15 Natural and Airy Kitchen Design Ideas

15 Natural and Airy Kitchen Design Ideas

The term natural and airy kitchen refer to a kitchen that is merely decorated with white and creamy tones and natural wooden materials. The main ambiance that prevails in this kind of kitchen is the fresh and sleek vibe that comes from the creamy and white tones and the warm and cozy feeling that comes from the wooden materials. Natural, airy appearance of the kitchen is a perfect fit for people who want sleek and modern ambiance, but still don’t want to lose touch with the natural and warm scent. The natural airy kitchen reflects with both sleekness and charming, warm note. The airy kitchen does not include too many metallic and steel elements and that is the beauty of it. Take a look at the below list of an amazing 15 natural airy kitchen and find the beauty yourself.

Airy Kitchen Design

Image Source: Stonepewtaraccents

The combination of dark walnut wooden floor and white kitchen cabinets is creating a perfect balance in this natural and creamy kitchen. The white wooden beams featured on the rustic wooden ceiling just adds a light and brightness in the place, and the pale blue mosaic backsplash tiles are providing the kitchen with fresh and clean ambiance.

Airy Open Plan Kitchen

Image Source: Colin Pole

Prevalence of the creamy and white tones is creating the concept of airy and natural appearance of this kitchen. The big wooden kitchen island is a great focal point in the room and featured with big, white wooden kitchen stools is just creating a perfect airy balance in the place.

Creamy Wooden Kitchen

Image Source: ZG Group

This kitchen has sleek appearance thanks to the well organized cabinets. The creamy wooden cabinets in combination with blue mosaic tiles is providing the place with airy, fresh and natural tone.

Elegant Kitchen with oak wood floor

Image Source: Simon Whitemore

The concept of this kitchen varies in many ways, but it sticks to the primary idea to stay natural and airy. The dark oak floor provides the earthy and warm, musky scent of the place and the creamy white cabinets ease up the ambiance and bring the sleek and airy tone of the same. In order to bring a sumptuous and elegant vibe, the homeowner has chosen a classy chandelier which is a genius move.

Airy Industrial White Kitchen

Image Source: Colin Poole

The spacious place of this kitchen is well organized and decorated with a bit of an industrial note regarding to the chalkboard panel and turquoise backsplash tiles, and yet the wooden floor and the dominance of the white tone provides the place with vivid, airy ambiance.

Sleek White Kitchen Design

Image Source: David Still

The bold wooden roof beams are really playing their role in this kitchen. The sleek white cabinets are totally broken through with the warm, scent from the wooden roof beams.

Sleek Elm Wood Kitchen

Image Source: Giovanni Offerdi Design

This is a reverse concept of what we call an airy and natural kitchen. Unlike other concepts which usually include white cabinets decorated with wooden floor or roof beams , this kitchen has a prevalence of natural wood cabinets and white sleek walls. Which is really ingenious concept.

Natural Rustic Kitchen

Image Source: HousetoHome

The light oak roof beams make an amazing statement in this modern airy kitchen. The furniture arrangement in this kitchen is perfect for the natural concept that this place throws.

Natural Oak Beamed Kitchen

Image Source: Richard Gadsby

The dark oak floor in combination with the white kitchen island creates a charming natural note in this airy kitchen. The two roof beams are breaking through the white ceiling and are additionally providing the place with a warm and natural touch.

Natural Creamy Kitchen with wood block worktop

Image Source: David Giles

This is small and yet fascinating organized kitchen with natural, airy appearance. The white cabinets organized in a smart and practical way are the sleek and modern part of this kitchen, and the dark wooden floor and the wood block worktop providing the place with a warm and natural touch. That’s how this kitchen has found its perfect balance.

Sleek White Kitchen with Wooden Shelves

Image Source: House to Home

The achromatic appearance of this ultra modern kitchen is broken thorough with the natural wood shelves which are providing the place with a natural and cozy note.

Spacious Cozy Kitchen

Image Source: Robert Sanderson

The sleek wooden floor is the heart note of this amazing and adorable kitchen. The grandiose white kitchen island featured with traditional white kitchen stools are just providing the place with airy and cozy note.

White and Distressed Kitchen

Image Source: Robert Sanderson

The natural light that is allowed from the wide and big windows provide this kitchen with a natural and airy note. The rustic wooden floor in combination with the big white kitchen island add and create the natural rustic appeal of this amazing kitchen.

White and Walnut Kitchen

Image Source: Rob Sanderson

The big walnut kitchen island is a real charmer in this amazing kitchen. The big white kitchen cabinets are providing the place with sleek and modern ambiance, and the hardwood floor bring up the warm and earthy vibe in the place.

White and Wood Natural Kitchen

Image Source: House to Home

The natural charm of this kitchen its just irresistible . Wooden white cabinets matched with a brown worktop details is providing this kitchen with the warm and natural scent.

We are sure you have already chosen your favorite kitchen with natural and airy appearance. See more on 12 Inspiring Kitchen Design Ideas.