15 Captivating Bohemian Chic Kitchen Design Ideas

15 Captivating Bohemian Chic Kitchen Design Ideas

The Bohemian style is not only a specific interior decor style, it’s a way of thinking and way of lifestyle, a specific perception of colors and patterns. The bohemian chic is a variation and some sort of a merger of the vivid and colorful nature of the Bohemian style, enhanced with the pro-fined and sophisticated vibe of the chic decor. Bohemian chic is not only about the many whimsical and bright colors and artistic pattern, but is the way how they are applied and arranged in the kitchen. Bohemian chic style applied in the kitchen can result with really welcoming and whimsical ambiance. You are the perfect candidate for this interior decor style if you are against strict design rules and if you want to embrace the creative and artistic side of life. Bohemian Chic Kitchen reflect vibrant and whimsical ambiance and is perfect for people who want to rather have a cozy and inspiring appearance of the kitchen. Check out the showcase that we have prepared of 15 Boho Chic Kitchen Design Ideas that may inspire you.

Amazing Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source:AD

Introducing various styles unification in high contrast tones, this kitchen has attained the dashingly bold and sharp Boho Chic appearance. The combination of white wall as a foundation, warmed up with a rustic wood beams and stroked through with fierce black industrial copper pendant this kitchen has attain the superbly bold outlook.

Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source: nautical cottage blog

This kitchen holds a specific coastal inspired charm, but the overall decor setting and appearance are totally bursting with Bohemian chic style. The striped area rugs from the both sides of the tall wood kitchen island create a nice pattern and texture symmetry in the place. While the rattan pendant ceiling proudly stands out in the place adding a cheery and vibrant perk.

Bold Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source: japanese trash

We love the overall simple layout of this Bohemian Chic kitchen with vintage and romantic charm. The arrangement of colors, texture and patterns is done in a magnificent order, so the place has attained an artistic appearance. The gallery wall creates the bold and whimsical visual, and the vintage pantry cabinet works as natural border and defines the center of the kitchen.

Charming Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source: Nosdrift

The kind of creamy and serene appearance of this Boho Chic Kitchen is just magnificent, right? The usage of light color scheme enhanced with dark recycled wood kitchen table and super contemporary ball pendant has provided this place with chic and bohemian appearance.

Classy Boho Chic Kitchen


Image Source: Lazarosavian Home

The distinctive appearance of this classy Bohemian Kitchen is due to the usage of really bold and dramatic decorative palette. The Japanese inspired mural enhanced with the white sleek floating shelves creates the superb visual of this amazing Bohemian chic Kitchen.

Contemporary Boho Chic kitchen

Image Source: The design Fairy

This kitchen has a specific sensual and exotic charm bursting out with vibrant and ecstatic ambiance. The Bohemian Chic applied in a superb way through the mystique perk of the pale blue color shade, decorated with vintage hanging copper pendants that stand out magnificently and create a bold modern visual in the place.

Creamy Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source: sweet studio blog

The clean and neat appearance of this magnificent Boho Chic kitchen is just amazing. We love the natural perk that provides the place with cheery and breezy ambiance. The rustic ceiling pendants with cool industrial base create an interesting visual contrasting the clean texture of this bright kitchen.

Lively Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source: This The Froniter

This Bohemian Chic Kitchen is just delightful. We love it! The Mediterranean perk from the blue and red patterned floor tiles that also take place on the backslash add a lovely colorful noise to this place. The built in vent that also take a stand for a floating shelves enhances the architectural appearance of this kitchen.

Modern Boho chic Kitchen

Image Source: Digs Digs

The artistic vibe in this amazingly Boho Chic kitchen is just outstandingly applied. The red ceiling pendant working as a focal point and striking through the overall white appearance, create a really interesting accent in the place. The quirky art also works as a nice visual effect in the place and sublime the overall pro-fined and sophisticated appearance.

Refreshing Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source:1st Opinion

The accent white stone kitchen island really adds a lovely touch and refreshing ambiance in the overall white and super bohemian chic kitchen, right? The eclectic bar stools enhance the lively and vibrant ambiance and provide the place with charming colors introducing the Bohemian to the Chic kitchen.

Rustic Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source: Di:Sifunctional Designs

The arched design of the walls and the overall lively and vivid decorative palette create a truly ecstatic and uber chic accent in what is a truly beautiful and modern kitchen. The ethnic area rug adds nice color and pattern to the overall white and beige color scheme in this beautiful Boho Chic kitchen.

Simple Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source:House to Home

The details in this overall white Bohemian Chic kitchen are the essence and the main responsible for the breezy and feminine vibe that is clearly noticeable in this amazing boho chic kitchen. The tall wood kitchen island with dark walnut work top adds natural and breezy ambiance in the place.

Small Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source:Justina Blackeney

The beautiful mess of colors and patterns in this extremely modern Boho Chic kitchen is extremely attractive and modern. We love the combination of different material and color chairs, striking bold on the patterned Mediterranean style floor tiles. the modern and contemporary ceiling pendant add industrial and cool note in the place.

Vintage Bohemian Kitchen

Image Source: Nosdrift

This kitchen looks so warm and charming, right? We totally love it! The wood prevalence in combination with the open display shelving creates a really ecstatic and lively ambiance in this super adorable Boho Chic kitchen.

Whimsical Boho Chic Kitchen

Image Source:Justina Blackeney

This modern Bohemian chic kitchen is just outstanding. The colorful striped area rug in combination with the accent kitchen chair and gypsy decorative palette create a really modern and chic ambiance in this superb kitchen.

White Shabby Chic Kitchen

Image Source: House To Home

The white shabby chic setting creates a truly serene and amazing ambiance in this beautiful white kitchen. The rustic details are enhancing the overall appearance and providing this place with charming and bold vibe.