15 Incredibly Airy Kitchen Designs with Skylights

15 Incredibly Airy Kitchen Designs with Skylights

Considering the fact that you spend essential parts of your day in the kitchen, it is understandable the interior to have a proper source of natural sunlight. The most beneficial for providing the kitchen with natural sunlight are glass walls, however not everyone can afford to wreck  concrete walls in the kitchen and install glass wall. Anyways, there is a really smart and creative alternative solution that can allow you to provide your kitchen interior with natural light, and it is a low cost small update: skylights. Skylights are the result of the innovative and advanced architecture. Skylights will benefit your kitchen in architectural and aesthetic aspect, it will provide it with interesting and advanced appearance and it will lighten up and open up the place by adding natural sunlight. Kitchen with skylights look utterly bright and charming, bursting with natural sunlight and airy ambiance. If you thinking of remodel your kitchen or adding some hot update, skylight may be the right choice. Check out the below list of 15 Airy Kitchen Designs with Skylights  and get inspired.

Amazing Kitchen with Skylight

Amazing Kitchen with SkylightImage Source: Right Move

Aside of the beautiful spacious room that this kitchen posses, we have to not that  the several square skylights are the main charmers in the outstanding white kitchen. The square skylights placed on the upper part of the ceiling wall, stand out magnificently and absolutely open up this white and airy kitchen.

Bleached Oak Kitchen with Skylight

Bleached Oak Kitchen with SkylightImage Source: Minnie Petters

We cannot decide what we love more, the bleached oak roof ceiling or the skylight positioned at the middle, they are both amazing and super innovative, right? The combination of natural sunlight that comes from the center skylight and strikes through out this charming and sleek kitchen is just breathtakingly gorgeous.

Charming kitchen with Skylights

Charming kitchen with SkylightsImage Source: Homedit

The contrasting effect that this kitchen got due to the dark hardwood floor and natural sunlight from the symmetric skylights on the ceiling is just beautiful. The skylights surely add beautiful charming accent on the ceiling and provide this kitchen with advanced architectural appearance.

Contemporary Kitchen with Skylight

Contemporary Kitchen with SkylightImage Source: Bungalux

The architecturally impressive appearance of this kitchen is due to the perfect layout and the natural sunlight that comes from the square skylight on the ceiling. The skylight is positioned above the kitchen island, which was very smart and ingenious move.

Cottage Kitchen with Skylight

Cottage Kitchen with SkylightImage Source: Home Revo

We just adore this unbelievably gorgeous skylights that add super natural and advanced appearance to the warm and cozy kitchen. The skylight ceiling provide this kitchen with bold and dramatic statement and soothes the heaviness that comes from the dark and noisy furniture.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Skylight

Farmhouse Kitchen with SkylightImage Source: Goc Add

What a beautiful and charming kitchen, right?  You can feel the relaxing and calm ambiance just looking at this picture. The harmonized setting in white color scheme in combination with the symmetric skylights  framed with white wood provided this place with airy and cheery ambiance.

Galley Kitchen with Skylight

Galley Kitchen with SkylightImage Source: Bungalux

The bold skylight on the ceiling is surely the main charmer in this beautiful white galley kitchen. The skylight is placed in the center of the ceiling, striking with natural sunlight and providing this kitchen with advanced and contemporary statement.

Luminous White Kitchen with Skylights

Luminos White Kitchen with SkylightsImage Source: Design inspiration

The kind of gloomy and dark appearance of this kitchen is soothed down with the help of the super bold skylight, placed on the roof shaped ceiling. The skylight act as a great focal point in this kitchen and provides the place with natural sunlight and charming ambiance.

Luxury Kitchen with skylight

Luxury Kitchen with skylightImage Source: Right Move

The skylights on the ceiling stands out amazingly in this spacious family kitchen. The arrangement of the ceiling skylights is sharp and symmetrical, which creates a nice visual effect in this traditional kitchen.

Natural Kitchen with Skylights

Natural Kitchen with SkylightsImage Source:iWoman

The skylights placed on the roof shaped ceiling, decorated with walnut wood beams create a bold natural statement in this charming and light kitchen.We love how the skylights have a subtle and natural appearance, providing this kitchen with sunlight and beautiful breezy ambiance.

Rustic Kitchen with Skylights

Rustic Kitchen with SkylightsImage Source: Looks like White

The skylights stands out gorgeously on the plain white ceiling wall in this cool rustic kitchen. The creamy beige appearance is enhanced with the natural sunlight and the aesthetic boost that these skylight has provided to this kitchen interior.

Serene Kitchen with Skylight

Serene Kitchen with SkylightImage Source: Blue Tea

You can notice the shadow on the floor, reflecting the sunlight that comes from the utterly bold and creative skylights which contribute to the white and airy appearance of this amazing kitchen.

Sleek Kitchen with Skylight

Sleek Kitchen with SkylightImage Source: Pkarch

We love the overall sleek and yet warm ambiance in this modern mid-century kitchen. The square skylight positioned above the kitchen island, creates great natural and airy appearance of the kitchen and provides the place with breezy and relaxing ambiance.

Spacious Kitchen with Skylights

Spacious Kitchen with SkylightsImage Source: Fair Fax and Samonos

Beautifully arranged kitchen, we have to state that in the beginning. The super bold and architecturally advanced skylight has completely transform the basic and traditional appearance of this kitchen into a splendid and dramatic interior.

White Kitchen with Skylights

White Kitchen with SkylightsImage Source: Buzzle

Wow!  How bold and vibrant is this kitchen, right?  The glass walls were not enough for the designer of this incredibly light and airy kitchen, so he decided to add a sever super bold skylight that totally open up the white and serene kitchen, providing it with charming and dramatic appearance.