15 Black, Red and White Themed Living Rooms

15 Black, Red and White Themed Living Rooms

The living room welcomes every guest who drops by in our homes. It is where we have our most important conversations. Aside from being comfortable, the living room also has to be well-designed, interesting and should definitely be a nice place to stay in. There’s something so vibrant and energetic about the colors black and red. When put together, they also imply a bit of mystery and romance. Imagine your room looking dull and lifeless, who would want to stay there? The colors that you choose for your living room really matter because it is the welcoming address for your visitors and it also reflects the personality of the owner. Red gives off energy and is a very vibrant color but match it up with black and these two colors will look perfect together. Here at Rilane, we aspire to inspire. We have gathered living rooms which are in Black and Red theme, but some of these living rooms also include the color white in their elements. If your favorite color is red or black, then feast your eyes with these design inspirations.

Airy Red and Black Ottoman Living Room

 Image source: Inool

This Airy Red and Black Ottoman Living Room looks very modern and is perfect for hanging out with your friends. Check out that cool sofa with two foot rests and drink holders. The white carpet makes the whole room look classy.

Black and Red Elements in an Airy Living Room

 Image source: Webedealing

Here is another airy living room with black and red furniture. The black part of the sofa is in leather and we can see a mix of contrasting textures – the carpet is a bit rough while the texture of the sofa is smooth. The circles on the carpet give it more shape and adds art to the room. A center table has also been added just like in every living room that we see.

Black and Red Living Room with Floral Design

 Image source: Groovexi

This Black and Red Living Room with Floral Design looks very relaxing. It balances the colors of the room by not using red for the sofas but white, the rest of the furniture is black and there is only one red foot rest and red pillows. Then the designer also added some flowers to add to the cool feeling inside the room.

Black and Red Living Room with Patterned Walls

 Image source: Terio Photo

This Black and Red Living Room with patterned walls looks vintage and feminine because of that female painting on the wall. The lights are kind of like a spot light. The sofa is modern and sleek and the tables are of neutral color. All in all, the room looks minimalist yet simple and comfortable.

Black, White and Red Living Room in Rectangular Designs

 Image source: I’m Said

It can be said that there is a lot of symmetry in this room. First, we can see the rectangular fireplace in black and the rectangular sharpness o the sofa. In the middle of the room is also a rectangular center table. There are some plant elements but then red can be seen once more with those red panels hanging on the walls. The color of the sofa is not too saturated which makes the room look just right and relaxed.

Elegant Black and Red Living Room

 Image source: Decosee

Well, what makes this living room extraordinary? It is the silver detail that has been added to this room. Aside from the use of black and red which already look elegant when combined, the designer added some glittery elements of silver. Even the feet of the table is in silver. Every corner of this room has silver in it and when you put silver against black, it just makes your room prepared for a beauty contest.

Futuristic Black and Red Furniture in Airy Living Room

 Image source: Scroutz on Deck

This living room has futuristic furniture. The sofas resemble cars or even space ships. When this type of furniture is added in an airy space, it is neither too soft nor too rigid and it simply looks interesting.

Giza Contemporary Red Living Room

 Image source: Flap Stores

This contemporary living room looks a bit heavy to the eyes with the use of black walls and black pillows. If you are achieving for dark and mysterious feels, you can make use of this contemporary design which uses black and red furniture.

Luxurious Black and Red Living Room

 Image source: High Si

This is a very spacious black and red living room. It uses red as the dominant color. There’s the red carpet and the red walls. At night, the curtains can be put down for a more intimate living room.

Modern Minimalist Living Room with Red and Black Furniture

 Image source: Hay Bert

This modern living room looks relaxing and classy at the same time. It uses the colors black and red for the carpet and the furniture.

Red and Black Color Scheme Minimalist

 Image source: Cr3at

Another modern living room is this minimalist living room from cr3at which uses rectangular shapes and the combination of black and white for the tables. The white pillows also are also in continuity with the white colors of the living room.

Red Orange and Black Living Room Gallery

 Image source: Ikea

This ethnic living room uses black for the furniture and red orange for the walls. The pattern of the carpet, the mask on the wall and the pictures of animals help achieve the ethnic look of this living room.

Red, White and Grey Dotted Living Room

 Image source: Escorial Design

This red dominated living room looks comfortable and feminine with the use of polka dots and irregularly shaped dots on the pillows and the curtain. Even the telephone is red. That white swivel chair matches the white spots on the curtain. The color white balances the over all look and feel of the room.

Rustic and Artistic Black and Red Living Room

 Image source: Celebrate

This is a living room for the artist at heart. The wall is rustic and spells art. The red sofas look give color to the light-colored room.

Vibrant Black and White Room with Red Dots

 Image source: Gaiff

This black dominated living room has a modern design and consistently uses red dots on the floor and the furniture. Using dots achieves a chic look.