15 Lovely and Inspiring Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

15 Lovely and Inspiring Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

When you want to attain a sheer serenity in the kitchen, when you want to to merge cold with warm in the same interior, when you want to create a monochrome kitchen that will yet burst style and vibrant, sharp energy, then you know that you want to create a Scandinavian Inspired Kitchen. The Scandinavian way of decorating the interiors is an endless source of inspiration, since this style is utterly profound and inspiring, featuring so little and providing so much, decorated with natural and minimalist setting and yet reflecting extremely cool and modern ambiance. The Scandinavian Kitchen most often reflects extremely fresh and vibrant ambiance due to the usage of natural elements, clean lines and neutral color scheme, decorated with sharp, distinctive decorative palette including cool artworks and raw decorative items such as chalkboard or something similar. If you are inspired by this way of decorating the kitchen and you want to try decorating your kitchen on Scandinavian way, we have a retreat of inspiration. Below, you can check a 15 Scandinavian Kitchen Designs that could utterly inspire you. Enjoy!

Airy Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: Freshome

The natural sunlight coming from the wide, tall window placed in the middle of the center wall, striking into the astonishingly clean and serene interior with prevailing white natural furniture and warm oak floor, making this kitchen to burst in its best glow. The simple decorative palette and usage of neutral colors make this kitchen look fresh, clean and serene.

Amazing Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: Az Gathering

You can surely notice the merger of cold and warm materials emerging into one complete ambiance and providing this sleek and serene kitchen with airy and cool ambiance. We love the play of texture that designer has made by adding narrow, horizontal oak floor contrasting with white subway tiles, it creates an awesome visual effect.

Artistic Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: One Kind Design

Notice the spectrum of contemporary furniture elements merged with industrial items, warm hardwood floor contrasting with glossy white cabinets. This place is a perfect archetype of Scandinavian kitchen, it screams modern and contemporary and yet still reflects calm and peaceful ambiance.

Attic Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: Locushire

We love how the designer of this kitchen has find the perfect balance by playing with contrast tones i.e adding pinch black chairs in a masterly white kitchen. The position of the kitchen, nestled in the attic adds an advanced architectural value, due to the accented ceiling with a wide skylight that brings a natural sunlight and improving the aesthetics of this beautiful kitchen.

Charming Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: wegox

Here is another example of an Scandinavian kitchen that can used contrasting tones in order to create a balance. The clean lines of the white, glossy cabinets contrasting with a black marble counter top and black door creates an interesting visual effect in the place. The shimmering oak wood floor warms up and soothes the dynamic that comes from the whites and blacks and provide this kitchen with harmony and natural appearance.

Cool Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: 66us

This Scandinavian kitchen looks utterly artistic, fresh and modern. It is really genius to attain a super ecstatic and sumptuous ambiance with such a few decorative elements, it is all a matter of disposition. The navy blue accent chairs set a specific contemporary vibe in the place striking on a inspiring black and white chess floor. The entire kitchen is shimmering due to the natural sunlight that strikes though the wide window at the middle of the room.

Fresh Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: Siemasko + Verbridge Design

We absolutely love how the bright blue vent and oven are striking through the vaguely white and gray tones that prevail in this beautiful Scandinavian kitchen. The center of the kitchen, the kitchen island is surely the main charmer due to its perfect design, giant size and smart storage space add a functional and aesthetic value to this kitchen.

Galley Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: Interior Home Designs

This kitchen look adorable and serene due to the subtle decorative palette and prevalence of white color scheme. The rustic area rug placed on the center of the kitchen breaks through the plain white appearance and provides the place with lively vibe. The galley layout of the kitchen totally adapts with the Scandinavian style and the light color scheme of this amazing interior.

Homey Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: InterDecor

Subway tiles as a floor solution is a genius move in order to create a cool and Industrial Scandinavian appearance in the kitchen. we love how the black mosaic backslash is contrasting the clean lined white cabinet and create a contrasting effect and balanced ambiance in this ultra modern and contemporary Scandinavian kitchen.

Lively Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: Freshome

This amazing Scandinavian kitchen is bursting with fresh and vibrant ambiance due to the turquoise wall contrasting the red striped area rug on a light oak wood floor. There is a specific friendly and cozy note in this kitchen that hard not to notice and is due to the fresh and light decorative and color scheme.

Mid Century Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: Christine Tuttle Design

The light and warm note that prevails in this kitchen is heartwarming, right?- We love the combination of light oak wood with sleek, white kitchen cabinets. The kitchen has an interesting layout, sleek and glossy surface and amazingly warm and light appearance which is typical for the Scandinavian way of decorating.

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: Traditional Home

The giant kitchen island with dark worktop sets up the center of this beautiful and artistic Scandinavian kitchen. The designer has done a great job by adding cool artworks on the plain white walls which has contribute to the cool and modern overall appearance of this beautiful kitchen.

Natural White Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

Here is a great archetype of Scandinavian kitchen. The heartwarming serenity and clean white appearance provides this place with a pure and soft ambiance. We love how the one lively artwork has add so much creative and artistic value in this absolutely gorgeous kitchen.

Sleek Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: iWoman

White kitchen cabinets with glossy surface and sleek design standing on a light wood floor, covered with black shag area rug is basically the formula for creating a sleek and contemporary Scandinavian kitchen. This snowy white kitchen is reflecting utterly pure and fresh ambiance.

Warm Scandinavian Kitchen

Image Source: Kress Jack At Home

The exposed roof beams are surely improving the aesthetics of this white Scandinavian kitchen and add an interesting and advanced architectural value to the place. This is a really beautiful and warm Scandinavian kitchen decorated with distinctive and profound taste of style.