get you inspired.

Traditional kitchen rug

Image Source:Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

The si that the traditional and patterned kitchen area rug is positioned in the center of the narrow kitchen and therefore providing the kitchen with visual illusion of a bigger place and providing it with a lively and modern appearance.

Eclectic Kitchen Rugs

Image Source: Sarah Phipps Design

The two different pattern kitchen area rugs with completely different nature bring the eclectic and unique note in the place. The red geometrical rug contrasting the gray and green striped area rug is providing modern and contemporary feel in this white and sleek kitchen.

Distinctive Kitchen Area Rug

Image Source: My Paradasi

The ethnic design of this lively patterned kitchen area rug can provide a vibrant and ecstatic ambiance in your kitchen. The creative pattern is balanced with the dark and formal colors which provide this kitchen with sophisticated and modern note.


Image Source: Hughes Umban Howar Architects

The extremely vibrant and colorful nature of this mosaic patterned area rug provides this kitchen with exceptionally modern and contemporary feel and moreover acts as a striking complement to this kitchen.

Colorful striped Kitchen Area Rug

Image Source: Mobytom

Stripes always work for enlarging the interior and providing the place with the vibrant and lively feel. That is the case with this colorful striped area rug which provides this kitchen with outstanding and modern ambiance.

Long Ethnic Kitchen Area Rug

Image Source: Hgtv

The long design of this ethnic area rug adds to its appeal and modern design.The opulent pattern and bright colors can create a magnificent and modern ambiance in your kitchen.

Black and White Striped Kitchen Area Rug

Image Source: Home Decorators

Black and white stripes are synonyms for modern and contemporary, therefore this black and white striped kitchen area rug can work as a focal point and provide your kitchen with the great modern statement.

Navy Blue Kitchen Area Rug

Image Source: The Little Black Door

This navy blue patterned rug can bring a wave of freshness in your kitchen. The perky and vibrant design of this kitchen area rug can act as a striking complement to the kitchen and provide the place with modern and contemporary ambiance.

Lively Kitchen Area Rug

Image Source: Schmit Company

The retro and vintage nature of this colorful and lively striped area rug will provide your kitchen with virant and cool note.

Ethnic Kitchen Area Rug

Image Source: Raisone blog

The combination of bright and vibrant colors and ethnic patterns provide this kitchen area rug with modern and sophisticated appearance .