15 Soft Pastel Colored Kitchen Design Ideas

15 Soft Pastel Colored Kitchen Design Ideas

Using pastels in the kitchen is the best way to add subtle color and charm in the interior. Without any doubt, pastels are the gentle side of the colors, the light and muted nature of the pastel tend to reflect a specific soft and sweet energy. If you wanted to create a white clean kitchen, but still want to use a little color in order to attain a soul to the kitchen, you can use any pastel shade to attain that. Pastel kitchen will without any doubt look sweet, bright and inviting. Pastels, regardless how they are applied in the kitchen, will surely boost up the sweet and feminine ambiance, since the pastel color has a uber soft and charming nature. We’ve prepared a showcase of 15 Pastel Colored Kitchen Design Ideas in order to inspire you. Enjoy!

Amazing Kitchen with Pastel Green

Image Source:sploib

The snowy white matched and enhanced with the pastel green motifs has contributed to the utterly fresh and natural appearance of this magnificent relaxing kitchen. The color disposition is perfectly done in order to create the uber clean and neat appearance, enhanced with the charming pastel greens.

Beautiful Pastel Blue Kitchen

Image Source: Praise Wedding

The rustic and perky feel of this white kitchen with pastel motifs is dashingly beautiful. The pastels geniously break through the white natural color scheme and in a really subtle and sophisticated way create the refreshing and soft feel of this place. We love the pastel mint pendants that provide the place with sweet and cool touch.

Chalky pastel kitchen

Image Source: home jelly

How perky and fresh is this pastel heaven, right? We love the love affair between the pastel mint kitchen island and pastel sunny yellow wall, they play the cold-warm game in the interior and create the refreshing and soft ambiance in the interior. The white is used as a balance and in order to create the clean and neat foundation, which has worked great for this kitchen.

Country Pastel Kitchen

Image Source: My Home Rocks

We love the vintage country setting of this kitchen which actually requires a soft pastel color scheme. The pastel green pantry cabinet looks extremely lovely and creates the focus in the place by adding relaxed and fresh vibe. The pastel mint chairs just contribute to the extremely charming and romantic pastel appearance.

Gorgeous Pastel Kitchen

Image Source: High fashion Home

A pastel mint and exposed brick walls is a prefect combination for creating a lovely kitchen with contemporary and yet fresh appearance. The pastel mint cabinets create the fresh and vibrant aspect of the place, while the exposed brick walls provide the utterly cool kitchen with warm and cozy feel.

Bright Pastel Kitchen

Image Source: Praise Wedding

This kitchen can commonly be compared to a super adorable cupcake, right? The pastel greens striking through the overall white color scheme create a super fresh and soft appearance in the farmhouse inspired kitchen. The pastel blue wall adds a really nice fresh wave and contributes to the breezy and relaxing ambiance.

Lively Pastel Kitchen

Image Source:Praise Wedding

First of all we love the layout of this fairly spacious and bright kitchen, but we also adore the color disposition and they superb play with pastels and hot red motifs. The pastel red kitchen island striking on pastel green and purple painted floor creates a truly interesting and fun ambiance in this beautiful kitchen

Modern Pastel Colored Kitchen

Image Source: luvne

We love the combination of natural oak wood and pastel blue which surely provides this kitchen with ultra clean and sleek appearance. White used as a foundation creates a perfect balance and provide the kitchen with clean and bright appearance, while the oak wood and pastel blue bring the vibrant and soft appeal to the place.

Pastel Mint Colored Kitchen

Image Source: amberth

The pastel pistachio green mixed with creamy white is a perfect combination for creating an ultra soft and modern appearance of this kitchen.We love how the designer has applied the pastels in a really symmetric and simple way and yet succeed truly opulent and sleek appearance.

Pastel Pink Beautiful Kitchen

Image Source:Praise Wedding

So sweet and adorable, right? This is a great example that shows pastel baby pink can be used in the kitchen and can surely create a modern and beautiful ambiance. The pastel pink kitchen looks dashingly sweet and adorable and most likely resembles to an interior from a fairytale.

Serene Pastel Colored Kitchen

Image Source: luvne

The overall whiteness broken through with a pastel mint creates a really charming and refreshing ambiance in this amazing kitchen with super bright and cozy appearance.

Small Pastel Kitchen

Image Source: Primncese aux

This is a great example that shows size doesn’t always matter. This fairly small kitchen has used various pastel motifs and details and applied on a barely white foundation, attained the colorful and lively ambiance.

Sweet Pastel Kitchen

Image Source:nevaramk

How beautiful and adorable is this kitchen, right? The pastel chairs provide the kitchen with ultra soft and charming appearance and totally boost up the overall aesthetic of the place.