15 ideas for kitchen pendant lighting

15 ideas for kitchen pendant lighting

Kitchen design is an exceptionally vast field of its own. It has various interfaces and genres – including but not limited to lighting, cabinets, counter and hood design – and that is not taking in account the functional and pragmatic aspects of the layout. No matter how important the functionality, it can never be complete without the aesthetic; and lighting is the ‘Big Daddy’ of all aesthetics. Keeping that in mind, today we will be taking a look at some beautiful pendent light ideas for your kitchens.

The Classical Overture

Pendent lights in classical designs can either be too frou frou, or in the image of a more modern neo-classical formation. The one you see in the image below lies somewhere in between. While the chain and veneer along with the arabesque lighting gives off a more Grecian vibe, the glass and metal structure reinforce the modern aspect. All in all, this pendent light would be right at home in a neo-classical style kitchen interior.

Going Rustic

Rustic is all about the country aesthetic – all neat wooden trimmings, showdown beams and an all-natural look that reinforces the cabin-in-the-woods vibe. A rustic style kitchen interior would demand a pendent light that can suit that particular aesthetic. The hanging gold chandelier-style fixture below would be perfect for this sort of an ambient lighting integration.

Plain Sailing

If your kitchen interior is somewhat overly classical, and you need to curb off some of that timeless opulence then it is time to go for something light. Pendent lights are most notably available in rather simple designs, and the ones featured below show just how seamlessly these can integrate into a more traditional setting without seeming out of context.

The Pagoda Lamp

The flowery incline of this pendent light might have seemed quite beleaguered if used out of context; but here, in this beige textured kitchen interior, it seems more than capable of taking the brunt of the aesthetic. Its Pagoda-style incline gives off a minimalist yet florid outlook, which fits the rather dichotomous interior style it is accentuating.

Bring on the Industrial

The Industrial style is all about accentuating the structure and basic integrity of the design. It focuses on baring the very bones of the design concept – along with its lighting counterparts. The hanging bulb pendent light is a new fashion in the industrial style genre that accommodates the functional as well as aesthetic quality of this style.

Try being Minimal

Maybe minimal is going a bit overboard, but this pendent light design leaves little to the imagination. Its elongated yet curvilinear form would be the perfect highlight for any kitchen island – provided the right interior context; which, in this case seems to be anything and everything.

The Funny Side of Ornate

The neo-classical style demands some florid accentuation when it comes to décor. While the wainscoting and minimal beading comes with a touch of contemporary realism, it is through the elaborate decoration fixtures that this kitchen interior style trudges the fine line between modern and ornate. As you can see below, the pendent style chandelier lights reinforce the ambience of lush luxuriousness in this particular design.

The Right Side of Contemporary

Contemporary design is all about the avant-garde and out-of-the-box; and this kitchen pendent lighting is everything, but. The light curve of the cord, along with the elliptical shape of the light itself gives off a queer but appreciative vibe to the otherwise dreary interior of the kitchen.

Riding the Modern Wave

Modern interiors are all about edgy lines, straight laced furniture design and simplistic decoration fixtures. This kitchen pendent light embraces all of the junctures that describe the modern movement and create a superfluous ambiance that is just the right side of modern design.

The Blow Glass Pendent Light

Perhaps the most widely embraced gene of pendent lights, the blow glass formation can only look good in a certain genre of kitchen interior design; minimal with a side of contemporary. Its transparent body allows for a restrained look, but amplified the lighting opacity – which works wonders for the actual aesthetic.

The Simplicity to Tradition

If your kitchen interior is a bit towards the overcrowded side of the traditional style line, then it would be best to go with a simple design for the pendent lights. In the image below, you will see how the translucent body of the lamp fits right in with the traditional side of the interior quite seamlessly.

The Tulip Design

Pendent lights come in all shapes and sizes, but only the style of your interior can determine which kind of lighting fixture you use. The tulip style pendent light used in this kitchen goes well with the semi-traditional and semi-modern vibe of the interior; and so its stylistic expression adds to the character of the kitchen interior.

The Jelly Fish Pendent Light

The style of this kitchen pendent light is queer enough to demand a contemporary accompanying interior. The glass shade over the translucent lamp gives off a coltish vibe to the kitchen without seeming to deferential to the overall design.

The Cylinder Treatment

Cylindrical pendent lights are very commonplace – perhaps because of their very generic aesthetic, or maybe because of their ability to fit in any kind of interior. As you can see below, they are rather simple in design, but their effect on the ambiance is exceptional distinctive.

The Infinity Cord 

In most of the designes we’ve observed above, the shape of the lamp varies but the design of the cord remains quite constant. But this pendent light combines a simple shade design with a complicated cord, which gives it an individual quality that sets it apart from most. This kind of a pendent light would fit in any contemporary style kitchen.

Now that you’ve seen the variety of available pendent lights within the right context of kitchen interiors, we hope this article will help you make a more informed decision for any foray in kitchen lighting design.