15 Unique Kitchen Designs with Bold Color Scheme

15 Unique Kitchen Designs with Bold Color Scheme

When it comes to choosing the color scheme for the kitchen, usually the homeowners tend to make the most common mistake of choosing a strictly matching colors that complement each other. However, that is not the entirely wrong way of choosing a color scheme if you want to attain a simple and breezy kitchen. Anyhow, if you want to create a dazzling and super bold appearance of the kitchen with dynamic and vibrant ambiance, then you ought to imply another technique of choosing the color scheme and it’s called praising the high contrast. Matching two colors with completely different structure and nature is bold as it sounds, but for sure will help you to create unique and super vibrant kitchen. So, if you one of the curagious people who can’t stand randomness and ordinary, you are in luck today. We managed to find the most unusual and quirky color combination applied perfectly in the kitchen. Check out the showcase and enjoy!

Black and Red

Image Source: minimalisti

This is truly a really bold color scheme resulting with a dazzling modern appearance. The black is dynamic and sensual color with a dramatic nature while red is intense and passionate, therefore these two energy mixed together create a truly bold and astounishing ambiance.

Black and White Kitchen

Image Source: British Standard

The high contrast of black and white is superbly applied in this amazing kitchen. We love how the tones are arranged in a perfect symmetry, therefore created the contrasting effect and amazing visual of this superbly natural and bold kitchen. Hats off to the designer!

Black and Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: alpha bib

Black and yellow act really cool together, as you can see from the example above. The yellow is breezy and cheerful kitchen bursting with coziness and lively energy, while black as a super serious and bold color prevent the over perkiness of the place and provide it with classy and modern balance.

Blue and Red Kitchen

Image Source: the kitchn

Blue and red act surprisingly cool in the kitchen, regarding to their completely different nature and structure. The blue add dashing freshness and perk up the interior completely and the red strikes as the serious and sensual partner by adding modern charm and creates stylish appearance in the kitchen interior.

Blue and Green Kitchen

Image Source: iDecoration

Well look at these two perky partners! Green and blue as a two primary cold colors complement each other superbly. The blue part of the kitchen creates the fresh and vibrant aspect, while the green soothe the kitchen interior and brings a tranquil and relaxing vibe in the kitchen interior.

Brown and Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: Hgtv

Orange and brown combined together create a really fruity and warm ambiance in the kitchen, which you can clearly notice from the example above. Brown add natural and serious perk in the kitchen interior, while the orange open up the place providing it with lively and ecstatic ambiance.

Cobalt Blue and Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: iovodesign

Cobalt blue and yellow together can create an aesthetically superb kitchen design. The freshness from the cobalt blue creates vibrant and bold dynamic in the kitchen and the yellow soothes down the excessive dynamic and add cozy and bright ambiance in the place.

Orange and Green

Image Source: buyaz

Look what a perky and lively divinity has these two bright colors made. The orange is a bright and positive color, bursting with upbeat and ecstatic ambiance, while green soothes the interior adding an relaxing and tranquil touch to the orange perkiness., together the complete a perfect balance in the kitchen interior.

Pink and Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: home designing

Pink and yellow are perfect for creating a kitchen with stylish appearance and soft and light ambiance. The pink as a really stylish color creates the modern and trendy appearance in the kitchen and the yellow brings warmth and lively ambiance to the modern setting.

Purple and Green Kitchen

Image Source: crown paint

This is just adorable, right? The purple and green are maybe the best color combination for creating a charming and lively kitchen interior. We love how the designer has applied these two colors in the kitchen and therefore created the adorable and cute ambiance.

Purple and Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: design home

Yellow and purple kitchen maybe sounds to fairy tale or childish in theory, but as you can see it works perfect in practice. The cuteness from the purple add a lively soul to the yellow cozy kitchen.

Red and Green Kitchen

Image Source: mhidi

Green and red are not the most common combination for the kitchen, but it should be cause as you can see they work superbly great together in creating a perky and lively kitchen.

Red and Yellow Kitchen

Image Source: Trendszine

This is a really interesting combination of two primary warm colors. The red as a sensual and dynamic color creates bold and modern ambiance in the kitchen and the yellow soothes down the excessive dynamic and brings a breezy and cozy note in the kitchen interior.

Yellow and Blue Kitchen

Image Source:Decoist

How lovely is this kitchen right? Yellow and blue work great together in providing the kitchen with lively and ecstatic ambiance. This kitchen is bursting with upbeat and cheery ambiance due to the combination of these two perfect colors.