15 Contemporary Kitchen Designs with Red Cabinets

15 Contemporary Kitchen Designs with Red Cabinets

Whenever you want to draw attention on some element in the kitchen you paint it in a vivid and vibrant color as red, since this color cannot be missed in the interior. Besides, red as the most dynamic and sensual color is powerful enough to determine a bold style of your kitchen. In case you want to create a modern and contemporary kitchen, you should keep in mind that adding a red cabinets will instantly provide the kitchen with bold and contemporary setting. Kitchen with red cabinets will most likely reflect dynamic energy and provide the place with super modern and contemporary appearance. Kitchen with red cabinets is a great idea for everyone who strive to create a bold, determined kitchen with sleek and modern appearance. In order to inspire you we selected the most ravishing kitchen designs with hot red kitchen cabinets, so check the showcase below. Enjoy!

Traditional Kitchen with Red Hot Cabinets

Image Source: This Old House

The traditional setting of this modern and sensual kitchen complemented by the burnt red painted cabinets provides this place with a whole new concept and story. The serious and sort of dynamic scent that the dark red colored cabinets are providing to the kitchen is soothed with the natural wooden floor which adds a balanced ambiance in the place.

Bright Red Kitchen Cabinets

Image Source: Scavolini

How fresh and vibrant is this kitchen, right? The clean lines and sleek appearance in combination with the super arranged red and white color scheme has created a real divine in this place. The glossy red kitchen cabinets stand out and provide the place with an amazing and super contemporary statement.

Kitchen with Lacquered Red Cabinets

Image Source: Made in China

This fabulous red kitchen has a really modern and sensual appearance due to the beautifully arranged red cabinets which stand out in one line and create a super dynamic and contemporary feel in this modern kitchen. The prevalence of red has created a really elegant and classy ambiance in this place.

Sleek Kitchen with Burnt Red Cabinets

Image Source: Home Depot

These kitchen cabinets are perfect for creating a modern and contemporary kitchen with distinctive and bold nature. The distinctive hot red shade of the cabinets, in combination with the glossy and sleek design has make this cabinets a perfect elements for creating a bold and daring setting in the kitchen.

Retro Kitchen with Red Cabinets

Image Source: Lowes

These classical kitchen cabinets painted in coat red has completly changed the overall concept of this fresh and contemporary kitchen. The black and white chess floor works as a great striking complement and draws the attention to the bright red wooden cabinets which create an ecstatic and opulent ambiance in this place.

Monochrome Kitchen with Glossy Red Cabinets

Image Source: Decorators Showcase

We have to admit that this kitchen design leave us in awe, because of the superb and sleek appearance decorated with bold hot red cabinets and matching hot red backslash. The monochrome nature of this kitchen is stooped by the long wooden dining table which is set in the middle of the kitchen and provides the place with natural and balanced ambiance.

Classy Kitchen with Glossy Red Cabinets

Image Source: Trend Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen is truly radiant and amazing, the glossy red kitchen cabinets are providing the place with an opulent and ultra modern ambiance, reflecting dynamic and ecstatic energy. The color of these kitchen cabinets is truly superior in standing out in this kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen with Red Cabinets

Image Source: JennAir

The combination of stainless steel and glossy red kitchen cabinets has provided this kitchen with extremely bold and modern appearance. The industrial setting of this kitchen is complemented by the bright and vibrant red cabinets and on that way is prevented dull and monochrome ambiance and created a lively and ecstatic feel.

Cottage Inspired Kitchen with Red Cabinets

Image Source: Lake House Cabinetry

The coat red painted cabinets act as a real charmers in this cute cottage inspired kitchen. The nature of this kitchen is charming and romantic so the burnt red cabinets totally adapt in the overall setting and provide this place with beautiful appearance.

Cozy Kitchen with Red Cabinets

Image Source: Bhg

The cherry red cabinets totally adapt it the cottage inspired setting of this adorable kitchen. The industrial accents provide the kitchen with dynamic and ecstatic appearance, and the wide window add natural sunlight and brights up the place completely.

Daring Red Kitchen

Image Source: Concreations

The glossy red cabinets act as a striking complement of this kitchen and create the fresh and modern appearance of the place. The red kitchen cabinet adapts to the overall contemporary concept soothed up by the white marble worktop. The black fridge strikes as a unique black accent and provide the place with modern feel.

Modern Red Kitchen

Image Source: KBBC

The overall appearance of this kitchen is astonishing and captivating. The sleekness of the glossy red cabinets fills the entire kitchen with ecstatic and opulent ambiance and sets up the modern setting of the place.

Vibrant Kitchen with Red Cabinets

Image Source: Remodel Aholic

There is something really fresh and vibrant in this kitchen that just by looking at the picture makes you feel pleasent and relaxed, that is outcome of the super arranged red modern cabinets with the natural wooden exposed beams which soothe the red dynamic and provide the place with balanced and calm ambiance.

Vivid Kitchen with Bright Red Cabinets

Image Source: Cococozy

These amazing red cabinets surely are the main charmer in this kitchen and set up the charming and elegant ambiance in the place. The glass cabinets additionally bring a vintage and French inspired feel in the place.

Beautiful Kitchen with Red Cabinets

Image Source: Decorating Files

This family kitchen with a great layout has an amazing and refreshing appearance due to the painted red cabinets which surely stand out in the place and provide it with modern and contemporary feel.