15 Cool Chopping Board Designs for the Kitchen

15 Cool Chopping Board Designs for the Kitchen

When we are working in the kitchen, we always want to have our tools within reach. We don’t want to spend our cooking time just looking for our ingredients or tools. So before you even get started, be sure you have one of the most important things that you use in the kitchen aside from the knife. This is actually the knife’s partner and without it, it would mean destruction of your countertop. Yes, you guessed it right! The cutting board or others call it the chopping board. You can be as personal as you want with your kitchen tools, that way, you can be more inspired while cooking. Here are some cutting boards in cool designs.

Acacia Chopping Board with Heart Handle

 Image source: Blogger

When handling your chopping board, make sure you do not accidentally drop it. We recommend this Acacia Chopping Board with Heart Handle which is a sturdy material and comes in a sweet and simple design.

Checkered Cutting Board Design

 Image source: Blip Tv

This thick Checkered Cutting Board design is made of sturdy material so that whatever cutting it is that you need to do, say you need to cut thick bones of big fish, you can be sure your cutting board won’t crack.

Creative Guitar Cutting Board Design

Image source: Creative Guitar

This Creative Guitar Cutting Board Design is for the music lovers who also love to cook! Well, those are some talents right there. When you just can’t get enough of music, how bout bringing your music instrument into the kitchen?

Fish Shaped Wood Cutting Board

 Image source: Oem Promo

You can actually be very obsessive compulsive in the kitchen and separate your cutting board for the raw stuff from the cutting board that you will be using for fruits and veggies, in that way, you can be very hygienic. How ’bout getting this Fish Shaped Cutting Board for your fish cutting needs?

Fishbone Inlaid Cutting Board

 Image source: Artsy Home

Put some art and inspiration when you cut fish or any kind of meat with this Fishbone Inlaid Cutting Board which is also comes in a sturdy material.

Goal Soccer Ball Shaped Wood Cutting Board

 Image source: Oem Promo

Catching up with the World Cup lately? Never miss a game with this Soccer Ball Shaped cutting board in your kitchen.

Grothouse Keyboard Cutting Board

 Image source: Wood Countertop

Music conveys love especially when it someone plays or makes it for you. Well, it is the same way for food. As they say, the stomach is the best way to a man’s heart. Express the same love that you have for music with you love for cooking with this keyboard shaped cutting board.

Large Chessboard Chopping Board Walnut and Maple

 Image source: Artsy Home

Are you a fan of playing chess? If you are, you can’t forever play chess right? You also need some time in the kitchen. Enjoy cooking with this wonderful chessboard design from Artsy Home.

Original Engraved Butchers Chart Wooden Chopping Board

 Image source: Not on the Highstreet

If you happen to be cooking pork tonight and you just love to cook pork in different kinds of ways, this chopping board is a good partner for your cooking endeavors.

Patterned and Grained Glass Cutting Board

 Image source: Tl Box

These nice cutting board patterns makes your cutting board look more interesting. This unique design is different from the ones that we usually see in the kitchen.

Personalised Wooden Chopping Board Set

 Image source: Make Me Something Special

If you are one of those who are OC in the kitchen as mentioned earlier, you can always avail of these small cutting boards that are already classified for your convenience.

Personalized Chopping Board for Couples

 Image source: Etsy

If you are looking for a wonderful gift for newly weds, this personalized cutting board is a perfect gift for them.

Thai Pepper Reclaimed Teak Chopping Board

 Image source: Enviro Gadget

For a simpler chopping board that is surely sturdy and functional and one that you can also hang in the kitchen, then go for this reclaimed teak chopping board from Enviro Gadget.

Traditional Cutting Board Design

 Image source: Custom Made

You can always choose the simpler designs if you are just after functionality. Just make sure that the wood material that you are using for your chopping boards are durable.

Wallnut Spline Cutting Board

 Image source: Plane Knotty Wood Works

This design from Plane Knotty Wood Works will best fit in a modern kitchen with some wood or black details.