15 Captivating Kitchen Designs with Striped Walls

15 Captivating Kitchen Designs with Striped Walls

Most often homeowners and designers while decorating the kitchen focus on the main elements such as the cabinets, appliances, kitchen island which are basically the fundamentals of the kitchen. However, when it comes to adding a specific character and decorative accent in the kitchen the walls are the best way to create a statement and focal point in the place. Striped walls in the kitchen are a great way to try something different, unique and modern. The symmetrical and geometric nature of the striped walls will surely enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen and provide the place with modern and contemporary outlook. Moreover, striped walls are beneficial for the kitchen since they can visually enlarge the place and make an illusion of spacious kitchen, therefore if your kitchen is small or narrow the stripes will help you in that cause. Check out the below showcase of 15 Kitchen Designs with striped walls. Enjoy!

Blue Striped Wall

Image Source: Decor pad

The pale blue foundation with a narrow black stripe creates a really sophisticated and vintage ambiance in this beautiful kitchen with bright nature. The black narrow stripes acts as a great decorative touch in this white and rustic kitchen.

Bold Black Striped Walls in Contemporary Kitchen

Image Source: Zigshot82

The bold black striped walls go perfectly with the extremely contemporary and modern outlook of this kitchen. The bold black stripes create a dramatic and dazzling setting in this modern kitchen with minimalist setting.

Bold Kitchen with Yellow Stripes

Image Source: Desire to inspire

The narrow structure of this kitchen is not noticeable due to the yellow horizontal striped walls. The combination of the stripes and the bright yellow color make this narrow kitchen look bigger and brighter and add a cozy and charming feel.

Bold Red Striped Walls in contemporary Kitchen

Image Source: House Beautiful

The modern bold red striped walls in combination with the red bar stools has provided this kitchen with ultra modern and contemporary ambiance. The red striped walls set a bold and dramatic ambiance in this kitchen and work as a great focal point in this light and modern kitchen.

Bright Kitchen with Gray and white striped walls

Image Source: Ashlina Kaposta

The white and gray stripes have provided this plain monochrome kitchen with sophisticated and modern appearance. The stripes are providing this kitchen with modern and charming appearance which without this kitchen would look much different.

Chic Kitchen with black and white stripes

Image Source: Decor-Decor

The zig zag of black and white in this contemporary kitchen is acting really thrilling and looks captivating and Awe-Inspiring. The black and white stripes set up the modern and chic feel in this kitchen and add valuable decorative accent in the place.

Contemporary Kitchen with Modern Stripes

Image Source: Web Tiles

The pink and gray stripes break through the plain white appearance of the wall and provide this contemporary and urban kitchen with the Razzle dazzle that the place needed.

Contemporary Red Striped Walls

Image Source: Derya Turec

This is really amazing and modern kitchen with red and white striped walls. The narrow red and bold stripes have provided this kitchen with a great and dramatic visual effect.

Dark Colored Striped Walls

Image Source: Real Simple

The dark striped walls have adopted perfectly in the contemporary and minimalist style of this gray kitchen. The striped wall with a delicate texture provides a lively and modern ambiance in this kitchen.

Distinctive Kitchen With pastel colored striped wall

Image Source: Archi adore

The colorful striped wall that separates the kitchen from the other room is certainly the focal point of this kitchen and provides this place with ecstatic and lively appearance contrasting the plain white backsplash tiles.

Lively Striped Walls

Image Source: Beautiful Kitchens

The vibrant color palette of the stripes matching the vibrant blue wall has provided this lovely kitchen with ecstatic and a lively ambiance.

Modern Kitchen with Black and white stripes

Image Source: Urban Bedou Girl

This kitchen has attained this unbelievable shabby chic appearance due to the extremely modern black and white striped wall. The striped wall has set the modern and chic character in this simple and yet amazing kitchen.

Quirky Kitchen with Lively Stripes

Image Source: Interior Design Inspiration

The bold, colorful striped walls are providing this vintage boho kitchen with charming and lively ambiance.

Retro Striped Walls in Modern Kitchen

Image Source: Design attaractor

The colorful stripes are providing this white Scandinavian kitchen with vibrant and amazing appearance. The striped wall surely acts as a statement wall in this amazing kitchen.

Warm Orange and Gray Striped Walls

Image Source: Jersey Taupe

The beautiful colors of the stripes set up the sophisticated and lively ambiance in this modern and stylish kitchen.