15 Beautiful Kitchen Designs with Subway Tiles

15 Beautiful Kitchen Designs with Subway Tiles

There are plenty of ways to create an aesthetically pleasing walls in the kitchen, we’ve already showed you how can the specific material add a soul and characteristic appearance of the kitchen. Subway tiles is one of the most traditional and yet never out of fashion ways of decorating the kitchen. The subway tiles will create a sleek and yet casual and friendly appearance of the kitchen and can easily adapt the style and setting that you want to applied to the interior. Kitchen with subway tiles is utterly beautiful, warm and friendly. The best thing about decorating with subway tiles is the fact that you can find them in various colors and can applied them on various ways vertical, horizontal, narrow or bold. We’ve gathered a creative round up of 15 Charming Ktichen Designs with Subway Tiles which could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Bold Kitchen with Black Subway Tiles

Image Source: Freshome

This super contemporary bold kitchen has gotten this utterly beautiful and sharp appearance due to the intensity of the black subway tiles. The exposed structure of the subway tiles creates an interesting visual and adds modern and contemporary charm into this kitchen.

Charming Kitchen with White Subway Tiles

Image Source: associerge

We love the soft and breezy appearance of this kitchen, the glossy white subway tiles are responsible for the perky and charming visual effect in this interior. The symmetrical, straight order adds clean and serene note to the interior with totaly goes with the harmonized setting of the place.

Contemporary Kitchen with Red Subway Tiles

Image Source: Examiner

The red vertical subway tiles create an interesting and dramatic appearance in this utterly contemporary and vibrant kitchen. Combination of red subway tiles and white kitchen appliances is great for creating both modern and fresh appearance of the kitchen interior.

Cool Kitchen with Bright Green Subway Tiles

Image Source: Attic Mag

How fresh and perky does this kitchen looks, right? – This kitchen got the refreshing and charming appearance due to the great combination of colors, the vibrant grass green subway tiles as a back splash act as a focal point and dominant ambiance provider and the white cabinets soothes down the green and creates a nice relaxing oasis.

Gorgeous Kitchen with Navy Blue Subway Tiles

Image Source: Good Home Design

Here you can notice how the designer was bold enough to play with pasterns and texture but not with color, which we find ingenious. The 3D cubes floor in combination with the navy blue subway tiles creates a noisy and mismatch effect in the place, but the colors in the place are flawlessly synchronized in order to create the modern and vibrant appearance of this kitchen.

Industrial Kitchen with White Subway Tiles

Image Source: Heart Home Mag

Creating an Industrial Kitchen or Scandinavian Kitchen usually presuppose usage of white subway tiles, that is kind of a trademark material of the mentioned styles. Therefore, the white subway tiles are perfect material for creating a cool industrial kitchen as is this one above on the picture.

Kitchen with Colorful Subway backslash tiles

Image Source: Hgtv

The colorful back-splash consisting of narrow subway tiles goes perfectly with pastel green cabinets and creates amazingly calm and perky ambiance in this kitchen. The various colors of the subway tiles pop up in this charming and bright kitchen and create the ecstatic and lively mood in the place.

Kitchen with Olive Green Subway Tiles

Image Source: ToppStiles

The olive green is a distinctive color for a ktichen tiles, anyhow the glossy and sleek surface of the subway tiles and the symmetrical arrangement has created a great ambiance in this beautiful and charming kitchen.

Kitchen with Yellow Subway Tiles

Image Source: DIY

We just adore this kitchen and its serene and yet vibrant, calm and yet lively, clean and yet noisy appearance, yeah we got a little poetic but who wouldn’t, this place looks amazing. The vertical sunny white subway tiles draw the attention to the patterned white cabinets and act as a striking complement of the place contrasting to the natural wood floor.

Lively Kitchen with subway tiles

Image Source: Imactoy

The narow and small size of these subway tiles is replenished with the opulent color and noisy surface and has created an extremely dynamic and lively ambiance in this fresh and beautiful kitchen.

Perky kitchen with Yellow subway tiles

Image Source: Freshome

Here is another example of white and yellow kitchen and you can notice how the combination is a real bliss for everyone who want to create a perky and vivid ambiance in the kitchen. The yellow subway tiles as backslash create a bold and vibrant statement in the light and white prevalent kitchen.

Refreshing Kitchen with Turquoise Subway Tiles

Image Source: Imactoy

The perky and vibrant turquoise color in combination with the narrow design of the subway tiles creates interesting and refreshing appearance in this modern traditional kitchen.

Rustic Kitchen with Subway Tiles

Image Source: Bhg

The designer of the kitchen has assumed that adding a white subway tiles will create cool but also traditional appearance so found a perfect alternative and add white subway tiles but on a interesting uneven way. The small and big white subway tiles create fascinating and lively ambiance in this beautiful kitchen.

Sleek Kitchen with Yellow Subway Tiles

Image Source: Associerge

The narrow subway tiles in combination with the distinctive yellow color creates a contemporary and yet cozy ambiance in this amazing kitchen.