15 Cheery Green Kitchen Design Ideas

15 Cheery Green Kitchen Design Ideas

The paint color can decide the ambiance and the style of the kitchen interior, that is a fact, as we have already established the fact that the color is an energy, and by picking a specific color you are directly choosing the mood board of your kitchen interior. For the one who want to feel the breeze of the spring ambiance and want to have a kitchen with a cheery and calm feel, we have the right color idea for you: Green. Green paint for the kitchen is a utter choice for everyone who want to attain relaxing and yet cheerful and fresh ambiance in the kitchen. It has been proved scientifically, that the green color has a calming and relaxing effect. Regardless of the shade, a green color will surely help you to create a bright and lovely kitchen. So, in order to provide you with inspiration and ideas, we’ve gathered the most captivating Green Kitchen Design Ideas which could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Bright Green Kitchen

Image Source: Bay West Builders

The blend of pastel, cheery colors and natural warm materials make this kitchen soft looking, refreshing and vibrant. The pastel green cabinets add a special cheery charm into the kitchen interior, and matched with the breezy rattan bar stools makes a really chilled and breezy feel in this bright and beautiful kitchen.

Contemporary Green Kitchen

Image Source: EduBlogger

This is a great idea for everyone who want to attain both a simple and cheery ambiance in the kitchen. The designer of this kitchen has used only two tones, and you can notice by yourself how the neon green backsplash has break through the glossy white cabinets and gives a new whole dimension of freshness in this kitchen.

Cotage Green Kitchen

Image Source: Bhg

The cottage style kitchen is not shuddered by dark colors and heavy ambiance, in contrary furnished with pastel green cabinets this kitchen has attained a fresh and lively appearance. You can notice the fruity and ecstatic ambiance that comes of the combination of pastel green cabinets with walnut counter top.

Deep Green Kitchen Design

Image Source: Celebrate Grater Mound

You can notice the calming and balanced ambiance in this kitchen attained by the dominance of the pastel green cabinets along with the pastel green wood paneling. The green color scheme in this kitchen has contribute in providing the place with warm, calm and tranquile feel.

Distinctive Green Kitchen

Image Source: Elle Decor

This kitchen is actually the property of the Hollywood Actress Cameron Diaz, so you can notice that this kitchen is reflecting also her distinctive and sophisticated taste. The deep green cabinets are creating a really dynamic and opulent ambiance in the interior and its simplicity adds more beauty to the overall appearance.

Eco Green Kitchen

Image Source: Cabinet Colors

The plain Eco- Green wall acts as a green tea in this beautiful and calm kitchen. The tranquile and chilled ambiance in this kitchen is a curtousy of the distinctive pale green shades that provides this beautiful kitchen with relaxing and calm feel. The white cabinets with walnut countertops breaks through the green wall and brights up the place.

Farmhouse Green Kitchen

Image Source: Hgtv

This spacious kitchen is absolutely lovely and perky. The soft green shade had the major role in providing this kitchen with the homey and charming ambiance. The calm green shade improves the aesthetics of this interior and matched with whites and light wood the kitchen got the inviting and lively appearance.

Industrial Green Kitchen

Image Source: Mikel Adsbol

The deep green wall creates a superb and dynamic ambiance in this beautiful industrial kitchen. Moreover the green shade totally addapts with the cool and industrial setting of this kitchen and provides the place with urban and chic ambiance.

Light Green Kitchen

Image Source: Beautiful Home Desings

The pastel green shade of the walls bring a really soft and lively outlook of this kitchen and the striped green drapes add an interesting texture and visual effect to the place. The white cabinets brights up the place and go totally with the cheery and ecstatic ambiance of this beautiful kitchen.

Lime Green Kitchen

Image Source: Sherwin Wiliams

The breezy green plain walls create an outstanding and super warm and lively ambiance in this beautiful farmhouse kitchen. The distinctive green shades creates a really balanced and soft appearance of this kitchen and along with the cottage setting it adds an ecstatic and yet relaxed overall appearance.

Modern Green Kitchen

Image Source: Kitchen Edit

The grass green backsplash tilles create an amazing effect in this contemporary kitchen. The powerful green breaks through the monotone ambiance of the white cabinets and provides this kitchen with ultra dynamic and modern feel.

Natural Green Kitchen

Image Source: Houzz

The green shade totally adapts in the french country theme of this charming and natural kitchen. The green tea shade of the countertops takes an important place in this kitchen and creates a calm and relaxing ambiance in the interior.

Small Green Kitchen

Image Source: One Kind Design

Here is another combination of white and green, which proves that this is a great color combination for creating a natural and ecstatic appearance of the kitchen.

Soft Green Kitchen

Image Source: Lowes

The smaragd green backsplah tiles breaks through the too much whiteness of this kitchen, breaks through the monotone appearance and creates vibrant and lively ambiance.

Spring Green Kitchen

Image Source: Hgtv

The pastel green shade of the walls goes perfectly with the white cabinets and creates a really natural and warm ambiance in this beautiful and relaxed kitchen.