15 Inspiring Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas

15 Inspiring Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas

Eclectic style decor is a spectrum of mismatched colors, patterns, textures and materials, in general the eclectic style can be describe as taking everything that you like from each decor style and apply it in the interior. We love the bold and inspiring nature of this interior style and we think that is perfect for every room in the house, including the kitchen. The eclectic kitchen includes merging of various styles, for instance adding contemporary kitchen island and mis-matching it with exposed wood beams. If you are fan of the eclectic style and you want to boost up the contemporary and modern ambiance of the kitchen, why not choosing this decor style. We’ve gathered a showcase of 15 Inspiring Eclectic Kitchen design that could provide you with fun ideas that you can use. Take a look at the showcase below and enjoy!

Amazing Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source: Ranario

Wow! You don’t see a kitchen like this every day, right? This attic kitchen with immensely opulent and creative decorative palette is reflecting uber lively and vibrant ambiance. The eclectic charm of the variety of patterns and wood materials create the vibrant and chic appearance, while the big arched wall provide the place with natural sunlight and cozy appearance.

Bold eclectic kitchen

Image Source:Zeo Spot

So cool and modern, right? We love the high contrast appearance of the overall eclectic and contemporary kitchen. The green and white cube floor strikes through the overall white and black color scheme and provides this modern kitchen with eclectic and charming feel. The wood island adds a natural and vintage feel in the overall gorgeous kitchen.

Bright Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source:Southern Hospitality

The vibrant blue kitchen island strikes in the middle as a main charmer and provides the overall white kitchen with vibrant and modern appearance. The colorful ethnic area rug contributes to the charming appearance and bring eclectic feel in the superbly modern and bright kitchen.

Charming Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source: U Kitchen Design

We totally love the pastel green color scheme in this super cozy eclectic kitchen with funky decorative palette. The hanging glass rack is super creative and adds a interesting touch in the overall cozy and simple kitchen. We love the steel and wood retro bar stools that add the vintage appeal of this lively eclectic kitchen.

Contemporary Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source: Hepok

Here again you can see an eclectic kitchen with turquoise kitchen island that totally stands out in the middle of the ktichen and provides the place with super vibrant and lively ambiance. The vintage blue and white damask wallpaper set the country touch of the place and contributes to the interesting eclectic setting of the place.

Cool Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source:Toronto Design

We love this eclectic kitchen, it looks so modern and fresh and yet has managed to keep the cozy and friendly feel. The exposed brick walls with dark nature provide the place with warm and industrial touch while the unfinished oak cabinets and exposed wood beams strike with natural rustic vibe and add a balanced and beautiful ambiance in the superbly eclectic kitchen.

Distinctive Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source: Tony Blanco

This beautiful and natural eclectic kitchen has used Spanish decorating influence and has attained a perfect distinctive appearance. The natural stone wall work great as a foundation for creating a bold and dramatic appearance, while the black kitchen cabinets provide the place with fierce modern and sharp ambiance.

Dramatic Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source:Eat Well

This amazing loft kitchen has applied the eclectic decor through bright and opulent colors and industrial impurity of metallic bar stools. We love the pops of yellow kitchen island contrasting to the purple framed chalkboard that provides the tall brick walled interior with industrial and super modern statement.

Interesting Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source: A Magazine

This is a perfect archetype of an eclectic modern kitchen. The mismatched blue and red kitchen chairs add color and quirky feel in the overall funky and lively kitchen. The brick wall decorated with fun retro art and dark wood floating shelve create a nice backdrop and along with the rustic copper pendant contribute to the magnificent eclectic appearance of this kitchen.

Lively Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source:blog lovin

We love the warm and lively colors that are used in this magnificent eclectic kitchen. The brick wall creates urban and refined appearance and while the colorful ceiling pendants hanging upon the wood kitchen island sublime the picture of a cozy eclectic kitchen with ultra modern appearance.

Modern Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source:House To Home

This eclectic kitchen is superbly natural and perky. We love the rustic setting mismatched with industrial impurity of the copper pendant and vintage kitchen chairs. The color scheme is utterly neutral and bright which adds the natural and inviting feel of the interior.

Pink Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source: Bee Boats

The hot pink wall creates the quirky and distinctive ambiance in this super inspiring eclectic kitchen with bold decorative palette. The mismatched chairs create the interesting asymmetry in the interior, while the bold wood floating shelves add organized and neat appearance.

Small Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source:Hepok

The pastel color scheme works great for this retro eclectic kitchen with galley layout. We love the simple and yet inspiring setting in the overall bright and lively eclectic kitchen.

Stylish eclectic Kitchen

Image Source: Shenda Furniture

So coo and eclectic, right? The Eiffel white chairs add modern and contemporary feel in the overall lively and colorful kitchen decorated with bright and hot colors. The pops of green, pink and orange against the glossy white cabinets create a nice vibrant ambiance in the overall fun eclectic kitchen.

Trendy Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source: Telegraph 

The unfinished wood paneled wall with noisy surface creates a lively and opulent ambiance in this sleek eclectic kitchen. We love the black kitchen cabinet with oak wood worktop and additional glass cabinets. The floating shelve on the wall adds a functional and neat appearance of the super neat eclectic kitchen.

Vintage Eclectic Kitchen

Image Source: A Magazine

We love the Mediterranean feel of this amazing eclectic kitchen. The black and white geometric floor striking thorough the pastel green cabinets set a superb contrasting effect and nice visual appearance in the place. The vintage wallpaper backslash and rustic green beam decorated with old milk jugs add nice eclectic feel in the place.