15 Charming Country Kitchen Design Ideas

15 Charming Country Kitchen Design Ideas

When it comes to decorating the kitchen and choosing a specific theme and style, most of the people tend to bring more personal aspect and sentimental value to it with a nostalgic scent, since most of us still remember the dazzling smell of baking pie of our grandma’s kitchen. In case you are one of the people who want to stick to the tradition and create a farmhouse inspired kitchen with country nature, you are on the right place to be. Today we are going to talk about the perks of decorating a country kitchen and its pocket full of bright colors, natural wooden materials and vintage fabrics. Country Kitchen reflects charming, natural and breezy ambiance with a bright and relaxing appearance and is perfect for every home that appreciate the traditional value. Below you can check a showcase of the most inspiring and charming 16 country kitchen design which could provide you with some ideas. Enjoy!

Airy Country Kitchen

Image Source: Hooked On Houses

The blend of farmhouse elements and white color scheme provide this kitchen with cozy and pleasant character. The valued open ceiling and plenitude of skylight and wide windows allow the natural sunlight to come in the room and fill the place with airy and bright ambiance. The furnishing of this country kitchen is simple following a sharp line of white wooden cabinets with black marble counter top and black oven.

Charming Country Kitchen

Image Source: Stranger Than Vintage

The rustic feel of the deep blue wooden panel adds the country soul to this beautiful kitchen. The plain white wall soothe the heaviness from the rustic wood panel and add a soft note in the place, and the decorative plates on a sleek white shelve blend in the white snowy walls and add a charming and beautiful note in this lovely kitchen.

Contemplative Country Kitchen

Image Source: A home full of color

The color scheme of this Country kitchen most likely associates to autumn specter of colors with a plenitude of warm, hearty colors that add a beautiful and soulful note in the place. The arrangement of colors in combination with the open display of the plate cabinet and the pan rack create a whimsical and lively appearance of this amazing kitchen.

Country Kitchen with Bench

Image Source: Country Living

The oak wood floor breaks through the plain white appearance of the walls and provide this smartly decorated kitchen with warm and earthy note. The kitchen nook with Country plaid cushions brights up the place and act as a great decorative accent in the place. This country kitchen is decorated in a simple and yet smart and natural way.

Cozy Yellow Country Kitchen

Image Source: The Small Kitchen Design

This beautiful kitchen is on the margin of being country and being traditional kitchen, and the deciding element of declaring this yellow kitchen as country is the vintage yellow wallpaper in combination with the classical white cabinets which completely changes the outlook of the place.

Cream and Oak Country Kitchen

Image Source: Bhg

The cream and oak goes always together when it comes to decorating a Country kitchen. The oak floor in combination with the hits of creamy wall creates a relaxing and charming ambiance in the place. The subway backsplash tiles strikes with a rustic wood beams creates balanced and soft appearance.

Flagstone Floor White Country Kitchen

Image Source: Freshome

The contrast of a flag stone floor and exposed wooden roof beams provides this spacious country kitchen with balanced and relaxing ambiance . The navy blue vintage oven stands out in the kitchen and acts as a striking complement to the white cabinets. The open plan of this kitchen makes it look vibrant and natural.

Mint green Country Kitchen

Image Source:Rushrm

The mint green cabinet have done a wondrous job in providing this kitchen with fresh and romantic country appearance. The painted white bricks add a nice clean texture in the place contrasting the stone floor tiles and creating an ecstatic and perky ambiance in this vibrant and refreshing country kitchen.

Pale Blue Country Kitchen

Image Source: House To Home

The serene blue color of this country kitchen creates a fresh and vibrant appearance of the place. The stone floor tiles in a creamy beige color open up the kitchen and provide it with elegant and soft touch. We love how the blue bricks backsplash stands out below the exposed pale blue wall.

Refreshing Blue Country Kitchen

Image Source: Remodelista

How vibrant and refreshing is this turquoise country kitchen, right? The over all appearance of this beautiful kitchen is loose and easy going due to the smart blend of refreshing color scheme and natural wooden materials. The turquoise walls with rustic wooden panel as a backplash and ultra marine cabinets set a distinctive and ecstatic feel in the place.

Romantic White Country Kitchen

Image Source: Country Living

We choose this country kitchen as our favorite pick, since of the simple and yet perky and ecstatic design. The usage of white subway tiles for a backslash and industrial white ceiling pendants has provided this kitchen with a specific charming and lovely feel. The dark walnut floor contrasts the white appearance of the place and add a warm and hearty note inside.

Rustic Country Kitchen

Image Source: elle decor

The ethnic and characteristic back splash tiles in a distinctive gray color setts a bit of a dark setting but the maple wood cabinets soothe the heaviness and find the balance of the place. The rustic kitchen table in combination with lose rustic chairs add a vintage and beautiful note in this charming country kitchen.

Vintage Country Kitchen

Image Source: We Recommend

White subways baksplash tiles, super rustic pantry with attached green lamp and vintage oven create the whimsical and amazing appearance of this vintage country kitchen.

Whimsical Country Kitchen

Image Source: Out There Interiors

This Country kitchen has a bit of an eclectic appearance due to the distinctive purple kitchen island standing out in this kitchen and acting as a real charmer. The bold roof beams and mosaic back splash tiles contrast each other and provide this modern country kitchen with an opulent and perky ambiance.

White Country Kitchen With Beams

Image Source: House to Home

Monochrome white kitchen with a roof beams is a basically the formula for creating a country decor in the kitchen. This white kitchen reflects serene and perky ambiance due to the blend of natural materials and white color.