15 Captivating Kitchen Designs with Wood Paneled Walls

15 Captivating Kitchen Designs with Wood Paneled Walls

Kitchen is maybe the last place in the house that will cross your mind for wood paneling, which is utterly strange, since wood panels create warm ambiance and the kitchen remain as the center of the home. Usually, people use common materials for the kitchen wall in order to avoid unwanted effect. Anyway, you will be surprised to know how much wood panels can improve the aesthetic appearance of the kitchen and provide it with contemporary and yet warm ambiance. Kitchen with wood panels most likely tends to reflect a breezy and relaxing ambiance, due to the earthy and vibrant nature of the wood panels. Recently, wood paneling the kitchen is one of the hottest trends in the interior design, since it gives a proficient and sleek outlook to the kitchen interior and creates a warm and cozy ambiance. In order to inspire you, we have gathered an interesting list of 15 Kitchen Designs with wood panels that could give you some interesting ideas. Enjoy!

Amazing White Kitchen with Wood Panels

Image Source: Herman Miller

The overall appearance of this sleek and at the same time warm interior has attained the serene and dashingly calm ambiance due to the natural wood panel coat painted white. The horizontal wood panels with a bold structure with an ultra symmetrical order create a sharp and vibrant appearance of the kitchen backslash. Use horizontal white wood panels if you want to capture a Scandinavian accent in the kitchen.

Attic Kitchen with Wood Panels

Image Source: Decorpad

The wood paneled ceiling and trim in a coat painted Benjamin Moore’s “Mountain Peak White” create the utterly charming and cottage inspired ambiance in the small but bright kitchen. The architectural structure of the roof ceiling combined with the warmth of the natural wood and cool white shade, create the trim overall appeal of the kitchen.

Beautiful Kitchen with Modern Wood Panels

Image Source: This Little Street

Caramel oak wood panel with slick surface of the cabinets expanding through over the ceiling adds a warm perks and creates a sleek and contemporary outlook of this kitchen interior. The clean, sharp lines on the wood cabinets introduce a super visual effect to the smart decorative palette.

Classic Kitchen with creamy wood panels

Image Source: Archiexpo

Vertical wood paneled backslash with bold structure and coat creamy paint matching the cabinets create a breezy and light appearance in the classic and formal kitchen. The vertical wood panels strikes through the clean lined cabinets and create a vivid visual effect in the plain appearance of the kitchen.

Contemporary Wood Paneled Kitchen

Image Source: True Line Wood Works

A Walnut timber veneer with a noisy texture introduce a blend of modern, natural and contemporary ambiance in a utterly slick and minimalist kitchen. A pinch of hot pink wall decor and warm red bar stool add a vivid and ecstatic touch in the modern and natural kitchen interior.

Cozy Kitchen with Noisy Wood Paneling

Image Source: Puck Drawn

The bamboo wood panel with a quite lively texture and noisy surface acts as a dashingly statement wall in what can be assumed as a contemporary and sleek kitchen. The rich color and the natural warmth of the wood adds a utterly cozy and relaxing feel in the modern and minimalist setting of the kitchen interior.

Dramatic Kitchen With Wood Panels

Image Source: Ramtco

The arrangement of the incredibly warm oak wood panel with clean lined surface and white concrete post at the middle in combination with the natural stone backslash sets the ideal blend of natural materials, modern appearance and warm color, providing the kitchen interior with a smooth, airy ambiance.

Farmhouse Kitchen with White Wood Panels

Image Source: Decorpad

Naturally a farmhouse setting of the kitchen interior involves a wood panels with a traditional paint coat and classical design. The creamy white tone of the wood panels strikes through the warm and rustic roof beams on the ceiling, and soothes down the heavy ambiance that comes from pastel blue cabinets.

Industrial Kitchen with Rustic Wood Paneling

Image Source: Cococozy

Unfinished wood panels used on the walls with a rustic nature and hints of blurry gray introduce sharp and at the same time warm ambiance in what seems as a cold and flat kitchen. The wood panels has truly prevented the cold and dull appearance of the kitchen and visually improved the place.

Modern Kitchen with Reclaimed Wood Panels


Image Source: Bates Masi

The raw gray shade of the unfinished rustic wood panel used on the ceiling and the kitchen mini bar brings the warmth in the place and breaks through the cold appearance of the white glossy cabinets. This kitchen interior has attained the balanced Zen ambiance and slick appearance due to the smart combination of raw wood paneling and high end cabinets.

Natural Kitchen With Wood Panels

Image Source: Furniture TrendZona

The light caramel wood laminate panel with noisy surface sets the warmth in the spacious and airy kitchen space. This kitchen has attained the natural and warm appearance due to the combination of sleek white cabinet with modern style and warm, natural wood panels.

Open Plan Kitchen with Wood Panels

Image Source: On Pine

The overall modern and contemporary appearance is extended with a natural and warm influence of the high end wood laminate panel which create an inviting and cozy feel in the kitchen interior.

Sleek Kitchen With Wood Panels

Image Source: My Home Rocks

The warm and opulent ambiance in slick kitchen is a courtesy of the extremely beautiful, natural wood panels used on the ceiling, kitchen island and the floor which has created the gorgeous rich and warm ambiance in the kitchen.

Sleek Wood Paneled Kitchen

Image Source: Zona Cucina

The dimly nature of the built in wood panel with opulent and noisy texture has broke through the plain white appearaance of the kitchen and introduce high end visual effect to the low key decorative palette.

Traditional Kitchen with Dark Wood Panels

Image Source: Archiexpo

A chocolate brown wood panel with a vertical bold structure adds warm and bold setting in the traditional and classic kitchen interior. This kind of wood panel can help you to create a cottage inspired appearance of the kitchen and add warm and cozy ambiance in the place.