15 French Inspired Kitchen Designs

15 French Inspired Kitchen Designs

Naturally, every country has a specific way and style of decorating the kitchen, a style that reflects the mentality and culture of the particular region. Anyway, due to the flexibility in nowadays interior decor we tend to find some foreign decor styles appealing and more charming then ours and we tend to adapt that style into our kitchen, for instance the French style. French style its appealing and accepted universaly because of the non-chalant, incrediably galant charm and elegance that this style reflects. French inspired kitchen is a mix of elegance, sophistication and relaxed cozy feel, feautured with both heavy and luxurious elements balanced with creamy and white color scheme. French inspired kitchen may be a perfect choice for everyone who strive to attain that nonchalant and vibrant spark in their kitchen. We are going to present you a showcase of 15 French Inspired Kitchen Designs that may leave you in awe. Enjoy!

Amazing French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: French Country Cottage

The nonchalant note that prevails in this kitchen is just beautiful and perky. The classy chandelier as the striking complement of this bright and French styled kitchen adds a splendid touch, contrasting the white color scheme and natural wooden cabinets. The wooden panel along with the decorative plates and chalkboard bring interesting and vibrant feel in the place.

Bright French Style Kitchen

Image Source: Blue Tea

We really love how this pale blue kitchen island with a chest drawers on the side with a wooden work top stands out in this elegant white kitchen. The glass cabinets add an elegant and French charm into the place and stand along with the classy iron chandelier completing the overall beautiful appearance of this French styled kitchen.

Classy French Style Kitchen

Image Source: Degiulio Kitchens

This kitchen has a really bold and profound character with various decorative levels. The wooden roof beams along with the stacked stone wall bring rustic and cottage inspired charm in the place and the black and white ktichen island acts as striking complement and provides this kitchen with interesting contrast.

Country French Kitchen Design

Image Source: Buyaz

The distinctive and a bit of odd decorative pallete in this kitchen is what it makes it beautiful and most of all French inspired. The rooster wallpaper as a trademark of France sets up the French inspiration in the kitchen and provides this place with beautiful and interesting feel, along with the floral blue backsplash above the stove.

Creamy French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: Home Depot

The white stone vent above the metal range stove sets up elegant and French setting in this white and sleek kitchen. The big kitchen island with sink and marble work top along with the beautiful candle chandelier provide warm, beautiful and inspirative ambiance in this adorable kitchen.

Elegant French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: Rough Luxe

This French isnpired kitchen radiates warm and sophisticated ambiance due to the smart combination of colors, materials and texture. Every piece of furniture and color in this place has its own important role. The wooden accented ceiling sets up rustic and cottage ambiance in the place, the pale blue kitchen island brights up the serious feel that comes from the dark wooden cabinets and the accent chandeliers with candles sublime the elegant and French appearance of this lovely kitchen.

French Cottage Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: Hgtv Remodels

This kitchen is adorable and perky and reflects clean and vibrant energy. This small kitchen isnpired by a French countryside kitchen has choose an adorable decorative and color pallete. The balanced and relaxed ambiance is due to the combination of white color pallete of the wall and glass cabinets and the warm walnut floor tiles and wooden kitchen table. Just astounishing!

French Country Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: Maison Decor

You surely can notice the adorable french charm that is very obvious in this kitchen. The contrast of the black heavy chandelier and the amazing white glass cabinets along with the reclaimed wood kitchen table creates a balanced and calm ambiance in this sophistictaed French inspired kitchen.

Luxururious French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: Haber Sham Home

This is typucal French Bourgouise inspired kitchen, gloring with spledind style and extremely luxurious and sophisticated ambiance. The stone vent is typycal French and adapts with the creamy white glass cabinets and big wooden kitchen island with marble work top. The classy, sparkling chandelier sublimes the elegance in this amazing French kitchen.

Modern French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: House Beautiful

This is modern and sophistiaced French kitchen decorated in a really straight and clear order with calm and fresh colors and warm, natural furniture. This kitchen radiates super French nonchalance and relaxing ambiance due to the breezy walls and dark wooden floor along with the simple and beautiful kitchen table.

Outstanding French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: Willow Decor

This is an award wining French kitchen with genious and captivating style. Every texture, color and peice of fruniture in this kitchen is on its right place, radiating warm energy and providing the place with extremely beautiful and classy ambiance.

Traditional French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: Home Designing

Here is another example of a typical Frenc Kitchen with a relaxed and breezy ambiance and beautiful white appearance. Everythign about this kitchen is charming and beautiful: the white cabinets, the elegant chandelier the arched window, the big white kitchen with backless chairs.

Vintage French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: Casual Cottage

This is a really amazing and beautiful Frenc inspired kitchen decorated in a really charming way. The pastel blue cabients set up a vintage and distinctive ambiance in the place contrasting the perky curtain and french backless stools.

Warm French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: Home Soft

There are three word that can decribe this kitchen the best: Glorious, warm and amazing. In fact there are milion epithets and adjectives that can describe this kitchen but you can conclude by your own that the designers of this ktichen has done an amazing job by adding wooden furniture settled in an amazing layout.

White French Inspired Kitchen

Image Source: Craft Art

This narrow and yet amazing kitchen has a really relaxed and beautiful appearance. The arched window acts as a striking complement of this amazign white French ktichen.