12 Inspiring Kitchen Design Ideas

12 Inspiring Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is the center of the house, and for that reason is essential to have a specific style and identity. Just as the living room, the kitchen should also reflect your energy, and most of all you should feel pleasant and comfy while preparing meals or having breakfast with your family. The design of the kitchen should be functional enough, but should also meet your aesthetic requirements. The energy in the kitchen should be relaxing, calm and yet dynamic and lively. When decorating the kitchen you should try to integrate your personal taste and style with the functionality of the kitchen. In below you’ll have the chance to see various kitchen designs that may inspire you. Enjoy!

Natural-AIry Kitchen

Image Source: UrbanBedougirl

Natural and airy kitchen design is perfect for adventurous, free spirited people who love nature and have sophisticated taste. To create an airy kitchen you should use natural warm wood for the cabinets and light, earthy paint colors.

Bohemian Kitchen

Image Source: TheBohemianTreeHouse

The boho chic kitchen may be the winning choice for artistic and emotional souls, who love matching ethnic patterns and bright, passionate colors. The bohemian kitchen should include cabinets of different materials, lively colors and open display storage.

Contemporary Kitchen

Image Source: Zillow

The contemporary kitchen is all about the new, modern and minimalist. A contemporary kitchen is the best fit for dynamic people who follow trends. The key to create a contemporary kitchen are the kitchen cabinets and maximizing the storage by displaying metalic and modern kitchen island.

Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source: Lizcaan

If you a person who enjoy different styles and you want to integrate them into one, then you should think about an eclectic kitchen. Eclectic kitchen reflects really warm and lively energy, and often have ecstatic nature. To create an eclectic kitchen there are no specific rules just follow your instincts and display the things that you like.

Elegant Kitchen

Image Source: House Beautiful

Elegant kitchen will be the perfect fit for people who enjoy the artistic side of life. If you want to create a place that will be more than a kitchen, a place that will reflect bold and daring energy, elegant and theatrical kitchen.

French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: ClayCarpetnerInteriors

The French style applies to a very specific elegant way of decorating the interiors. The French inspired kitchen is a place that has an ample of natural wood materials, natural light and airy and light colors.

Industrial Kitchen

Image Source: Digs Digs

Industrial kitchen is perfect for you if you are dynamic person and enjoy cool and urban stuff. The industrial kitchen includes rough materials and cool, creative decorative elements.

Rustic Kitchen

Image Source: ScandiKitchen

Rustic kitchen is for the romantic souls, who prefer natural wooden cabinet rather than a contemporary metal kitchen island. The rustic kitchen reflects the warm and cozy energy and include wooden materials and airy, light paint color.

Vintage Kitchen

Image Source: TheVintageKitchen

Vintage kitchen is perfect for the nostalgic people who enjoy using retro materials in their home. The vintage kitchen will provide the place with friendly and cozy ambiance and includes various materials, and a lot of colors.

Coastal Kitchen

Image Source: House Beautiful

If you want to wake up and start your day in a kitchen that generates vibrant and fresh energy, then you should create a coastal kitchen. The term coastal kitchen applies to the sea inspired way of decorating. The Coastal kitchen includes natural material cabinets and cold, fresh colors.

Retro Design

Image Source: House Beautiful

Retro Kitchen is a mix of industrial, vintage and eclectic. A Kitchen with retro design will reflect really cool and dynamic energy and is perfect for people who are nostalgic for the 80’s era.

Traditional Kitchen

Image Source: House Beautiful

Traditional kitchen also refers to the family kitchen. A traditional kitchen should be homey and warm place where the entire family will gather around every morning. Traditional kitchen is most often spacious and using warm and lively colors.

The style of your kitchen will have a great impact on your mood, and is really important to wake up every morning and prepare a breakfast in a place that you will love and will rather inspire you to start the new day with a smile. If you want to learn more about creating the perfect kitchen take a look at The Basic Fundemntals for Functional and Appealing Kitchen. Have a nice day.